S.Kastsyan: We were correct foreign policy

"I’ve always believed that late or early, but once it is completed. For most European Union it is very awkward. In-2, I am very happy for their country, we were loyal foreign policy. It is no coincidence here came foreign minister Affairs of Poland Sovereign Sikorsky. Very cleverly makes the European Union, that cancels the sanctions. "As for him personally, the rest Sergei Kastsyan loves his native Belarus, not in overseas countries. Abroad until the sanctions he did not go. But as for service relationship, the deputy admitted "I am pleased to be able to take the role of in

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What is missing Belarusian performers to win?

Country Vocal debuted on "Eurovision" in 2004. After the scandal with the definition of the first participant from Belarus in Istanbul went duo "Alexandra and Konstantin" — And here is chosen as the "backup" Natalie Podolsky insisted that the televoting audience was rigged in favor of Borisov musicians. In any case, the debut aspirations did not materialize, and Belarusians finished in the tail of the semi-final selection. For the next year in Kiev staked on veteran scene — Angelica, who lives in the suburbs and has a Russian passport. Male businessman once first krosotki Belarus Nikolai Agurbash put the case

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Pakhmutova receive 112 thousand dollars from Lukashenko

XVII International Arts Festival "Slavic market in Vitebsk" now opens the evening. To finance prazdnichka week, according to Russian media reports, The Federal Government spendest 25 million Russian rubles. Vitebsk center of yesterday declared "regime zone." You can get here only through resettled metalashukalnikami CPR.Over protection order during the festival will look in 1300 police officers. Special monitoring will be performed in the Summer Amphitheatre, which now will open the "Slavic market". Here to throw around 300 policemen. Alcohol ban trade zone is defined in the radius of 500 meters from all the festival venues. Extraordinary security measures will be

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Sergei Dubovets Symbol haze

And what is it that is it — Slavic type of person? What and how it is measured? The Nazis used a compass and features fiziyagnomiki. Then worked on special laboratories and research centers. And all in order to anyone who does not meet the standard of the Aryan race, send in gazenvagen. General "type of person" and only then pops up in the story, when it is necessary All other send out. For example, "Caucasians" — from Russia. According to its own essence expression "Slavic type of face" — all just a euphemism that every post-Soviet army soldier must

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Pinsk freely walks leaflet Dark redistribution

As noted, "Pinsky listok" is a body of Union City "redistribution". Goals and objectives the organization also named: it is "the union of the Slavic world, building-independent Slavic countries against the West, the ideological terror against organizations, unions, political parties, who are against the creation of a strong, self-contained Slavic country." On the second page of sheet paper, which is called "They are against you," and photos of eight people Pinsk. In the pictures the chairman of the local branch of the BPF Alexander Romanovich, several Young people, are presently studying abroad, a favorite of businessmen Alexander Vasilyev, local historian

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Every Russian man for once in your life but have heard the phrase "ABCs." But does everyone understand exactly what it means? On the one hand there is nothing incomprehensible here. Truisms — that means the most simple, is as simple as the truths that a person learns of the alphabet, ie in theory, from the first book in his life. But what is this truth, such that you can read in the alphabet? Like the letter alone. A — sounds as well, i.e. as the beginning of the word watermelon. B — the first letter of

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The Etruscans. The mystery of Slavic civilization. Online

Ancient Romans called teachers of Western Europe. Teacher of Teachers — the Etruscans! At one time, the name of the Slavic tribes evolved from adding to the root of Russian-top boxes, reflecting the characteristics of these tribes, in relation to the rest of rusam, for example, ET'russki, P'russy. The prefix "floor" to the self-designation of the Rus Rus is enlightened — carriers of high culture, the evidence of which survived in the north of Italy, in the form of inscriptions on stones and works of art. The film tells about the appearance of Slavic writing

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Norman theory. On the question of the origin of the Vikings

Since the Russian empire in the history of the Russian school of so-called entrenched positions. "Norman theory." According to this theory, the creators of the Russian state are Norsemen (Vikings of Scandinavian origin). Specifically, the Normans made the first Russian country — Novgorod Russia and Kievan Rus. Slavs, Scandinavians gave the chief princes — Rurik, Oleg, Igor, Svyatoslav.

For the first time this concept appeared in Sweden — Swedish pushed her master Johan III (1568 — 1592) in the diplomatic correspondence with Ivan the Terrible. Supported the idea of a Swedish diplomat Peter de Petreius Erlezunda and royal

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Near Volgograd started large-scale exercises Slavic Commonwealth-2013

Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian soldiers train together near Volgograd. There started large-scale exercises "Slavic community -2013." Three army in a conventional landfill neutralize the terrorists and free the hostages. The role performed by thugs trained soldiers of the 20th Motorized Rifle Brigade.


Do not chop off the roots of the Russian culture

The reprint of the author of the journal article "Young Guard», № b, 1991, without editorial cuts. The article with the primary title, "How many 1000-lety Russian culture?" Was written to prazdnichkom Millennium of the Baptism of Rus. In abbreviated form is reprinted in the book "The mythology of the old Slavs" and the magazine "Russian idea», № 1, 1991.

Echoes died away last chord festive overture, is crowned prazdnichek Goals, which the execution with unprecedented artistic power and brilliant craftsmanship immortalized own talent Evgeny Svetlanov. Gone brightest anniversary celebrations, not so long ago unimaginable. Having started with a massive

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