The rise of software synths has been nothing less than meteoric, with thousands of developers large and small offering up their take on synthesis techniques alongside new and innovative designs. Whereas hardware synths are limited in terms of number of oscillators, filters and other components, in the software world we can combine a huge number of such elements, perhaps excessively stacking oscillators for massive-sounding waveforms. Although an analogue-modelled Minimoog soft synth might not equal its hardware counterpart, consider the fact that you can layer up multiple instances and also use it in polyphonic mode.

However, while many companies look to

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The debut of self-adjusting studio lights.

We often describe studio lighting with words like «bright» or «rugged.» Now, we frequently find ourselves adding the word «smart.»

Quantum Instruments’ most recent LED ring lights, the Omicron OM3 and OM4 ($698 and $689, street), feature Auto Lighting Track (ALT). With the help of a built-in lightmeter, ALT dims or brightens Omicron output as a subject moves toward or away from the light. Because LED ring light output falls off rather rapidly, working distances are fairly shallow, and the brightening and dimming is often subtle. ALT does, however, noticeably expand a subject’s freedom

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Portrait Professional 11

Jon Stapley tests the latest version of Portrait Professional photo-retouching software

FACIAL retouching is big business in portraiture, and aspiring portrait photographers will need to learn the basics and how to use the software to make it happen. Portrait Professional aims to provide both, with powerful skin-smoothing and facial-alteration technology combined with a preset and slider-focused approach that makes it easy even for the novice to get rid of blemishes, whiten teeth and even alter a subject’s facial structure.


Once you’ve input the gender and rough age of the subject, Portrait Pro detects the face and places

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Photoshops Not-So-Cloudy Future

Almost no other software has been as instrumental and defining for an industry as Adobe’s Photoshop Suite has been for photography and imaging. Adobe’s famous «graphic editing program» (they get really annoyed if it’s called anything else, especially «image manipulation tool») has gone through several versions over the years, and with its latest iteration, Photoshop Creative Cloud a.k.a Photoshop CC, it has entered a brand new era.

We’ll begin this article with some clarifications. Unlike what most users believe, and what has been bandied about the internet, the new version of Photoshop is not limited to working only with internet

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Since the arrival of Photoshop CS over 10 years ago. Photoshop has included its own integrated Raw converter. The Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) plug-in has evolved greatly since its inception in 2003, and with Photoshop’s universal appeal amongst professionals and enthusiasts alike, has a wide user base.

And it’s easy to see why as well. From browsing your Raw files in Adobe Bridge (supplied with Photoshop), you can then seamlessly open them in Adobe Camera Raw before carrying on rating your images in Photoshop, offering a simplified workflow.

There’s also a wealth of editing controls available to you, including tods

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With Photoshop CS versions moving to a subscription-only fees package, now could be the time to consider alternative image-editing software. Here are 12 of the best contenders…


While Adobe Photoshop has long been the benchmark that all other image-editing software is judged by, it’s always been one of the most expensive applications on the market. That fact has been exacerbated in recent weeks with the announcement from Adobe that it intends to restructure its business model and the way it sells its flagship products.

In essence, Adobe has signalled its intention to license its industry-standard Creative



Monica Lewinsky in the office:

Recently, I was explaining to you (unless you read my last year’s reports moonhead

Studios), who is responsible for Lionhead to look Black & White and her (game) consuming three-dimensionality. Of course, artists and programmers of the game engine. For those of you who are closer to Quake, explain: thanks to the artists and engine-programmer you will be able to move through three-dimensional mazes and halls. But the guards, past which you will dart about, will not attack you, and your BFG did not shoot as long as the programmers responsible for the playing of


Fleetlands To Fix Chinook HC.3s ?

IT WAS labelled by the Chairman of the Commons Public Accounts Committee in 2003… «one of the most incompetent procurements of all time».

These eight Chinook HC.3 transport helicopters have never been cleared for service, and have been kept in storage at Boscombe Down, Wiltshire, ever since delivery.

Ordered in 1995, the HC.3 aircraft were conceived as dedicated special forces helicopters, built to a unique standard, with a hybrid digital/ analogue cockpit. There were some problems in fitting the planned displays, however, and the aircraft had to be stored while the final avionics fit was being decided and redesigned, delaying

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IN ADDITION ТО knowing a thing or two about software, the people over at Adobe certainly know how to stir up a lively debate. No one can deny them their software-making ability — the vast majority of photographers, in fact the creative world as as whole, ‘would grind to a halt without it! However, you’re probably aware that Adobe recently threw the industry a curveball with the launch of Creative Cloud.

The software ship seemed to be sailing along just fine (with Adobe offering


Choosing a Raw converter

Here we break down the key options available to you when buying a Raw converter

Bundled software with your camera

Your first port of call when you’re looking to get started with Raw conversion software, is with the software bundled with your camera.

Pretty much most DSLRs, Compact System Cameras (CSCs) and some compact cameras come bundled with dedicated Raw conversion software — check in your camera’s bow and you should find a CD with it on. If you can’t find it, it’s often possible to download a copy of the software from the manufacturer’s website, with a link to

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