One staffer has found a way to cure her acne for good — but it comes at a cost…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with my skin. What my mum promised would be a temporary case of teenage acne was still there at the age of 26.

People can be really cruel when it comes to your face. An ex once told me quite bluntly that, despite my best efforts at coverage, I wasn’t fooling anyone. And at a party one guy approached me only to ask, «What’s that on your face?» Prick.

It gets to


Treatments — EVEN THE ODDS

Pigmentation, be gone!


What: Dermaceutic Spot Peel with Debbie Thomas.

The lowdown: Ever wondered what that block of colour on your forehead is? Lurking around your upper lip or across your cheeks? If you’re pregnant, on the pill or juggling antibiotics, it may be hormonal melasma. But Debbie Thomas can help. Unlike the peels of old, hers doesn’t throw bleaching agents at the problem, but stops skin from making more melanin. After a punchy, two-week, at-home regimen, you’ll be back for the peel. Go home, clean it off before bed, and carry on where you left off the next

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Mick’s Letter From Berlin (June 2013). I have begun contacting them about appearances they might be making over here, and the chances of me getting some ink at a local show.

I’ll still defend the American artists to the very end, but you gotta give credit where credit is due.

Sean J.

Montgomely. AL

Professor Nate

I can say without hesitation that I am a better artist today because of Nate Beavers and his column in Skin&Ink. I feel like I am in a one-on-one seminar when I turn to the column in each issue. He breaks down techniques and

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Lets get FRUITY!

No matter what skin type you have, every girl deserves a fabulously clear complexion — so look no further than Clearasils new Daily Clear Supefruits range

No one should have to put up with spots, and that’s exactly why Clearasil has created the Daily Clear Superfruits range — so you’ll never have to. It includes four brand-new products, all infused with effective skinclearing ingredients, plus superfruits known for their antioxidant properties. Each product is kind to skin and suitable for everyday use-and because it’s Clearasil, you know they’ll work.

Achieving and maintaining that spot-free, beautifully clear skin every girl dreams

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The further progress is being made, the higher our requirements for cosmetics and to himself. Today, we want to have a perfect complexion — and thus the illusion of a clean skin. And thanks to polymer technology such incredible demands do not seem excessive. So, make-up artists are well aware that it is impossible to fix an unhealthy complexion, causing a thick layer of foundation. For such purposes in professional lines a long time ago, there are colored primers — light transparent base, neutralizing unhealthy shade. For example, the primer neutralizes yellowish red, pink helps to «revive» the dull

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Farming for the Future


Thousands of delicate greens— from arugula to basil—fill a once vacant warehouse in a Chicago suburb. They grow without soil or sun, stacked in trays six levels high, towering 18 feet. Welcome to indoor urban farming.

These so-called vertical farms are touted as a better way to providc7r fresh, local produce in cities. “By 2050,70 per¬cent of the world population will live in metropolitan areas,» says J o l a n t a H a r d e j, CEO and founder of Farmed Here, whose Chicago greens travel less

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Tender Age

Sooner or later every girl starts to use cosmetics. You can, of course, prohibit the use of his little daughter in ink and shadows to 18 years, but you are sure that she will listen? We believe that the best way — to teach young beauty care for themselves and correctly use cosmetics. Have you seen a high school student with green eyelids, lips, eye color and centimeters foundation? Here! They are not taught! So brush up — and in a fighting stance in the mirror. But first read the tips from makeup artist Eugenia Dyshlevich who graciously shared

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Best Cosmetics 100 hits

For several years, these tools are the best in their field — and stellar experts confirm their championship status.

1. mosaic SHADOWS

Dior 5 Couleurs, 2750 p. Usually there are shades palettes that nobody uses. However Dior in this respect differs from others: here all the colors of place! «- Sure makeup artist Sabrina Bedrani.


La MER Lip Balm, 2650 p. Magic balm instantly moisturizes lips, heals micro cracks and also smells good. For this he was like the stars, such as Gisele Bundchen and Marcia Cross.


Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, 3500

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Beauty Through the Ages

Cosmetic recipes, tested by time

Laser and hardware cosmetic treatments for face and body, the achievements of recent decades — it’s all well and good. But do not forget that there are rituals to care for themselves, are not proven one century …

Love to all new and fashionable women’s blood, because by nature we are very curious. As soon learned about the innovation process, we rush to a beauty salon for testing. With both hands, keeping the interest of the scientific progress of beauty, we decided to look back and take a closer look at the procedure, which,

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Life in Color

Canadian actress Rachel McAdams several times a year experimenting with their own appearance. The main reason, of course, the role in the movie.

About Hairstyles

Elena Yurina, beauty-expert, stylist

By nature Rachel blonde. And no matter how repaint their hair under a variety of roles, she returns to the light shades. And rightly so, for they are always relevant and, of course, to the face of the actress. This season especially popular is the blonde in beige matt tones. And all the fashion shows fall-winter season begins with similar colors. But remember that this hair color is not for everyone.

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