Belarusian can threaten the web unhurried death

According to "Reporters without borders", organized by the authorities as a result of repression Belarusian vebu can threaten a slow death. " "Control of information in Belarus is one of the most hard on the post-Soviet space. Media also do not need control and liberalization "- say" Reporters without Borders ".In a statement, international journalist organization notes that "Belarusian government has a monopoly on telecommunications and completely smuschyaetsya block opposition websites, especially during elections. Specifically, these websites have befallen attack intruders. During the March events 2006 some web pages mysteriously disappeared from the Web. "According to the latest ratings of

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Silent earthquakes differ unexpected turn

Cascadia subduction zone (Figure Steve Malone / Central Washington University).

May 23, 2011. Scientists continues to hold secret imperceptible, but the long seismic phenomenon called episodic tremor and slip (ETS, episodic tremor and slip). Recently, the "quiet earthquake" (or, if you like, "slow slip") was discovered a strange twist: a concussion can suddenly change course and return to again go through the rift that it formed a few days earlier, the rate of return movement in the 20-40 times higher than the original — because the area is already weakened.

ETS was first recorded in the north-west

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UFO crash during the SU-27


UFO crash during the SU-27 17.11.03, the


The first of August to Kiev television channel ICTV video was shown (in the slow scrolling) sensational Su-27 plane crash at Lviv civil-military airfield Sknyliv on Saturday, 27 July of this (2002) year, at 12:45 local time.

In the video, the digital mode slow browsing, along with the birds near the aircraft, clearly seen flying off white object in the form of

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Salt marshes on the beach can slow warming

Salt marshes on the beach can slow global warming Scientists prove

At the University of Virginia conducted a study which showed that global warming and rising sea levels salt marshes are located near the sea, will absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to four times faster, which will slow the warming itself.

In addition to this coastal ecosystem functions perform like mangroves and algae that grow at the edge of the sea. The combined efforts of these three ecosystems can provide significant cooling effect, scientists say. Salt marshes are good for the fact that, thanks to its location

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Titanium can generate slow tsunami




British scientist Nadeem Ghafoor (Nadeem Ghafoor) of the Surrey Space Centre (Surrey Satellite Technology) believes that the oceans on Titan is capable of generating waves that are seven times higher than their "colleagues" in the world.

Judging from telescopic observations and work with computer models, the

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Road to the anti-world




I am often asked about the importance of sleep and dreams in human life. So I decided to cover this topic from the point of view of metapsychology and esotericism.

Son of man consists of two phases: a "fast", or surface, sleep, and a "slow" or deep

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Red balloons in the sky Kaluga region

08.09.2012 at 21: 20, stood on the balcony in the sky saw a circular object with a large and bright red in color, called her husband … The ball was moving slowly, a few seconds later, there is another ball, then third in five seconds. All of them were moving from west to east from each other at the same distance slowly, about a minute later disappear one by one, as if going out. Again, an object for him, 2nd, 3rd in the same manner and also disappeared, 3rd visit us in shock 2 more balls in the

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Alien ships filled the skies of Earth! American television channel Fox News showed a plot with dozens of UFOs in the skies over Denver

November 12, 2012 1:59

The fact that UFOs are flying over our heads, but what would they need to slow down to see the video, I know not by hearsay. Sam rented a clear sky, and then slowing almost always find a UFO in various sizes and types, but it seems that knowledge beyond the veil of mystery and humanity is clearly prepared to ad something serious.

So in the TV campaign Fox News came a man who did not want to introduce themselves and provide journalists with digital video recording with the

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Paradoxes of sleep

Who said that when a person is sleeping, he is in a state of complete rest? Not at all. Our body works like a dream well-functioning machine, which makes many important operations! First, there is active synthesis of adenosine, a substance known as a universal source of energy for living systems. Second, while we snore, is up to 75% of growth hormone … Third, during sleep we produce testosterone, which is responsible for sexual development. So we just feel like we have a rest …

Then slow, then fast

And in fact — we pass inspection. Dream, as it

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