The total solar eclipse of November 14, 2012

October 11, 2012 1:00

The total solar eclipse of November 14, 2012

NASA's next forecast that the U.S. space agency guarantees 100 percent — a total solar eclipse of 13 November 2012. Than it threatens business and what impact on the livelihoods of people — to understand analysts' News USA "magazine" Market Leader ".

What is the total solar eclipse

Now eclipse is explained as an astronomical phenomenon. It lies in the fact that the moon is partially or completely obscure the sun begins to observers who are on Earth. Specialists have found that the eclipse is only

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Underwater solar panels

Science does not stand still, and alternative energy sources wherever they are mounted and what is just is not used. But there are places on this earth where it is particularly difficult to produce energy. For example: the ocean. For such purposes the U.S. Navy developed solar panels that can produce energy at a depth of 9 meters!

In the Research Laboratory of the U.S. Navy developed solar panels with a wide band gap. Such batteries are best suited for efficient production of sufficient energy for electronic sensor systems to

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Media statement about the beginning of the ice age in 2014 are unfounded

Statements of imminent "ice age", reprinted in the media is unfounded and inconsistent with current understanding of climate change, experts say.

Earlier, some media reported that Russian scientists predict the beginning of "Ice Age" in 2014. According to the authors in the journal "Natural Gas Industry", observed with the XX century the increase in global average temperature is out of the "Little Ice Age", followed by re-cooling followed caused the minimum of solar activity.

"All these catastrophism — should still be a level of evidence. And now people are using other people's results and said it expected (" Ice

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Efficient source of biofuel can be black forest — scientist

Forests of genetically modified trees with black leaves can significantly improve the absorption of carbon dioxide and become more efficient feedstock for biofuels, said Nobel laureate Hartmut Michel (Hartmut Michel), speaking on Monday with a lecture at the traditional meeting of Nobel laureates in the southern German town of Lindau.

Professor, Institute of Biophysics, Max Planck Society, Hartmut Michel won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1988 for research on the mechanism of photosynthesis.

His lecture in Lindau was devoted to the performance of one of the technology, "green energy" — the use of biofuels and biomass as a means

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Sun to celebrate the fall of a powerful explosion

The very beginning of autumn our star marked a giant flash, NASA Observatory captured this scene, media reported.

On the last day of summer on the surface of the sun was seen large ejection of matter in the form of plasma fibers, which first contracted, then exploded. This whole process is far from land captured by NASA telescope. Scientists warn that in the near future we can expect the new solar flare.

After such bursts from the Sun separates great mass of solar material in the form of a stream of charged particles (protons, neutrons, and electrons) moving in

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Living sun

Photo of the Sun in X-rays. Photo taken from the rockets "Aerobee-Hi," April 19, 1960 Photos from the book Struve "Astronomy of the twentieth century", 1962 (The picture used in the book by AN Dmitriev, A. Rusanov "CROSS OF LIFE" (Novosibirsk, Tomsk, 2000)

In the picture clearly shows a heterogeneous structure of the Sun: The inner core (hard cold planet), hugs PLASMA SPHERE.

It is for this model is rapidly evolving Jupiter as a future star — in the orbit of Jupiter's moon Io plasma torus is formed ("donut"), which will soon turn into a plasma sphere.

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The sun is not cracked, but is on the decline

Maybe the Earth is at the beginning of a new ice age: the activity of the Sun in 2012 and has not increased, although its current maximum is just for this year. What is now happening with the sun, compared to the so-called Maunder and Dalton minima in the XVII-XIX centuries, which coincided with a sharp decline in global temperatures. However, the link the Earth's climate and solar activity is not yet proven.

Since the middle of XVIII century observatory in Zurich began regular study of solar activity. Cycle, which scientists have begun monitoring, was named the first

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Sun on the verge of a new ice age

Solar activity in 2012, the expected year of solar maximum, stopped growing and fell below the level of the previous 2011. Current level of activity is 4 times lower than the maximum values recorded during the 260 years of continuous observations of the Sun, and only a few percent higher than during the last crash in solar activity — a minimum of Dalton. These conclusions follow from the solar flare activity and the analysis of the Wolf numbers — the main method of measuring and describing cycles of solar activity.

2012 will not only lovers of

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Before the new year we will have six magnetic storms

The bad news for meteodependent — on the eve of holidays they frequently have to feel the strong bursts of solar activity. According to the newspaper "Arguments and Facts", the last of which will take place on December 31.

The newspaper reports that the first magnetic storm will begin at one o'clock on December 19 and will last for up to seven nights. Following strong solar flares are expected on December 27, when most Russians will sleep (from two to six in the morning), and the second half of the day (14:00 to 16:00).

The longest magnetic storm

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The danger of solar flares

Professor of Astronomy and Physics, University of Kansas Adrian Melot, together with Brian Thomas of Washburn University, put forward a new explanation for the mysterious "events Charlemagne," which has received its name in honor of his winning the collision with the Lombards in 774-775 years.

This phenomenon was discovered in 2012, is an abnormal surge in the concentration of radioactive carbon-14, located in the tree rings of the time. A theory that the perpetrators of this — the cosmic rays. According to Adrian Melota, they found out that if this was to blame

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