Polusamozaryadnaya mnogokalibernaya rifle Shaher

I really wanted to write an epigraph to the article, the phrase "Insanity crepe …", but judging that the originality of the gun — not a reason to make an early withdrawal, do not become. Especially since the brand new rifle Iran — Iran's pride is the future, as I understand it, so I will not anger the hottest Iranian youths and specifically to begin the review of this quite fascinating mnogokalibernoy standard sniper rifle, much less that it is presented not so long ago, so it should enthuse everyone who loves tool.

Though any weapon at first it means

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Battleground — N-ский quarter

In the Luzhniki Stadium, in the hall of "Friendship" was "Russian fight." In the stands, hundreds of riot police krutoplechih two meters. Many — rolls grated know for the cost. During the break, in the cafeteria of a group of men in camouflage, noisy recalls a story, suddenly become silent — have seen the low boy in the maroon beret and a Star of Hero of Russia. "Brother, are you from?" — "Order" Rosich "internal forces". — "I know, I've heard. A star for which he received? "-" Yes it was. In the harsh … "

When received puzzle, Major-scout

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In the army entered sniper units

 Photo source:itar-tass.com

The structure of combined arms entered the Army sniper units currently under their acquisition, told Itar-Tass the official representative of the Land Forces of the Russian Federation Sergey Vlasov.

"In every motorized rifle and tank brigade including the staffing company of sharpshooters, armed domestic small arms," — said Vlasov.

According to him, formed a phased, multi-level system for the selection and training of snipers "for action as part of a sniper unit and independently." "All of the snipers will be trained in training centers at a frequency of at least once every 3-4 years",

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Russian Defense Ministry has adopted a new set of sniper


MOSCOW, June 7. / ITAR-TASS /. Russian Defense Ministry has adopted a new set of sniper "Kord" 12.7 millimeters, said today Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

"During my trip in the carpet came the good news — a small but welcome news that the Department of Defense has adopted a new set of sniper" Kord ", which was created just for the Degtyarev plant. 12.7 millimeters, a good rifle" — he said, in his lecture at the Government House in Moscow.

Rogozin said that as part of the same trip, it was decided to

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Izhmash upgraded sniper rifle SV-98

"Izhmash", part of the State Corporation "Rostekhnadzor", introduced an upgraded sniper rifle SV-98 with a new lodge of aluminum alloys and improved accuracy.


Unlike its predecessor, the upgraded SV-98 has a new ergonomic box made of aluminum alloy, which you can install all the modern sights. In this case, the replacement of the lodge had a positive impact on the accuracy of fire in the difficult conditions of combat, as the aluminum alloys are more stable with temperature changes.

Replacing the box will make the SV-98 rifle more

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Izhmash revealed a new sniper rifle

In the hands of the chief designer of Izhmash Vladimir Zlobin presented on Monday a new development company — performed by the scheme bullpup sniper rifle BC-121

Near Novosibirsk Russia-wide anti-terrorist exercise held special forces

Near Novosibirsk in these days pass one after another anti-terrorist operation. On the teachings of the special forces and intelligence choose the better fighter. Bypass the complicated obstacle course, parachute in the pitch darkness, to find and neutralize a dangerous criminal. These are just some of the tasks. The overall level of preparation has been so high that the evaluation of the results had to introduce a new system — at a time.

I hate the last effort. Even when it is there is not the strength or patience. At mile steeplechase fighters seem to give all their

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In the Far East have been teaching snipers

Army special forces snipers day of the Eastern Military District, "noted" the teachings of the night in Khabarovsk. Sniper weapon other than a rifle with a telescopic sight, a patience that was demonstrated by good commandos TSB last Friday, one of the Khabarovsk polygons.

In addition, these arrows must not only shoot straight from virtually any location, but also cleverly disguised. If need be, the sniper may still lie in the bush for three days. Stealth helps special costumes "Goblin", which had not numerous and television photojournalists themselves to hunt down snipers in the sights of their lenses.

Synopsis: "normal"

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On strengthening the Navy

On the basis of 242 Airborne Training Centre (Omsk) from May to begin training under the program of intensive military training. Education course is organized as a "survival" of intense cycle, during which practiced a situation as close to the fighting as in nature, and in the stress on students. Interestingly, of the approximately 800 military personnel, which will be held in the course of May and June, "winged infantry" are only about 200. The rest will come from the parts of the Southern Military District. This is due to the fact that the training of Navy and so quite

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Commander in Chief of the Army spoke about the technology getting in the Armed Forces

The army (CB) — the most abundant and diverse in weapons and methods of warfare of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, is designed primarily to repel the aggression of the enemy, protect the territorial integrity and national interests. At present, Russian designers are developing on the instructions of the main command NE latest designs of machine gun and sniper rifles, armored personnel carriers and heavy tanks, communications, and command and control. When and what specific types of weapons and military equipment entered service of the Russian infantry, told the RIA Novosti correspondent Igor Kiselyov Chief of

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