In SOUTH appeared sniper units

More than 1.3 thousand snipers joined the ranks of special sniper units, and units of the Southern Military District (SOUTH), established under the structural change.


"At the present time in the military firing ranges and training center of the county under the guidance of experienced instructors learn to properly equip the firing positions, to organize and to detect ambushes in various combat conditions and on different types of terrain," — said the head of the press service of the Southern Military District, Colonel Igor Gorbul . He added that, in addition, more than 50 military personnel

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About the company of a single sniper

It is no secret that, in connection with the introduction of the combined arms Army special sniper units, the troops began the formation of a phased and multi-level selection and training of snipers. After the stage of acquisition of individual sniper mouth, all snipers will be trained in training centers to once every 3-4 years.


Formed for training schools sniper developed training programs that involve the mastery of complex knowledge, skills and abilities, including those on the adjustment of artillery fire, prompting the Army Aviation and kontrsnayperskoy training. Instructors, of which will be equipped with the

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Russia introduced a silent sniper rifle

Russian specialists are first introduced 12.7-mm silent sniper rifle SV-1367 held in Jordan on the ninth International Exhibition of Special Forces "SOFEKS-2012", said the Rosoboronexport delegation.

"Earlier on exports such rifles were not delivered due to lack of permits," — said in the delegation.

"At the end of 2011. permission was granted for the export of this type rifles, — said the source. — In the future, we will promote them on the international market by offering to buy them for special forces involved in the fight against terrorism. "

"The effectiveness sniper rifle SV-1367

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Strategic bomber B-52 will fly CO «Sniper»

B-52H from the 2nd Heavy Bomber Wing USAF made the flight with a hinged sighting system Sniper, ASDNews reported March 22.   Thanks to constant modernization of the aircraft of this type was in service for over 60 years, get a new combat abilities. Thanks to the installation system Sniper bomber got the opportunity to closely maintain interaction with the Army (with terrestrial operators targeting in real time) and hit targets with bombs with laser guidance system.   «I used to do 30 to 40 clicks on the button for 5 minutes to grab a goal and reset the

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Russia starts production of four sniper complexes

Russia starts production of four complexes of sniper weapons, told the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

"A special area we have — it's a sniper weapon. We will create four sets for snipers," — said Rogozin. He explained that the first set will be designed for a sniper at a distance up to 800 meters, the second — at great distances from one and a half kilometers further (to large caliber weapons), the third — a police precision rifle for close combat in urban areas, and the fourth — small-bore rifle to train snipers.

"Look at how the security

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First under Russian rifle cartridge 12.7h107 — Gepard M1

Clearly, not a bad initiative does not stand still, and the introduction of cartridges for machine gun .50 "Browning" western nations for the sniper rifle, has led to the fact that the countries of the former Warsaw Pact member states, which are provided with the standard Russian arms, began to do something similar. Russian ammunition is 12.7 mm in something similar to NATO ammunition, began to be used for the same purpose — to Chuck sniper rifle. First there were the Hungarians — they rifle sniper mission Gepard M1 became the first Russian sniper weapon under 12.7h107 ammunition. Rifle made

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Cartridge 6h49 and sniper rifles CRS CRS-C, TKB-0145K

In the near future there is quite often about what one or another manufacturer began developing a new weapon, or even already graduated, which vary from one vserasprostranennyh rounds, moving cannon, its uses, to a new level. Against this background, our "breakthroughs" in the weapons actually look a little palely, and we have something to brag. However, you can almost always brag that was created at the Russian Union for different reasons have been abandoned in the far corner. Yet, if the clean up anything that is stuck in attics and basements majestic country, you can find a lot of

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Russian cannon sniping

On the Russian sniper weapon creator of these lines has already been thoroughly told in the book "The laws of war sniper." Yet there is a sense the brakes briefly to a fascinating and new systems.

On the semi-automatic rifle EF Dragunov — SVD in recent years much has been written, with a variety of reviews — from the most exalted to the very negative. The practice of introducing IRS has shown that its ability to fire in the main meet the requirements of Russian military to military sniper rifle. But keep in mind that the sniper, armed IRS

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The gun for marksmen

In Russian the Russian Federation, following the 1931 sniper weapon developed in the main on the basis of self-loading rifles, the tests were run sniper rifles options such as: self-loading rifles Degtyareva (sample 1930), Rukavishnikova (sample 1938), Tokarev (SVT- 40) Automatic rifle Simon (ABC-P6). But, because of their own shortcomings, they did not reach to the level of accuracy and reliability of the Mosin rifle reference years 1891-1930. Because in 1931, Russian sniper were armed with first production sniper rifle Mosin reference years 1891-1930. with an eye to Fri

From the regular standard Sniper different version of the

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About 40 snipers combined arms CVO associations have been trained at the training center in Vladimir region

About 40 snipers combined arms of the Central Association Military Area, stationed on the territory of the Samara region have been trained at the training center in Vladimir area, reported press service of the Central Military Area.

Within 3 months of the snipers studied conducting kontrsnayperskoy struggle, selection, and firing positions, covert movement on the battlefield, the adjustment of artillery fire and prompting the army aviation.

Successfully passing the final examination, the soldiers as trainers in their own offices will be teach subordinates sniper art.

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