In 1903, engineer aviator Samuel Cody designed a kite that can levitate humans. Attach it to a small boat, the inventor successfully crossed the English Channel.

The modern wing of the two-arch «father»: the French brothers Bruno and Dominique LEGANYU (BRUNO ET DOMINIQUE).

Noteworthy is the fact that the analog in nature ‘curved wing with inflatable structure «- this kite has been named in a patent application — does not matter.

The brothers have come up with an interesting design Leganyu themselves, which, however, is not surprising, as the inhabitants of Brittany, the boys from childhood knew how to

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If you are bitten by a viper

Ordinary viper (Vipera berus) — the most common venomous snake in central Russia. After wintering vipers appear on the surface of the earth usually in April — May. In the summer refuges for Vipers are holes of different animals, voids in rotten stumps and between rocks, bushes, packed last year's grass, hay. You can run into a viper and the water's edge, as these snakes are good float. Vipers can settle in abandoned buildings, under a pile of old building materials.

Colouring vipers may be very different. According to the background (gray or other colors) stretches along the

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U.S. scientists have found out when snakes lost their legs




The question of when the first snakes were separated from their families — lizards — worried scientists for centuries. The first of its kind study, analyzed the genes of all living families of lizards, found that there were snakes on land, not in the ocean. Nicolas Vidal

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In Transcarpathia the heat intensified snake


20.06.11.Ohotniki Carpathian villages and residents, who are often in the woods, we see that in recent years, the region has witnessed a real invasion of snakes. Like, reptiles large nest and behave aggressively …

Nicholas Hunter told website KarpatNews, that each year becomes more and more snakes. "Recently, the rivers, forests and fields, people are more likely to come across large snake nest. Often we see the vipers in the middle of the road. A lot of them also on Onokovskom channel this summer, a few people there already biting snakes. No wonder that so many of them —

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Xochicalco — the mysterious temple complex.

Xochicalco (Ast. Xochicalco) — The ancient pre-Columbian village in the western part of the Mexican state of Morelos. The name translates from the Aztec as a "house of colors". Archaeological site is 38 km south-west of the city of Cuernavaca. Amazing buildings, a golf ball, the cult of "feathered serpent", "underground solar observatory" and much more!

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From the point of view of architecture and iconography of Xochicalco like Teotihuacan, City of the Mayan civilization and culture Matlatsinka from the valley of Toluca. At present,

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Titanoboa (Titanoboa) — The largest snake in the world!

Titanoboa (Titanoboa) — The huge snake that lived about 58 million years ago could eat crocodile or hippo, as had a length of 14 meters, and the power of its jaws compression was more than 180 kg per 6.4 square meters. cm!

I suggest you some interesting information about this snake, as well as a completely unique experiment modeled on the possible battle Tyrannosaurus rex and titanoboa! Who will win? And as Pulley, a huge serpent of our time, having eaten a man! It seems that the reptiles of the past come back.

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Snakes flooded beaches in Bulgaria


MOSCOW, Aug. 16 — RIA Novosti. Tourists vacationing on the south coast of the Black Sea near the resort, Sinemorets, complaining about the large number of snakes on the beaches and in public areas, according to the portal

Tourists say that snakes are found not only on the beaches, but also creep into hotels. To improve the situation, some hoteliers are taking non-standard, but popular at the Bulgarian action — buy urchins and release them on site.

Sinemorets — a small resort town, which is the most southern point of tourism on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria.

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Serpentoidy Russia

Back in 1994, in the journal "Science and Religion", published an article about the mysterious creatures that inhabited the land before the arrival of Russian at her man. The author calls them serpentoidy, because their ancestors were snakes. Who were they, and whether there were in fact?

"He seized the dragon, the ancient serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years. " (Revelation of St. John the Divine)

The enmity of man and serpent (snake) — one of the oldest and most

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Slavic pyramid

On the banks of the Dnieper River tributaries, rivers Vit, Red, Trubezh, Stugna and Ros loom huge buildings. For a long time they are called serpents shafts. Initially, the gross imagination: just imagine their height reaches a height of three-storey house, and the width is equal to fifteen meters.

What made our ancestors to build walls? And who had the power to leave a memory of himself? Build such a facility was extremely difficult. Who did all this hell of a job? Here's a riddle: the power of a wild, disorganized tribes such titanic for a millennium?

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The Hut on Chicken Legs — extraterrestrial craft?

A number of interesting technical details contain descriptions of dwellings Baba Yaga and Gorynych. The Hut of Baba Yaga always depicted standing on a "chicken legs" (landing gear?). It is small in size, because it is all very Baba Yaga ("lies from corner to corner"). In the cabin there is no windows or doors, or have one small window. As strange house and Gorynych, perhaps somewhat larger:

"… Looked around — on the meadow stands a large house on three floors, the gates are locked, shutters closed, only one window

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