I quit smoking, and my voice was a new way!

Gra states: In order to stay beautiful and healthy, do not need a doctor or EXPENSIVE cosmetology. You need to be a harmonious personality!

She is a real queen of Ukrainian pop! The winner of the title of «most beautiful» — according to the magazine Viva !, the multiple winner of the prize «Golden Firebird» as the best singer of the year, «Woman of the Year» — according to the magazine Hello, «Producer of the Year» — this is not all the titles of People’s Artist of Ukraine Natalia Mogilev. And it is called «singing grenade» Ukrainian show business. After

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Freedom Night Yura Bushlyakovym. October 9

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Minsk authorities allowed "European march".• Pripiranie opposition activists in front of the "European march" intensified.• The number of the newspaper "Comrade" police keeps under lock and key.• Interview with deputy head editor of the opposition Communists "Comrade" Dmitry Yanenka.• Survey in Minsk: "How do you see the modern Belarusian Communist?" 2nd part:• Zenon Pozniak: Dzyady on the cross "sufferers Belarus" will be restored.• Maybe you prohibit smoking in public places?• Survey in Grodno: "As the limit of people who smoke?"• Winners of the Nobel Prize in physics.• Belarusian website in "night of the siege,"

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Maybe you prohibit smoking in public places?

In Belarus, 33% of the population smoke Every second man and every fifth woman. The highest fraction of those who smoke, in the midst of the unemployed (60%), workers, construction workers, transport workers (55%), business and agricultural workers. Less smoking housewives and the elderly.In Belarus in all institutions of education, culture, clinics, hospitals, administrative buildings, almost all restaurants, bars, cafes smoking is strictly prohibited. You can not smoke on the ground and schools and parks. September 12 Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov signed a decree which establishes liability for the use of tobacco in public places and said prohibiting smoking in

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Defect love increases cravings for cigarettes

Mogilev more than 10 ka organizations declared themselves centers where smoking is prohibited. Among them schools, cafes and even a few companies and companies. They say about it in the public health department of the Mogilev regional center of hygiene and epidemiology. According to department officials, to become the center, the organization must take a specific decision. In the municipal medical institute, where smoking is absolutely prohibited, visited Mogilev our correspondent.Mogilev municipal honey Institute announced himself as the center, smoke-free, two years back. One of the initiators of this solution was school teacher Vladimir Kozlov. According to him, while going

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In Belarus, a third of the population smokes

Constantly smoking 23 percent of Belarusians times -10National Center for Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health and Institute of Sociology of the Academy recently conducted a sociological study.According to the acquired data, constantly smoking 23 percent of Belarusians times — almost 10 percent. Every second man and every fifth lady smoking.However, the main special Ministry of Health Olga Barton argues that in the last 5 years of smoking Belarusians became smaller:"Shred smokers declined from 41.6% in 2001 to 32.3% in 2006. Generally, the best characteristics of the highest smoking midst of temporarily unemployed (smoke about 60%), workers, construction workers, transport workers

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As in Belarus are struggling with smokers

The company’s management is convinced that a significant number of people turn away from smoking, preferring to excessive weave euros. But he who does not stand up again to vorachivaetsya habit must list the award for the past 6 months at the expense of the humanitarian organization.Manage Austrian decorations concern "Swarovski" stated 10-minute cigarette break during a day or working on an annualized mean the whole working week. In this regard, employees who smoke should record their trips to the smoking room. Spent there time is multiplied by a certain factor, then smokers remain in office longer than their counterparts

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That still forbade drinking ..

Man: "We also prohibits smoking in public places. I think we have that long already exists. I myself smoke. Basically I respect other people’s views. I try not to smoke in public places."Lady: "I myself do not smoke, I am against the order to smoke in public places, but with On the other hand, if the front of the cafe is worth the mass of the people, and smoking is not perfect. I think any place you need to do. "Man: "I do not smoke. I think this is the right decision and we have to go by the same

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Smoking is no longer a place in the French cafe

At the moment these European countries joined to Ireland, Italy and England, who forbade smoking in cafes and restaurants Last year.In France Last year in February it was forbidden to smoke in all public places, now turn came to restaurants and bistros. Administration must be allocate separate smoking areas with expensive ventilation equipment, and if it means no, guests have to go smoke outside. The new law provides for penalties for its violation: fine smokers — 68 euros, and the owner of a cafe or restaurant — 135 euros.France, where almost a third of the smoking population — one of

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In Minsk Picket against waste incineration

"There is a danger that such factories for incineration will be built in Belarus"About 20 members of the current environmental movement frosty evening to disseminate information about the dangers that carries waste incineration. Organizer picket Evgeny Lobanov, a member of the international coalition GAIA — Global Alliance for nominations incineration:"At our country received offers from many European, Japanese companies who wish to build factories for waste incineration, as this, of course, big business. But they usually do not think about that later we will breathe the poisoned air. And also, we believe that in general spalivat garbage — is not

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Anti-smoking law in force

Today our country has entered into force anti-smoking law. Free to drag on a cigarette is now almost nowhere.

Photo: Fotolia / PhotoXPress.ru

Alive smoking room?

In Ufa, at the airport, it turned out that the day before the entry into force of the anti-smoking law at the International Airport "Ufa" there is the fourth smoking room. It is located in the terminal internal transport.

Got special glass cabins and large theaters of the city. And many colleges have long Ufa smoking room equipped with natural ventilation in the form of covered porches

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