Whats new? Fresh kit for the shopper in you

Sometimes a little retail therapy is all you need to jumpstart motivation for a trip or to slog through a maintenance routine. Here’s some new kit that we’ve had our eye on lately:


Sometimes the best solution is the simplest, and if there were ever a basic solution it’s this bag: 28 liters of storage, 100-percent waterproof, $75. Twisted Throttle claims the D28 will mount to any bike, thanks to eight universal attachment straps and a clever “daisy chain” strip of loops fused to the bag. www.twistedthrottle.com


HJC’s new FG-17 helmet boasts

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Challenge #1:

Open shelves over the washer dryer makes the room feel cluttered.

Solution: Cabinets with doors hung over the washer/dryer makes a better use of the available height of the wall and the doors hide clutter.

Price: 3 piece cabinet set, plus side counter all bought as a set : $123 at Habitat for Humanity Restore.

Challenge #2:

Need to store gift bags, wrapping paper and bows in a more accessible way.

Solution: Two solutions made this possible

1. Door hanging shoe holder was modified to hold wrapping paper and decorations making good use of the unused door space.





Faced with a space that is only 400sqf large (or small, in this case), Annie Tan of The Interarch Design had to make the footprint work for her clients’ Wendy Lee and Leonard Sim’s lifestyle. The sociable couple wanted a place they could cook and entertain their friends in; and also had an extensive wardrobe which used to fill up one room alone in their previous place.

This apartment in Balestier might be short on floor


BPF candidates unwilling to advance goes the distance

By Yuri Gubarevich, This statement was made 15 candidates from the BNF, mostly from regions that are discussed between the decision of the Diet of withdrawal of nominations on September 23 and concluded that their role in the elections should continue until the end of the campaign. Applicants argue its appeal to the Diet that his decision was not supported by other entities of the United Democratic Forces, which practically holds joint nomination of candidates, and that the only role in the elections will enable the authorities to assure falsification. BPF next Sejm appointed for September 20.Voice Yuri Hubarevich:


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Kolos: Hope Milinkevich realized something

After the meeting chairman Vladimir Kolos said that it is necessary to analyze the activity produced in the United Democratic Forces of errors: Ear: "I hope that Alexander Milinkevich, who initiated this situation, realized something. And with one side, bad what happened. On the other hand, can, and was necessary some measures to make very sharp. In order to raise these questions with the sharpness they deserve. The most important thing, that all these ideas materialized in specific solutions for training on the new high-quality level of the Congress … No decision-making mechanism and there is no mechanism responsible for

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Electro-technology for pharmaceutical production.

Electro-technology for pharmaceutical production.

Company Membranines Tehnologios more than 15 years of experience in matters of innovative use electromembrane (electrodialysis) equipment in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. In particular, in 1996, specialists have proposed a method for preparing 3 — (2,2,2-trimethylhydrazinium) propionate dihydrate with the method of electrodialysis. Electrodialysis process was carried out in a specially designed apparatus in which the circulating solution of 3 — (2,2,2-trimetigidraziny) methyl propionate bromide, alkali, and distilled water. A solution of starting material was subjected to alkaline hydrolysis efficiently, bromine ion is removed to form NaBr. The proposed method, tested on PAT Grindeks, Latvia,

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Waiver of 12-yrs: necessity or adventure?

On Thursday at a meeting with Lukashenko was decided to return to school to 11-year education. Why did the authorities make an unstable situation in the education system? Or unemployment occurs in the midst of the teachers? What will the refusal of school education?Participants: Ph.D. Svetlana Mackiewicz and founder of Belarusian Humanities Lyceum Vladimir Kolos.Why did the authorities make an unstable situation in the education system?Valery Karbalevich"The decision to control the country’s return to the 11-year-old secondary school caused enormous resentment not only among educators, and in society. Indeed breaks actual plans of many graduates next year.This decision puts the

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Why abandoned 12 years of education in school?

Decided not to continue school reform and save 11 years of schooling. Why in the 90s initiated a reform of high school? Why Belarusian authorities refused it? What could be the practical consequences of such a decision?Why in the 90s initiated a reform of high school?Valery Karbalevich: "In 1998 it was decided to reform school, go to 12-year secondary school. How justified was the solution? For what it handy? Why 12-year education? Either he decided to enter only as such a system exists in Most countries in the world are there any such harsh conditions for reform? "

In most

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Political decision to accept nuclear power, the Security Council

The final decision read in advanceAssistant Chairman of the State Academy Alexander Zaborowski explained to Radio Liberty: still a little early yet read that a final decision on the construction of nuclear power plants specifically in Gorki district on Kukshinovskoy site:"Reads that any selected area completely — is not quite so, this in-1’s. Vo-2, self justification and detalizavanne — when, where and how to build — with all of these factors will be announced after committee meeting of the highest level, made in the Council of Ministers. head of this commission — Vladimir Ilyich Semashko. And after all the working

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Transas has certified a new level of on-board equipment to ensure the safety of shipping in GDP

Russian developer of IT-solutions for the transport industry — a group of companies "Transas" — presented the market with a range of on-board equipment, providing a high level of safety of navigation on inland waterways (GDP).

 Photo source:setcorp.ru

The first unit began making certified summer-fall 2011 Russian River Register electronic chart system (ECS) Class "A" and "B": EX series "Navy Trax" and EX "thalweg". Also in the package is Transas Multifunctional System — Inland / ECDIS.

Taken into account when designing the details of the courts and features of navigation at sea and rivers, which is especially

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