Accounting and breeding records in dog breeding

B. Kalach, the expert and the judge-Union category

In March 1955 approved the «Rules and regulations for hunting dog)», including the «Regulations on the organization of accounting entries in national and national studbooks hunting breeds of dogs.» For several reasons, this method of breeding accounting practices were not implemented, they were not open and studbooks.

In fact, breeding records of hunting dogs every society of hunters is to your sample and often unsatisfactory. This is partly to blame, and one of the points of the «Regulations», which states that the certificate of origin shall be issued only hunting dogs from

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Member decided to leave the Company.

How not to overpay superfluous former founder


The statement of withdrawal deprives the party’s access to financial documents

How to fend off claims the participant to receive the market value of the share

Payment of the share of property is possible only by mutual agreement

Analysis of judicial practice allows you to identify preventive measures and regulations that will safeguard the company against unfounded claims of former participants.

What are the legal consequences of the application involves the release

The output member of a limited liability company and is one of the reasons for the payment of

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Processes of differentiation and integration in light of the teachings LANGUAGE JV STALIN

The problem of language development is given a central place in the works of genius I. B, Stalin on linguistics. This issue includes a number of issues, particularly the issue of differentiation and integration of languages.

We will first describe these processes individually, and then touch their relationship.

I. Differentiation languages

It is known that in linguistics differentiation is the process by which language is divided into several independent languages ​​and, thus, from one language, there are several languages. The result is the formation of differentiation of

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With the VIII Conference of the Moscow Society of Hunters

DELEGATES VIII Conference of the Moscow Society of hunters was to discuss the activities of the Board of the Company for the years 1960- 1962, to hear the report of the Audit Commission, the Council to choose a new society and to give him a mandate.

Here, at the conference, people came to share their thoughts on how to eradicate the shortcomings that still exist, how to improve the work of the society, that needs to be done to ensure that staff of fifty Moscow hunters good land, ensure the

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They called us!

FAST dark. Suddenly, from a distance came the desperate cry. Someone lost in the reeds, called for help.

— It is necessary to help out! — I said vybredavshim of water neighbors halt.

— Will choose if not a fool — I answered hung ducks uncle. — Our legs are not state-owned.

— Then turn the car lights though. Let people see, where to go.

— Battery charging will you give me? — Uncle asked grimly. — No? Well, go with God.

He turned and calmly walked to a broken tent nearby. Behind him stretched shortstop.

What to do?

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On the Czechoslovak Republic pays great attention to the development of amateur radio. When the primary organizations to promote the Company’s Army of Czechoslovakia created hundreds of circles in which people are distinct ages and professions involved in ham radio hobby sport.

Central Radio and the central section of radio amateurs by the Central Committee of SVAZARM, direct all the activities of the Czechoslovak radio amateurs provide them all possible assistance in improving their skills to attract the participation of various e mass sports events.

In September 1955, short wave radio amateurs have done a great job of radio coverage XXX International motorcycle competition held city Gottwald.

SVAZARM Radio operators who are with their radios on all transit riders, ensure reliable radio communication in the competition.

Performed well during the first amateur radio operators nationwide Olympics and Prague in June-July 1955.


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Musorosobirateli. Harmful work neobhodimyy.obschestvu

As is well known, «Statistics know everything.» He knows it, and that about 1-2% of the people on the planet are busy collecting garbage. Approximate figure — not easy to get information about those who often do not have documents to work hard (and sometimes illegal) landfills and tries not to attract attention. These people earn their living by collecting waste and sorting them manually.

Today, the principal amount of garbage collectors is concentrated in countries where bad been established waste management, because there is, first, a lot of garbage produced, and secondly, lack the resources to process and,

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Guests at the exhibition

Note «Hunters " medals «, published in number 10 of the magazine in 1961, Comrade Ivanov condemned hunters who regularly put their dogs on regional and interregional exhibitions, adding to their collection of medals.

Author rights if dog owners are unfairly «low-value manufacturers advertise. However, in most cases, participation at exhibitions visiting guests is of a different character.

We in the inter-annual dog shows are hunters from Yaroslavl, Leningrad, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Vologda and other cities with their dogs. If imported dog is better than ours, we just would like to thank the owner of the exhibition of the winner, as

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World exhibition of hunting

In August — September) 1971 will be held in Budapest Hunting World Exhibition, which will be attended by about 40 countries, including all the socialist countries.

The exhibition will be held under the patronage and with the support of the International Exhibitions Bureau, the Union for the Protection of Birds, the Union for the Protection of aquatic animals, hunting advice, the Company’s breeders, fishermen of the Union and other international organizations.

At the same time it will be held in Budapest International Dog Show with the award of the title of international and world champions.

Preparing and conducting activities

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Turn to eliminate reached urban NGOs

The Minsk City Court is being asked to put an end to the elimination of the public association "Society." Since its inception in 1995, the organization has gone through several re-registration. In This year June 22 bureaucrats Mingorispolkom legal department sent a "Society" three observations. The first is that members of the organization Tipo not answered their letters. Second remark noted that one of the members of the organization has no Minsk resident. The third was that the "Society" is the founder of "Assembly of NGOs." Council members on the organization, this is the true premise of elimination. With all

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