Russophobe historical myths

Russian civilization brought the Vikings, the Byzantines, the hobbits …

At the dawn of the Slavs

Supporters of the "secondary" Slavic and Russian civilization love to seek out the linguistic, cultural and other borrowings of the Slavs in the early period of their history. On the hand they played here by the fact that the written sources on this point there are very few, and the rest are blurred and allow a very liberal interpretation. But, yes, there is quite a lot of debt. What does this mean?

The Slavs did a lot

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Every Russian man for once in your life but have heard the phrase "ABCs." But does everyone understand exactly what it means? On the one hand there is nothing incomprehensible here. Truisms — that means the most simple, is as simple as the truths that a person learns of the alphabet, ie in theory, from the first book in his life. But what is this truth, such that you can read in the alphabet? Like the letter alone. A — sounds as well, i.e. as the beginning of the word watermelon. B — the first letter of

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Norman theory. On the question of the origin of the Vikings

Since the Russian empire in the history of the Russian school of so-called entrenched positions. "Norman theory." According to this theory, the creators of the Russian state are Norsemen (Vikings of Scandinavian origin). Specifically, the Normans made the first Russian country — Novgorod Russia and Kievan Rus. Slavs, Scandinavians gave the chief princes — Rurik, Oleg, Igor, Svyatoslav.

For the first time this concept appeared in Sweden — Swedish pushed her master Johan III (1568 — 1592) in the diplomatic correspondence with Ivan the Terrible. Supported the idea of a Swedish diplomat Peter de Petreius Erlezunda and royal

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National epic of the transmigration of the Slavs

Foreword by Chief Editor «Organizmica» AA Tyunyaeva

The appended article seems to us very interesting. Primarily, this is due to the fact that it is presented a new layer of evidence of the ancient history of the Slavs (which, in turn, denies modern official "science"). In the article there are several reference points that allow the parallels with other studies. This, for example, the names of Lamia, Yima, Slovenes and others. I remind the reader some information about these characters.

Lamia — a daughter and granddaughter of Don Koschei it — mermaid sister Rosie, wife Dazhbog. Lamia lived in

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Old Slavic youth initiation

The problem of reconstruction of the Ancient youth initiation and related age-sex unions is very complex. Large time complexity is defined remoteness of these phenomena of our day. After all, direct information on the rituals and youth associations, as in all of the socio-normative culture and ritual life of ancient Slavs, we almost did not have. From time immemorial have survived only echoes of their deaf. Own Slavic annals, chronicles, news ancient, Byzantine and Oriental authors highlight the life of Slavs in the later period of their pre-state history. Moreover, the completeness of this reflection is far from desirable.

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Iudohristianskaya plague

Bright Witches — Beregin burned crusaders dedicated.

The first "miracle" of Jesus And the world will lead the baptized At each station inn Pushkin


Only the blind now sees a direct relationship between the increasing number of construction (at taxpayer expense!) Churches and the increase in alcoholism, drug addiction, corruption, poverty and death. Criminal Yeltsin regime, on the orders of the international bankers Kahal conducting purposeful genocide of the Russian people, the solder was not only a spiritual booze from alcohol poisoning alone killed several hundred thousand people a year. With

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The correct interpretation of certain words

Ancient Slavic Drop

A A, anti — particle of negation in a number of domestic and foreign words.

Aboriginal — the name of wild southern nations of local origin, this arias during the great migrations (and Bogen — no Borean genes).

Hell — by VI Dal 'Adeya, geena, tartare, hell, abyss, hell, black as night, the furnace of fire. "

Adam — by VI Dal 'man in the flesh, the sinful ", taken from the earth, the forefather of the Jews (in drenegrecheskom: hell — hell, hell, the seat of Satan's servants, am — just one number

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Vikings Slavs feared like the plague

On the way from the Vikings to the Greeks could walk only Russian Satirist Mikhail Zadornov made in an unusual role for himself — made a documentary, "Where there went the Russian land." It will show in the middle of October to channel REN TV. In a landmark study attempted to refute Zadornov cultivated monstrous lie that before the formation of the Russian state and the baptism of Rus Slavs were savage people, almost beasts, and the first princes were Scandinavians. — This is the first national documentary. I gave him a million and two and a half million

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Crusade against the Slavs

"We can not be saved. We will win! "- Said the fighting Serbian governor, when he realized that all his army was destined to die in this battle …

Cry of the Slavic warrior companions folded his head in battle for the glory of the motherland, still rattles alarm bell in the hearts istyh Slavs.

This call causes the Slavic tribe never for a moment forget about the threat of his death as a result of the onslaught of foreign players a new world order. If Slavs allow confusion of his spirit in the unrestrained pursuit of

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The term Paganism — illegal Judeo-Christian curses to all peoples of the Earth

The term "pagan" is used only in Christian literature [35, 47, 166, 975]. He comes from the church (which is often also incorrectly called Old Church Slavonic, the term 'Church Slavic, "see below)" tongues "-" people "," foreigners "and refers to the Christian interpretation of all non-Christian religion [166]. The term "pagan" is a general designation of all denominations, except Judaism and its sects.

(The full text is given in and to internet-community "Slavic paradigm")

Christianity to paganism refers more developed and complex religious system of the civilized peoples of the ancient world: the Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonians, Persians,

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