What should be the modern sniper (part 1)

Col. Jeff Cooper, the idol and the ideological mentor of Western military shooters, rifle styled "queen of small guns." In truth, the rifle, much less curb optical sight, today is the day a representative of the catchiest hand guns — in terms of accuracy, ease of appeal and elegance of form. This last point, of course, is not practical, but still plays an important role for the real shooter who respects and loves his gun.

Specifically, high-precision rifle with a telescopic sight from the time of the First World War is the basic combat equipment in sniping — more

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By 2015, the Armed Forces will be formed sniper units

As passed February 21, RIA "Novosti", the creation of units of snipers in the Army, where they will be serving contractors who have been trained in sniper school, completed by 2015 This was said in an interview with RIA "Novosti" Commander Col. Gen. NE Postnikov.

Special sniper units currently being formed in the Southern military environment — within the framework of the reform of the army. Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov in September 2011 stated that the individual sniper units recently will be made in each brigade of the Armed Forces.

He noted that the creation of units

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Purchases of new sniper rifles will begin in 2013

The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation in 2013 will buy new Russian sniper weapons production. On this, as reported by RIA Announcements, said Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov. According to him, it, namely, is a brand new complex sniper 6S8-1 12.7-mm production plant Degtyarev. In addition, the possibility of buying sniper rifles Orsis company "Survey Systems."

Since 2014 Russian Defense Ministry wants to start buying the upgraded sniper rifles Dragunov 7.62mm. In addition, the project also incorporated the state defense order purchase upgraded VSS 9 mm caliber and mnogokalibernyh sniper rifles KAFP 12.7 mm. Borisov also said

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Longish hand infantry

Rethinking an old

In the 50 years of the last century, when there was nedavneshney freshest memory of World War II, Russian military leaders have appeared a very unique idea. On all fronts, the second in the world throughout the war worked with great efficiency by snipers. One such fighter, having its proper training could really confuse the map to even more enemies. So we decided to start preparing Russian Union of multiple snipers, who, on the idea of the creators of the idea were to be in each unit, from a platoon or even offices. Perhaps the birth of

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Longish arm for infantry

The U.S. military choose a new long-range sniper weapon

Americans began to search for substitute rifles, served the GI for over 60 years. It is a question not just about upgrading weapons, and a sharp increase of its features in range and accuracy of fire.

At the end of April, it became clear that the United States Marine Corps is developing requirements for the sniper rifle, the latest generation of effective firing range of 1,500 meters future instrument has received the preliminary designation SR21 — sniper rifle of the XXI century. When the case will determine their preferences for SR21,

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Instead of Austrian and British sniper rifles SVD and issued a Vintorez

Snipers "new model" had hoped get standards of modern zabugornyh rifles for vsepolnotsennyh classes. But they were disappointed in the form of old Russian SVD filled with a folding butt, and "Vintorez," reports the newspaper "Izvestia".

At this point, instructors are increasingly focusing on working out exactly firing rifles Russian production and the development of skills by the cadets of mental strength in combat criteria. But for all that they fully acknowledge the fact that in the event of a real confrontation with the snipers, which will have long-range rifle, the chances of winning are negligible. "News" released word of

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Sniper rifle destination MC-116M 7.62 mm

The main purpose of the rifle MC-116M — the defeat of the different emerging, moving single targets, open or masked. It is used in all weather criteria, thermal properties of the introduction of ± 50 degrees.

The rifle is the main weapon hand-sniper. When shooting at long distances sighting device used POSP 8×42. Shooting is ammunition with a sniper bullet, which has a metal core 7N1. The barrel is locked, the discovery of fire, unlocking the barrel channel, a reflection of the extraction cartridge, the supply of ammunition in the chamber following occurs manually by moving the bolt guns. For

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