Without salt and table curve, considered Slavs

Because full solonitsa as bread, was a required attribute table.

There just are not castors our ancestors did: turned, woven birch bark or vines, hollowed and carved. In the central provinces — small boxes with a high back wall, behind which is convenient to carry, and hinged cover. In the north, always in the form of waterfowl with a cap on the back and head, duck, horse or even a snake. These salt shakers were fashioned out of wood, decorated with carving or painting.

Turned castor special refinement no different, but I still had a neat appearance — a

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Krasnodar region. His eyes

In fact, my journey was not limited to the Krasnodar region, but in the post it will be mostly about him, as in the neighboring areas I visited and photographed passing a little.

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My journey began as just a Karachai-Circassian County, with the village of Dombay. And the first thing that was a pleasant surprise this road. In fact, almost everything is expensive in which I happened to have a decent ride and excellent quality. And this in Dombay was all over something like

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Red nanoknopka. History of the St. Petersburg company with physical and mathematical called VIRIAL

Author: Theodore Lobanov, Russian reporter Photo: Alexei Tikhonov

 Photo source:rusrep.ru

What could be more common in the oil rig, aircraft and train wheels? In all cases, a small production company in St. Petersburg Physics and Mathematics called "VIRIAL." If it is very, very briefly summarize the description of its products, you get something like this: "It can work in harsh environments, not erased, does not break."

"On Friday all day was in St. Petersburg. There is such a company — "VIRIAL." It is … more than 10 years supplying the largest Russian manufacturers of pumping equipment bearings …

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Entrepreneurs squeezed out of the cigarette market

Society Brest wholesale warehouse company "Tabak-Invest" refuse to sell products to entrepreneurs. Representatives of the company attribute this to the lack of raw materials. And the entrepreneurs believe that their way is extruded from the market.

In private booths Brest can not buy cigarettes production of Belarusian company "Tabak-Invest". At this time in state stores and hypermarkets are hanging around offices announcement that cigarettes can be purchased from this company blocks.

Vladimir Katrych

Solo Entrepreneur Vladimir Katrych says that from the first of April Brest wholesale warehouse "Tabak-Invest" has stopped the sale of cigarettes to PIs. Katrych sure that actually

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Pentagon spy tattoo will make his soldiers

Defense science agency DARPA has announced a tender for the development of new technology for monitoring the state of a fighter. The program goes beyond technology vserasprostranennyh needle electrodes and controlling characteristics of human life. Brand new development will use a tiny membrane sensors that stick to the skin like a temporary tattoo. In DARPA rely that recently appear serial sensors based on the so called epidermal electrical systems (EES). This flexible small electrical components that look like stretch «silicone» mesh, just stick to the skin. Individual parts are located on the EES ultrathin substrate width human hair but

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In small ponds Latvia dying fish

In small rivers and other shallow waters of Latvia began "fish kills," said deputy director of marine and inland waters of the State Environmental Service Nikolai Liskin.

He added that, in small closed water bodies that have little depth, and in the channels, due to the onset of heat started fish kills.

In some bodies of water in which the fish is unable to get into the deeper waters, there is also its downfall.


Source: Telegraf.lv

CB Pіvdenne pochinaє rozrobku small naukovyi-tehnologіchnogo suputnika Mіkrosat


DP "Konstruktorske Bureau" Pіvdenne "іmenі M.K.Yangelya pristupaє to rozrobki small naukovyi-tehnologіchnogo suputnika" Mіkrosat "on zamovlennya Sovereign kosmіchnogo Agency of Ukraine. About Tse povіdomlyaє "Іnterfaks-Ukraine 's posilannyam zakupіvel a site of great power status.

Yak povіdomlyaєtsya, CB "Pіvdenne" was peremozhtsem ogoloshenogo DKAU a tender procedure in 2012 rotsі doslіdno-konstruktorskih robіt for the program's "Mіkrosat" on the bag of 23 million USD. Dogovіr way of the parties 22 travnya, fіnansuvannya robіt zdіysnyuєtsya іz zagalnogo fund derzhbyudzhetu. Robots Zi stvorennya small naukovyi-tehnologіchnogo suputnika "Mіkrosat" planuєtsya rotsі completed in 2013. Running suputnika, Masa yakogo stock blizko 200 kg, namіcheno on kіnets

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For the ancient Slavs worshiped … hedgehog?

Oddly enough, in Slavic mythology special place small prickly hedgehog.

Since ancient times, the Slavs fought with evil spirits mascots associated with the hedgehog, with these little creatures treating serious diseases.

According to legend, the hedgehog is so wise that even God created the earth, listened to his advice. While other legends hedgehog has dubious origins: the devil was sitting on a stump, brushed his skin, and hair thrown to the ground, and the hair turned later into a hedgehog.

Bulgaria is considered the wisest hedgehog, so long as he lives in the world and remembers everything that ever before,

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Anatomy ET

Philip James Corso, a lieutenant colonel, a hero of the Second World War and one of the influential Pentagon employees, throughout his military career was a man brave and true. For several years he worked in the service of national security. By the nature of its activities Philip Corso was familiar with many secrets of the American government.

Since 1961, Philip Corso worked in several pet backroom Pentagon, which was responsible for the preservation of numerous fragments of crashed alien flying machine. His responsibilities also included the task of preventing the disclosure of secrets related to the incident in

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Tardigrades — such as small and tenacious

These tiny (1.5 mm or less) being very tenacious. Tardigrades not how much cold as minus 193 degrees Celsius, and the unbearable heat to + 150 degrees. They do not care about their environment: vacuum or hydrogen sulfide. They are just waiting in the wings to awakening. All tardigrades are a bit aquatic animals. 

Tardigrades feed on the plants on which they live, algae, and sometimes small animals. Spread passively — by wind, water, and various animals.

They are widely distributed across the globe, are found not only in tropical and temperate countries, but also in the far north and

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