Exotic plants for the garden.

Almost all of the exotic plants in central Russia on its southern homeland are quite common and unpretentious of flora. However, getting in inappropriate conditions associated with extreme temperature changes, frost without snow and frequent thaws, they «act up.» By ensuring «foreigners» comfortable existence, we are increasing their chances of not only survival, but also to preserve the decorative appearance.

Mr. ortenziya oakleaf

The height of shrubs rarely exceed 1.2 meters. Valued for the beautiful dark green leaves, top and bottom covered with white tomentose pubescence, in the form they are similar to oak. By late summer the leaves become

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Cuttings berries

For several years I grow seedlings currant and gooseberry easiest way: green cuttings take root in the open ground in the shade. Do not apply any stimulus methods: no processing IAA or cuts at the bottom, and yet all the cuttings, with rare exceptions, are well acclimatized.

Cutting them in the period from the appearance of signs of lignification 20-25 of August and planted in a shady location (near the hedge, under the trees, and so on. P.) In a well-loosened soil cleared of the weed roots. Sometimes I bring pre-sand with peat or peregnoem- it improves root development. Mulching

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You just a shock, the rest will be SHOVEL

NEW TOOL earthmoving — Pneumatic SHOVEL SAMA destroyed and discarded PRIMER

According to historical precedence with a shovel can argue, perhaps, only a knife and ax. Nevertheless, the process of improvement * (and simultaneous complication) shovel is far from complete (IR, 5, 75, «dig so dig» and 5, 77 «Spades»), inventive thinking is mainly aimed at the specialization of spades with regard to a particular type of work — digging pits, loosening the soil, and so on. n. and rarely affects the process of digging in its original, traditional form. Here can help the new materials. For example, Teflon, which

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The role of the inventive method

Solver scientific or technical problem can be viewed as a three-step analytical and synthetic procedure. In the first stage, the general familiarity with the object when the object as something "random integer", T. E. It did not know in their internal structure, so the rational design of new devices is still possible. In the second stage the researcher must divide the object into parts, identify their role, significance, strengths and weaknesses, develop a search strategy and action plan. And in whatever area inventor worked, whatever materials or disposal, its continued success depends primarily on how well he formulated the task.

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Irrigation regime

KAMENSKY under located on the left bank of the Dnieper terrace near Kamenka-Dnieper, Zaporozhye region, Ukrainian SSR. The total area of ​​the array of more than 20 thousand hectares, including 17 hectares of irrigated land irrigated by the waters of the Kakhovka Sea Kamensky, Ivanovo and the Annunciation irrigation systems.

The array is extended from west to east basin (sub), which gradually decreases from the north and east, south and west. The terrain is flat with developed microrelief.

Soil — sandy and medium loamy ordinary chernozem on loess and bedrock -. Sands. Ground water in most parts of the area

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Cleaning plantation

In the Chelyabinsk region strawberries — a relatively new culture, only the last years state farms began to lay the plantation commodity.

The root system of strawberries lies a small, 85% of the roots in the upper 10-cm layer of soil, which was confirmed by observations made on an experimental basis of the Chelyabinsk horticultural experimental station. Therefore strawberries over other cultures exposed to various climatic hardships, especially in the fall and spring, when there is no snow on the plantations and in some years, the frosts reach -20 °. It is very dangerous to strawberries and spring frosts.


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Irrigation of gardens in the Moscow region

Fruit growers, working in Moscow and in the adjacent areas, making sure that irrigation of gardens — a very necessary measure. But it has not yet received proper distribution.

The Moscow region is a zone of an unreliable moistening. In the study it was found that wet years as much and dry. For example, in 27 years (1936-1963) was a very dry year 4, dry — 8, medium moist — 7, wet — very wet 4 — 4 years. Maximum rainfall — 682 mm — fell in 1947, the minimum — 371 — 1938.

But even more unevenly distributed rainfall

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It’s time to dig potatoes. Often many of the vegetable crop — one of the most important in the garden. Most of us sadit potatoes traditionally. But there are many «non-traditional» methods of cultivation of this vegetable.


— If you have a little space in the garden, do not worry — says Irina from Omsk Maskvina — even 1 m2 you can get a good harvest. How? Take a large tuber, and for 40-45 days before planting it across the notch, so that there is a small bridge 1 cm thick. Keep it up until not germinate.

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Carpet Zamora

Groundcover a lot — look at first. But among them there are champions in the shade and in the sun on wet and dry soil

Sun — dry

Sedum (Sedum acre) extremely unpretentious, thanks to a fine texture decorative foliage and bright yellow flowers. He is very fast growing, forms a continuous cover.

Cypress spurge ‘Fens Ruby’ quickly mastering space, having time to visit in the spring of purple, yellow and green in the summer and a little reddish in the fall. Often used not only in rockeries, but in the parterre flower beds, which requires limitations.

For decorative

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How to lay the garden

Before laying perennial crops collective and state farms make a plan, develop project of the garden, which provides: the size of landings over the years, rock-grade composition, order placement plantations device irrigation network (if the garden will be irrigated), the amount of work required labor and materiel.

Each republic, territory, region have recommendations on the tab of perennial plants and care for them. Details on these matters you can get advice in the test facilities on gardening, educational institutions, industrial establishments.

Selecting a location for the garden. Garden laying taking into account natural conditions, as close as possible to

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