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Portrait of Avicenna

Many centuries have learned HEALTH PROFESSIONALS IN THE WORLD OF MIDDLE books are great physician, philosopher and thinker Ibn Sina (Avicenna). However, over the thousands of years that have passed since his birth, it has not saved any Scola any reliable IMAGE scientists. Not exactly restore FACE Ibn Sina and the famous anthropologist Professor M. Gerasimov. Most recently, his mistakes to correct Researchers from Andijan.

In 1954, by the decision of the World Peace Council, in Hamadan (Iran), where he died in 1037 Avicenna, it was built a new mausoleum. The ashes of the old burial had to be

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Grodno, near the grave of David Kolozhi not have found

Near Kolozhu in pits (so called archaeological site) working students of historical faculty of the Institute of Grodno. Managing Minsk excavations archaeologist Alexander Medvedev, carefully photographed. I went closer and ask why began excavating near Kolozhu?Medvedev: "Fact, that the planned reconstruction Kaloskay church to reinforce the foundation, to give it the appropriate type for the purpose of inclusion in the forthcoming UNESCO list. " Reporter: "I see that you dig on the site where, according to legend, is the tomb of the famous Prince Davyd Grodno, who was walking on the Crusaders and they are very afraid."Medvedev: "It was not

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Strange rock from Mars looks like an alien skull


Another unusual find Martian "stalkers" on the NASA photos. Stone with unusual depressions similar to the skull of a creature (the author of the video called him a reptile) and stands out from the surrounding environment.




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Ancient people practiced closely sex




According to the ancient fossils from the early human ancestors were pretty closely widespread sexual relationships. The proof of this fact are the remains of a human skull age of about 100,000 years, which archaeologists have found near a place called Hudzhiayao in the north of China. Researchers claim the remains, that the owner of the skull were found rare birth defects that are likely to have arisen as a result of

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Strange skull of Ikki, Peru, and Mexico Merida



Strange skull of Ikki, Peru, and Mexico Merida 13.11.03, the



These skulls were photographed by Robert Connolly during his travels around the world, during which he collected various materials about ancient civilizations. The discovery of these skulls came as a surprise to him. Robert Connolly published photographs of these skulls, and the results of their research

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Jeanne D Arc was burned at the stake




Ukrainian anthropologist Sergey Gorbenko says Joan "Arc was burned at the stake, and lived to be 57 years old. This was the conclusion he came to after examining the skull of the family of King Louis XI in the Basilica Sanctuary of Notre Dame de Clery near

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Ghost Train to the skull Gogol appeared in Zaporozhye




"Free Georgia", 02.02.2002, Tbilisi, n18, p.6

* The amazing story told colleagues Zaporozhye operator of "Khortytsya" Vyacheslav Fomenko. On Saturday, around 11 pm, returning from a fishing trip … *

…Fomenko was walking to the train station "sliding passenger." "Meters over fifty, — said Vyacheslav Mikhailovich —

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Crystal skulls — a mystery with a century of history

The origin of the crystal skulls has been for hundreds of years, is haunted by the researchers. The answer to this riddle has remained undiscovered.

Interested in the question, what is needed Derinat for children? Peruse Derinat appointment, and find the instructions for use on the site you will be able

The first of the skulls was discovered in Lubaantun — the ancient Mayan city. It consisted of solid rock crystal. The skull was different ideal proportions and contained no trace of artificial treatment. Its weight

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Crystal Skulls — the mysterious discovery of the XX century

"Top Secret", 26.02.2002, Moscow, n3, pp. 30-31

Vitaly Pravdivtsev

Strange dreams

For the first time a skull was found in 1927 in Central America, the expedition of the famous English archaeologist and traveler F. Albert Mitchell-Hedges. Preceded the discovery began in 1924 working on clearing the ancient Mayan city in the humid tropical jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula (at the time — British Honduras, now — Belize). Thirty-three hectares of forest, which absorbed almost guessable old buildings, to facilitate excavation, it was decided to burn down. When the smoke finally cleared, the expedition saw an amazing sight:

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The human brain — the result of mutations




Researchers have proposed a new answer to the question of how the human brain has grown so large. They believe that our unique thinking abilities we have to … weak jaw muscles. A mutation that occurred 2.4 million years ago, the ancestors could deprive people of the

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