Avoid unnecessary entanglements.

Long before consumers entangled themselves in their computer and home-electronics connectors, wires were the bane of photographers. They short out and otherwise malfunction, get disconnected, snap, and trip up photographers and assistants. No wonder that wireless triggers for flash units and cameras have become so popular.

Wireless triggers fall into three categories: optical slaves, infrared triggers, and radio triggers.

Optical slaves are devices that trigger a flash unit when they sense another flash firing. Optical slaving is widely used in studio flash photography, and virtually all studio flash units today have built-in slaves. Many accessory hotshoe-mount flash

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White slaves in the United States and Britain

White child slaves working in the mine in England, 19th century. Left two children with little or no clothing. So rabotalii boys and girls. Michael Hoffman © 1999 Two years ago, Australian Prime Minister refused to express "due respect" Queen of Great Britain during her state visit to Australia. This member of the British Parliament for the Conservative Party Terry Dicks said: "This is a country of ex-felons, so do not be surprised rudeness of their prime minister."

Such an offense would have been impossible to imagine against people of any other class or race, but not against

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White slaves in the United States and Britain, Part 2

In the 1659 parliamentary petition included consideration of the brutal white slave traffic. It said that the white slaves were kept in the hold of two weeks, while the ship was still in the slave-owners in the port. After the departure they were "trapped below deck all the time … with the horses." Slaves were shackled from head to toe. Those scholars who believe that slavery is directed exclusively to racism against blacks, forgotten or deliberately concealed the fact that the word "slave» (slave) in the English language originally belonged to the white Eastern Europeans — Slavs (Slav) *.

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The first English colony in North America, based on the bones of white slaves

Before the advent of black slaves in the colonies of England toiled white slaves — are obliged servant. The bulk of the servants were obliged to thousands of homage and other small-holder farmers, evicted from the land in England and Ireland, as well as the industrial revolution ruined artisans who sell themselves "on-time" back in the UK for travel to America.

During the arduous journey across the ocean, many of them died from hunger, disease, and shipwrecks. Upon arrival on the American continent, if not in the harbor were buyers, white slaves, chained to each other, have led to the

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The theory of free money as opposed to debt money

Preface by the author: Fully acquainted with the given material, you will clear the whole order, of the financial and political systems in counter we abide. You will see what money is, what are the monetary systems than usual for us today. Learn about the causes of poverty and of whom, nevertheless, it is advantageous to maintain this state of affairs! Here is the information that "the rulers of the world" in every possible way to hide from us! Booked — armed!

"Everyone, to the best of his understanding of working for himself, and to the extent of misunderstanding —

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Vedism against the religion of slaves

Substitution Vedic Orthodox Christian holidays … The cult of Osiris cult Atys, Adonis cult, the cult of Dionysus … and the cult of Christ! All these cults united only one thing — they appear only in the countries where reigned SLAVERY! And they were intended only to keep the slaves in bondage to give these people the "explanation" of why they are slaves, and what they need to do to get rid of it. And they gave them with only one option — to get all the office until his death, and if not meekly accept their share of the

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We are not slaves

January 25, 2012 19:38

Humanity according to the Bible, was created by the gods to the 6th day of creation (but as different gods that people also differ from each other), and on day 8, when the gods rested began to create the first-to-pod (translated as god pod, Assistant god, half god), who also produced his humanity. At first (the Bible), he created only the soul and put it to the east of our land on the planet Eden, and then split in half separating the soul from the masculine female. But the living soul is not a person

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Economic coercion of slaves for continuous operation

• Modern slave forced to work without stopping to death, because money earned slave for 1 month, enough to pay for housing for 1 month, 1 month in food and travel for 1 month. Since there is enough money in the modern slave is always only one month, the modern slave forced to work your whole life to death. The pension is also a great fiction, as a slave, a pensioner pays his entire pension for housing and food, and a slave-pensioner is left free money.

• The second mechanism hidden coercion of slaves to work is to create

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Mark upon the foreheads 2012-2014

If you know your history, then you probably already know, and that when invented the first identification documents with photographs (hereafter — "Passport") at the end of the 19th century, these passports once seemed all normal people no less than the outstanding invention Satan. So The first passports also issued on a voluntary basis.

But not for long. Once a critical mass of "voluntary" passport holders, failure to take these things satanic invention was immediately declared a criminal, and that each slave must be a passport, was know to "sort itself" for all

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Slaves and concubines, the history of slavery and slavery in the modern world

"Slavery — historically the first and the most serious form of exploitation, in which a slave along with the means of production was the property of his master-slave owner. … "

"Slavery — the state of society, which may be possible to find some people (called slaves) owned by other people. Mr. entire personality of his own slave's ownership. Being the property of another, the slave does not belong to himself and is not entitled to dispose of. "(Wikipedia)

But first things first.

A bit of history

Slavery, historically the first and

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