The Small World of Miniature Bayonets

A number of letter-opener bayonets associated with the United States Marine Corps have been featured in previous articles in this series. Two further examples have, however, recently become available for study. The first of these is 199 mm in overall length with a 140 mm blade and a 7.0 mm muzzle ring. There is no scabbard. This miniature is a chromium-plated aluminium (or alloy?) casting (non-magnetic). The pommel has a 17 mm-long rectangular-sectioned mortise along its upper side. On the reverse is a fixing catch button, spring loaded but otherwise functionless. The two dark-brown (wood-grain effect) plastic grips appear to

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Producers Steve Marriott & Ronnie Lane

Engineer Glyn Johns

Courting controversy courtesy of its lyrics and acclaim for the still novel production techniques, this Small Faces classic was a hit both at home and in the US. John Pickford reports.

The summer of 1967, forever known as The Summer Of Love, was an incredibly fertile period for pop music. The sonic experiments pioneered by the era’s artists, producers and engineers ushered in a new progressive age, when, for the first time, a distinction was made between lightweight pop acts and serious rock bands. The Small Faces, a group of London



It’s a great paradox that the skills most experienced motorcyclists want to master are the same skills they hope they will never have to use out there on the road. What will I do when my front tire washes out at full lean? How will I react if I lock the front brake? What if the rear tire spins up and steps out?

It’s difficult to learn how you will react beyond your limits without exceeding those limits first. Watching other riders, or even following other riders, rarely answers these questions. Watching Marc Marquez drag his elbow is one thing;

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How old do aquarium fishes get?

I am not aware of very much truly reliable information about the life spans of various fishes in aquariums. Much of the reported “data” is anecdotal and far from scientific. That fishes get older in the aquarium, where there are no predators, than in nature is undisputed—but diseases and mistakes made during care may shorten their lives. Information about age can therefore only be a point of reference. Among catfishes, a life expectancy of 7-12 years for Corys is normal, but for bigger catfishes 10-15 years or more is not unusual.

To research the maximum possible age for a Bristle-nose

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Not all dreams come true …

Now there is no shortage of planting material.

In specialty stores and nurseries can buy different varieties. But then to not experience the bitter disappointment, always look carefully at what buying. Last year in February I got a little delenki phlox in plastic packaging. Through the transparent packaging spotted that there are living root buds, and therefore was not afraid to take it, even in winter.

House got its purchase, inspected and put in an ordinary flower pot. The plant went into rapid growth and in early June, when I planted it on a bed, had five well-developed shoots.

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Let’s get something straight: small spaces don’t have to be boring. In fact, they are often more interesting than bigger spaces. As you can see from this month’s bold cover*, it’s about thinking big and using your imagination.

As we see it, a small space gives you license to have fun. You need to be creative in how you work with the size and the layout — this tends to lead to unique design solutions that would never have come into being in a larger space, where it’s easy to be lazy and follow the same old formula.

Case in

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Prospects and opportunities for the development of hardware production in Russia highly appreciated by foreign experts and analysts. What is the basis of their findings?

First of all, Russia is one of the world’s largest steel producers, which enables cost-effective to solve the problem of providing hardware production of raw materials and the workpiece.

In — Second, Russia has a technically trained engineering personnel who are able to solve the problems of the organization of modern hardware production.

B — Third, when you reach the desired level of production costs in the production of hardware, you can ensure high

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The place and role of small and medium-sized businesses in the production of metal products in Russia

Today, the development of hardware industry in Russia is entirely dependent on the willingness of large metallurgical holdings. Plans for the modernization of the industry is not a priority for most metals. Often you hear that the sale or rental of pig iron a better event than the development of deeper metallurgical processes. This error professionals who came in as a vremenshiki metallurgy and to a lesser degree of care that Russia remains a raw materials appendage.

The program proposed by the Association «RosMetiz» and developed in conjunction with specialists from the Russian Finance — Banking Union — is

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Pasta — in the case!

Stay with pasta dinner? • In the morning pour their eggs, whipped with sugar and zape- w whale in the oven. Or warm up for dinner with fried onion and mushrooms (you can sprinkle with grated cheese). Or prepare for dinner with cheesecakes makaronami.Vkusno! Progladte your wallet!

Today, when the electricity is becoming more expensive, want-not want, and you begin to get accustomed to the counter. Maybe someone will be useful, and my saving some simple recipes with the voracious electrical appliances — irons. At least, I’m crying for the light much less neighbors!

* Save more when I

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FOREST Muzhikov


Released — Fall 2002

Genre — FPS with a squint

Developers: Illusion Softworks and Pterodon

Publisher: Take Two Interactive

"Whoever runs — vetkongovets. Standing on the spot — vetkongovets disciplined. » Has invented a mini-news of the FPS, dared to call «Vietcong», and Stanley Kubrick quote at least a dozen times, then covered with indelible shame rash until his litkonchiny. Paraphrasing the vicious Japanese: creative team Game.EXE past Teschin home without sharpness definitely not go.

Enterprising Czechs from Illusion Softworks as spun in squirrel cage saga Operation Flashpoint, which is a warm-up

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