Paul was released Seviarynets

An hour after the expiration punishment Seviarynets Paul called his companions and said that even he was taken to NIGHT MODE Ivacevičy temporary detention, and the day released.Seviarynets Paul said, "Freedom", the staff refused bullpen say why it Ivacevičy transported to temporary detention, where people usually keep on which brought criminal cases."Nothing was said. No comments — no matter how often asked. Neither of those I fidgeted in the evening, nor in those who perceive, there was no explanation.I received a transmission. Very grateful to those who passed them to me, especially the Christian Democrats Baranovichi. For sixteen days in

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According to statistics, more readable page of our Web site for last week were the following:Online conference with Vitali Silitski 19.09.2007Activists of "rebellion" was held in Minsk share "Lukashism. Vintage 2007" 15.09.2007Operation "successor" in Belarusian? 19.09.2007Pushkin: "After my arrest I owed visit Orsha battle field " 16.09.2007In Poland, there was a book about Lukashenko 17.09.2007Graphs Czapski vorachivayutsya in Minsk 20.09.2007The KGB interested in training "Euro march" 20.09.2007Action of solidarity with political prisoners in Minsk 16.09.2007Now — a day of solidarity 16.09.2007In Warsaw — picket near the Belarusian Embassy 16.09.2007

Detention for a day of solidarity Saligorsk

Brothers Ilya and Ivan Shyla, Christina Samoilov, Gregory and Andrew Astapenya Tychina were holding a banner "Freedom Dmitry Dashkevich!" Recently year old, as a favorite "Junior Front"Is behind bars for his role in an unregistered organization. Coupled to a share of days of solidarity with political prisoners in Saligorsk came about 3 x 10-s of people.

Action to the days of solidarity in Polotsk

On the square sounded families of the disappeared politicians and community heard after each name, shouted in unison: "Remember!"Solidarity action lasted 30 minutes. Close to two policemen who, but no action was committed.

Mogilev ended solidarity rally

At the rally assumed the role of about 20 people. In Dzerzhinsk, police detained a car, which drove the Young. More young people continued to share public transport.On rally solidarity Mogilev said "Freedom," Paul Seviarynets:"We were able to break through all the same to Apalonavki, to the place where the colony is located and held Dashkevich. There we met 10s with police cars. There we were taken to the district office Shklow.When we were in Shklovsky district police department, we have gained a meeting with representatives of the penal colony number 17, which contains Dashkevich. Attended by representatives of the

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Rally participants detained Ales Milintsa

Youth activists no matter what continue the action of solidarity with Junior Front activists and those organizations that serve their sentences and who were brought criminal case. Now day of birth Dmitry Dashkevich protesters solidarity visit Škloŭ and different methods congratulate Dmitry prisoner.• Young Front rally remained without cars, 19.07.2007

Day of solidarity in Minsk No arrests

On October Square protesters Solidarity met SWAT police cordons. People began to push in civil protesters toward the side of GUM and Freedom Square. Then came the second step, "cleansing", and people were removed from the October Square descent toward Freedom Square.Please share were detained Several activists "Junior Front" among them — Anastasia Palazhanka, but it all ended so that the police checked their documents, kept them a couple of minutes and then released.And 8th evening people gathered on the classic common prayer around the Bernardine Monastery — riot police watching this action from afar. Detention was not.On October Square:About

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Day of solidarity in Minsk, delayed Anastasia Palazhanka

Minsk police detained Anastasia Palazhanka, an activist of the unregistered organization "Young Front. "16-year-old activist was detained on the way to October Square, where the sixth evening planned mass rally of solidarity with political prisoners.

Solidarity day mark in the framework of the 10 cities

A day of solidarity in Vitebsk Belarus waving white-red-white flags.Portraits of disappeared Zakharenko, Victor Gonchar, Anatoly Krasovsky and Dmitry Zavadsky appeared in subways, bus stops of public transport in the Belarusian capital and in regional centers.In Minsk districts Uruchcha and Robin about the big stores appeared portraits of political prisoners.Usually in street protests — flash mobs and pickets — participates in more youth. Now 6pm on October Square scheduled a human chain in which except for youth activists will participate UCP members. So they express support for his own colleague Andrei Klimov.United states favorite civilian party Anatoly Lebedko"We get to

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Acceleration and beating in Minsk. What’s Next?

What are the consequences of overclocking the "We Remember"? Discussion on the loose. A.Chigirya: "This is a reaction Lukashenko impunity"

"Lukashenko in response just throws democratic activists. Especially since — beating Democratic candidates. Sassy violate election laws."   , Owed: "The West does not respond"

Favourite of the Liberal Democratic Party of Belarus, owed believes that, in fact, the West "does not respond" on the dispersal of a peaceful opposition rally, which was held in Minsk on September 16.   Lawyer: "The opposition is neutralized in advance" "It shows the essence of today’s beating power, its hypocrisy and heresy.’s Wild and eerie.

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