A powerful earthquake in the South Pacific Ocean generates small tsunami

Raoul Island, where on Saturday, there were a small tsunami. Photos from space. Image NASA NASA image A powerful earthquake near the island in the South Pacific Ocean, caused a small tsunami. 7.4-magnitude earthquake occurred at 5:57 am local time at 169 kilometers (105 miles) east of Raoul Island, which is part of the Kermadec Islands.  As a result of the earthquake, the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management issued a tsunami warning. 

Tsunami Warning Center said there was little in the Ocean tsunami, but no reports of damage or casualties there. 

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In Bulgaria, the tremors have led to mass panic

Residents of the Tundja, located in Bulgaria, today experienced an earthquake. It was followed by another one.

Thus, the residents woke small quake on Monday morning — at 5.25 am local time. The new push came to 5.37 am.

Also there was an earthquake and the third according to a local Geophysical Institute. He was recorded in 16.01 local time, 250 km from Sofia.

Meanwhile, tremors led to a small panic the population living in the area and Topolovgrad Tundja. Information about the victims of the earthquake and the devastation has yet been received.

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Earthquake can not be predicted

So, six Italian seismologists and geophysicists have gone on trial for the "murder of 309 people," who died in the 2009 earthquake in L'Aquila.The prosecution believes that scientists should have warned residents of the disaster. What is the scientific point of view on this issue? Is it possible to determine the time and place of an earthquake with sufficient accuracy to be in time to save the people? Procession of relatives of victims of the earthquake in L'Aquila. On the banner reads: "For them. For all. " (Photo by Francesca Tosi.)Specialists meet quite clearly (I hope they are

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Ukrainian rivers are polluted to a critical point


Ukrainian river as a national security threat. More than half of small waterways are polluted so much that there is not something to drink, bathe in them even dangerous. This is confirmed by research at the Institute of water and environmental issues. In this case, scientists point out: it is small channels carry drinking water for the Ukrainians. Theme continues Dmitry Georgian.

About three-quarters of the water that they drink today Ukrainians from surface sources. In the Dnieper, Desna and other large river flows over 60,000 small rivers and streams. They feed the giants.

— Well, this

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Polish cities attacked marten


11.06.11.V Polish cities due to established work kennels for pets, rare to find stray cats or dogs. The authorities carefully monitor to abandoned or have lost pets do not go in the street, creating a threat to local residents.

However, after solving one problem always comes another. Functions vagrants, consisting in small hunting and garbage dumps study, are successfully performed marten. These small, but agile and intelligent animals flourish in urban environments and, judging by the speed of their spread, are going to live near people for long.

According to experts, urban residents have to put up with the

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Amur ornithologists faced with a mystery. Video


23.09.11.Delo that the number of birds listed in the Red Book, began to increase dramatically, but ordinary birds — nightingales, thrushes and buntings — on the contrary, was less.

The little gray-headed Bunting — busy day. The bird is a full examination. First — a few pictures from different angles. They then determine the weight, look how thick plumage, measured wing span. He just something 45 millimeters, feet — quite tiny. But even at this size there my ring.

"The ring is in order so that we can then track the movement of birds. These rings are given

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In the Odessa area meteorite crashed healthy

September 1 at 21:30 in the surrounding villages to the village of Nikolayevka in the Odessa region (bordering Mykolayiv) explosion and felt the ground shake! Those who saw the fireball and the subsequent loop, realized that the meteorite fell, and, apparently, not small!Vladimir Gritsai, promptly inform about the incident, "Ukraine abnormal", says the survey of residents nearby villages Stryukova, Victorovca and Berezovka and they said the fall from the sky a bright ball, and the proposed impact area — a village Nikolaevka. Also, according to rumors, the police on the supposed site of the crash put the cordon."I myself, unfortunately,

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In small ponds Latvia dying fish


8.07.11.V small rivers and other shallow waters of Latvia began "fish kills," said deputy director of marine and inland waters of the State Environmental Service Nikolai Liskin.

He added that, in small closed water bodies that have little depth, and in the channels, due to the onset of heat started fish kills.

In some bodies of water in which the fish is unable to get into the deeper waters, there is also its downfall.


Source: Telegraf.lv

The imbalance of the fleet headed for the final frontier

Modern Russian diesel-electric submarines (submarine), at the moment they prefer to call "non-nuclear" have a fairly large dimensions and their respective displacement comparable to the surface ship class "corvette". Zeal placed on non-nuclear (meaning a lower than at a nuclear submarine, installed power) Underwater Boat significant amount of weapons, endurance and speed increment property does not give the ability to minimize the size of the submarine and crew size. Very difficult to decrease significantly with measured PL is very lacking automation due to the lack of built-in control of all technical means of the ship and all of its

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Ryazan region killed fish


3.03.11.Moroznaya snowy winter turned the death of carp, pike and perch in many small ponds and lakes of the region. Alekanovo residents raised the alarm among the first, according to Ren-Ryazan. The fishermen, who are always happy to come sit on their lake with a fishing rod, noticed that all the bottom of the reservoir of choking white water fish. She is dying from lack of oxygen. As they say, the lake "burns", and they say — "Zamor". So that one might not catch fish, but to save. Several people with fishing poles did not give up the hope

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