Snowy invasion of the State of New York

May 28, 2013. Despite the fact that spring has fully come into its own throughout the central and southern United States, and before the summer less than a week, in the mountainous part of the state of New York fell unexpectedly impressive piece of snow. Snow storm covered the slopes of the mountain and surroundings Uaytfeys a meter of fresh snow.

Mountain peaks in the nearby Vermont received up to 457 mm of snow. Some mountain villages was about 177 mm. Vermont Last seen so thick snowfall and snowfall is on the eve of June only in 1816.

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In Kemerovo held June snowfall

June 2, 2013. Because of the cold wave in the summer of Kemerovo started with snowfall. Unaccustomed to June 2, precipitation walked a few minutes.

The beginning of summer in the Kemerovo region has stood quite unusual: in the region of snow fell, according to ITAR-TASS. Anomaly surprised kemerovchan, which are divided into social networks photos and videos with the June snow.

According to witnesses, the snow was literally a few minutes and quickly melted. "The trees are white, as in the winter, very cold. Interesting times have come with us, "- wrote one of the residents of

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Forecasters predict Estonia frosty June

June 3, 2013. Natural anomalies detected not only in Siberia, where after the heat unexpectedly snowed, but also in Europe. Estonian Institute of Hydrometeorology promises that the country can return frosts.

As reported by weather forecasters, June 7-9 in Estonia can register frosty nights: at the surface (2 m), the temperature drops to zero, and to the No. 2 degrees below zero. At the same time freezing may follow after the heat in the first days of the month. So, on June 4-5 in Tallinn temperature reaches 25-27 degrees Celsius, and these days will be for the country hottest this

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Weather in 2012, continues to surprise (photo)

Weather in 2012, continues to surprise (photo) Weather and Climate

Weather brings all the people of the world navye surprises in the form of a sudden drop of rain, then a thick snowfall to stop the operation of highways, roads and airports deleznyh.

Photo report:

1. Car on a snowy road near Salzburg, Austria. January 8, 2012.

2. Local resident near the snow-covered wall. Ischgl, Austria. January 11, 2012.

3. Level 2 tornado felled trees. Wind gusts reached a speed of 184 km / h Hildebran, North Carolina. January 12, 2012.

4. The local people are trying to save the

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France declared "orange" alert due to snowfall

France declared "orange" alert due to snowfall Weather and Climate

37 departments of France, including Rhone-Alpes, Ile-de-France, Champagne-Ardenne, Lorraine and Burgundy are experiencing difficulties due to blizzards and heavy snowfall, do not stop for about a day. As the center of traffic information, the vast majority of road traffic very difficult to act warning about the dangers of the 2nd, and in areas with sleet third level, everywhere a limitation of maximum speed. Citizens are advised not to make avtoprogulok unnecessarily.

Due to the heavy snowfall in the Paris airport Roissy become very popular blowers services, and now

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North China fights with snowfall

North China fights with snowfall Weather and Climate

Despite the fact that the heavy snowfalls are not considered rare in the northern part of China, but the storm that swept the region for several days in mid-November of this really worth considering. As the Weather Service, Heilongjiang Province, one morning in Hegane formed a layer of snow as thick as 50 cm, which has not happened for about 50 years in a row.

Of course, such a heavy snowfall could not help but reflect on the work of local highways, in many communities were broken under the weight

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In Moscow again went snowfall

September 26, 2013. Today in Moscow airport "Vnukovo" snowfall was the second time in a row. Last night, witnesses reported snowfall in the metro station South West.

It is reported that the snow did not lead to problems with the movement of vehicles on the Kiev highway. So many early snowfall was not the first in Moscow. On the eve of witnesses have reported a slight snowfall in the metro area south-west.

The current differs in September in the capital of abnormal weather. September 24 was a broken record precipitation amount, established in 1885. And today it was announced that

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North China snowfall paralyzed

North China snowfall paralyzed Weather and Climate

As expected weather forecasters, the northern part of China was almost completely paralyzed by heavy snowfall. To clear the roads from 80-cm layer of snow and to deliver food and water caught in a snowstorm away from civilization, the drivers, the number of which is close to a thousand, even soldiers are called units.

As more heavy snowfall is expected in the north of China, in particular vulnerability is all modes of transportation and air, and rail, and even more vehicles. "Orange" code of danger remains relevant for the entire northern

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August snowfall in Karaganda

August 15, 2013. August snowfall. That night, the residents of Karaganda witnessed the unusual rainfall. According to witnesses, the snow was falling from the sky, though, pink.

MICHAEL Privalov, journalist — I have photographed. Here are highlights. It snow, snow. When the rain, there is no such reflections. I put on «Facebook» time and temperature. It was 12 degrees.

Eyewitnesses reported that the snowfall in Karaganda began after 10 pm. Deposits covered rooftops. However, meteorologists have recorded no snow. On this day, weather forecasters predicted rain, and to the news were skeptical. However, the likelihood of snow in August,

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Because of the snowfall freeze people in Peru

September 3, 2013. The Peruvian government has added nine more of their regions, where a state of emergency aimed at having to cope with the unusual Cold weather and snowfall.

According to local authorities, at least two people were killed and 33,000 others suffered from the cold. Tens of thousands of animals froze to death.

The President Ollanta Humala visited the Apurimac, one of the hardest hit areas to see everything with my own eyes and to monitor the distribution of emergency aid. According to official statements, the state of emergency will last for 20 days.

Heaviest snowfall

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