10 little-known facts about the solar system

10 little-known facts about the solar system's interesting

There are many myths and misinterpreted facts about the universe. Sometimes, things that seem familiar to us, in fact, partially or totally incorrect. In this article are 10 little-known facts about the universe, such as the solar system.

10. The case helped discover Pluto

In space, objects in motion. Gravity is one object affects the other path that eventually lead to its change. After the discovery of Uranus in 1781, astronomers noticed a slight deviation from the expected path of its orbit. Presumably, the reason for this could be the gravity of

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Best photos of each planet in our solar system


Every planet in our solar system, provided one of the best ever obtained images


Obtained from a spacecraft NASA «Messenger», it is — the best ever picture taken of Mercury. It has been compiled as recently as February 22, 2013.


It's a little more than an old photograph — with the mission «Magellan» 1996. He was in orbit since 1989, but this is one of the best pictures taken them for all the flight. Dark spots on the entire surface of the planet — it traces

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Planet X — Nibiru



Planet Nibiru — a byword astronomers, journalists and fans of all unusual. However, if you organize all that is written on this planet, it turns out that we are talking about three very different celestial bodies, all of them … for some reason called "Nibiru"!

Planet of the system of Brown Dwarf

According to some reports on the Internet, Nibiru — is one of the planets around some dark star, or the Brown Dwarf. And supposedly this Dark Star

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recorded unusual phenomena



Voyager-1 11.11.03, the



Spacecraft NASA Voyager-1, which recently reached the boundaries of the solar system, encountered the strange phenomena.

Located at a distance of 13 billion miles from Earth, the unit has a strong cosmic storm that has allowed scientists to measure the effect of "solar wind." According to experts, the unit was in the area of the

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The tenth planet in the solar system rotates abnormally slow




Sedna, the most distant known object in the solar system, which opened in March 2004, continues to surprise astronomers.

Measurement of periodic brightness variations of this planetoid (or planet — astronomers have not come to a consensus) shows an unusually long rotation period — from 20

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Jupiter has become loose bowels

Stone "heart" of the largest planet of the solar system is melted.

U.S. researchers have found that the core of Jupiter — the largest planet of the solar system — has long been a diluted state. According to the report the researchers of the University of California at Berkeley, a stone "heart" of the gas giant melted and mixed with other ingredients.

Scientists hope that this discovery will help, in particular, to study exoplanet CoRoT-20b, discovered outside the solar system in the past year. This is a super-dense giant core of which is more than 50% of the

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Nibiru is already visible! And you said this is fiction …

October 21, 2011 16:07

Last year, two well-known astrophysicist claimed that near the solar system is a huge subject. About Nibiru speech did not passed, and the more end of the world, none of them have not even tried. The names of these scientists may be familiar to you — it Uitmir Daniel and John Mathis of the University of Louisiana. Astrophysicists have been assured that the Oort cloud is a new planet, or just a huge cluster koment, sure it was not. It was assumed that the size of the object several times higher than Jupiter

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January 22, 2012 17:00

It was in 2012 predicted the terrible disasters that have shaken to its foundations Earth. A powerful earthquake, huge tsunami, crazy storms destroy all that worked so hard to create civilization, will be destroyed billions of people and the planet itself "perekuvyrknetsya" 180 degrees and will change the pole. All living is on the brink of extinction, irreversible evolution is ruled out by millions of years ago, and the survivors is accidentally transformed into a primitive animal, gripping only two instincts: hunger and sex.


What are people so offended before the Creator, for what they

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The particles of stardust found in Africa, over the solar system




Japanese scientists have found recorded on the Earth from space stardust particles, which were formed before the formation of the solar system. They are contained in two small meteorites found in the deserts of Morocco and Algeria.

In Tokyo today published the results of their research, conducted

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Once shone two luminaries




German amateur archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann became world famous when, believing the myths, found and excavated the legendary city of Troy. In this regard, the researcher Peter organismic systems Nikiforovich Elistratova be considered # # Schliemann space. He believed the myth that in the distant past in the

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