Personal Items of the British Soldier during WWI

The identity disc is arguably the most personal of all the multitude of items issued to soldiers in WWI. Worn at all times around the neck and underneath the clothing the identity discs accompanied the soldier everywhere, from his enlistment, through training to his theatre of war and through the familiar routine of front line, support and rest. They absorbed the sweat of his labours and sometimes the blood of his wounds. In the event of his death ‘in the Field’ they identified him for appropriate burial in the faith he declared on enlistment and many discs found their way

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Tragedy on their own …

In recent years, the welfare of servicemen of the Russian army has improved markedly. The problem is, what to feed the family, is over. Now many of the defenders of the Fatherland got private cars. This, of course, well, you can be happy for them. But on the other hand, with the motorization of the armed forces increased the number of road accidents involving drivers under the shoulder straps. Responsible for an accident brought to administrative responsibility, and in severe consequences — criminal …

To illustrate an alarming trend with private transport, we refer to the information from the 11th

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Slash of Clanc

Chief commercial hit of 2013, online strategy, earning a million dollars a day.

Platform: iPad, iPhone

Genre: Strategy

Developer: Supercell

It looks like: Spartan Wars

English: you

Suitable for children: yes

The mobile market is unpredictable: one day it appeared dozens of new applications, but guess which one will hit is not always possible. In particular, multiplayer strategies of varying quality in the AppStore hundreds, and against the background of the project is a little-known studio Supercell, released late last year, it was easy to miss.

Today, to pass him much more complicated: Clash of Clans that month in a

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Song of the electronic toy soldiers

As a child, my friend and I organized a weekly giant battles. Poured into the varnished floor of his huge "Stalin" apartments and hundreds of little figures began to divide them. In the armies reigned a full International: flat "sailors Revolution" and participants of the Battle on the Ice stood shoulder to shoulder with cowboys and Indians. It is a pity that there was no robot Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I’m sure they would fit into the company. The game was without rules, more specifically, the rules changed all the time, shooting at soldiers from "toy gun"Throwing

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On the tactical field, tank ranges … (1981)

Of particular interest to me are the huge advances made in recent years in the field of space exploration, a deep penetration in the economy and in the Armed Forces of electronic computing equipment, the development of nuclear energy.

Me, a military man, the closest achievement in the field of military equipment and weapons. Thanks to the efforts of Soviet scientists, engineers and inventors of our army and navy are armed with everything you need to protect our homeland against any aggressor. For example, it proved to be excellent small arms, created under the leadership of the remarkable designer

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BHC military use as forced labor

Soldier per month give 19,500 rublesBelarusian military regardless of the position obtained in a month and a half from 19 to 39 thousand rubles. And if they work, such as harvesting or in the construction of the bridge, they do not receive wages, the same as farmers or builders.Deputy Secretary of Defense for Logistics, Major General Boligatov sent a letter to the Belarusian Helsinki Committee. It says that the payment system and other works not foreseen by the legislation. Soldiers can thank unless valuable gifts or certificates. But, according to the laws, command of military units may enter into agreements

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Salting Surikov denies himself

He noted that his position on the development of military cooperation between Belarus and the Russian Federation, expressed in an interview the other day one of the funds mass disk imaging, "Was completely misinterpreted." Coupled with the fact, Surikov added that "Our homeland is really seriously concerned about the intentions of the United States located in Eastern Europe missile defense." With all this "when new security threats Russia and its ally Belarus, and a missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic — this danger can be mades adequate measures "- said salting." And what will it directly measures

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Brest: military is often violate traffic rules

The last such incident took place in Drogichin area where the military who served in Brest, drove a car and shot his father 76-year-old resident of the village of silicon, which rode a bike. Pensioner died on the spot, and the soldier was gone, because, as it turned out later, was deprived of the right to drive a vehicle.Soldier detained in Ivanovo region during a special operation "Interception". Instituted against him criminal case.

Knights fought for victory in a race at Leeds Castle

Reporter: "Knight graduated from the battle … Congratulations on your victory."Knight: "My name Groden, I’m out of the club" Knight genus snow leopard "and we provide soldiers majestically Duchy of Lithuania."Reporter: "This, in my opinion, is unique, they all — European knights, crusaders, knights and stateliness of the Principality of times in the minority …"Knight: "This happens because the flowering of chivalry was in XIII-XIV centuries, and all the beauty of this phenomenon could follow in European statesah, because it interests people. And we are patriots of their motherland because couples do reconstruction majestically Duchy of Lithuania. "Reporter: "How bout

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End quote: 05.05.2007 — 11.05.2007

"Through the underpass no general ability to walk down an elevator or ramp. And in another way. Fly we do not know."Gorodenco Natalia, member wheelchair march in Minsk — about why the protesters could not use the underground passages and blocked traffic. "I do not really like it, so I better buy a ticket at a reduced price as I want, what kind of a certain amount of money that I would not know what had spent."Young Minsker — in response to the question "Liberty" "How do you feel about the fact that some of the benefits will change currency

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