Wilderness Awareness

I picked up my first SLR at the age of 13, a good old film-I loading one (35mm format). My dad had photography a, I his hobby, and he introduced me to the colorful world o capturing images with a camera. When I was 17, I got my first D-SLR, and that’s where my photographic journey started.

Initially I tried to explore every genre of photography I hearc about, but at some point I realized that nature photography gives me more pleasure than anything. Then I was introduced to magazines like Smart Photography, and websites like India Nature Watch(INW) (INW

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Well, hello again, Ms T!

Wow! Imogen Thomas is back — and she’s brought her curves with her!

Hello Imogen!

We haven’t seen you in absolutely ages. Welcome back to Nuts! Thank you! It feels fantastic to be back in Nuts. It’s been far too long, hasn’t it?

Don’t worry, I’ve still been having a cheeky look at Nuts in the shops!

Thanks very much! Have any of our covers knocked your socks off recently?

I’ll be diplomatic and say that they’ve all been sexy, but in terms of things that have impressed me, I’m fully behind the “Hands Off My Nuts” campaign. I can’t

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UP The Wall!

Confluence Elite shows you how to kick it up a notch with I these amazing and personalised home decor DIY’s…

There is nothing more satisfying than completing a home decor project all on your own! And Confluence Elite -The Concept Store, in a bid to encourage people to get their hands dirty, has come up with a plan to host a Do-It-Yourself event every month. The Ideal Home and Garden team had a sneak peek of this crafty initiative in July. Designer Manasi Manjrekar took us through some nifty tips and tricks on how to craft your own wall art!

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Time for some fisheye fun

Every now and then, it’s good to put the serious side of photography to one side and enjoy some light-hearted moments. Meet the Digital SLR Photography team asyou’veneverseen them before

WHILE PRETTYMUCH every portrait technique we’ve produced in the past has had the aim of producing flattering images of the subject, this one is geared towards doing exactly the opposite.

The circular fisheye lens is an unusual optic that produces a very unique view of the world. Its 180° field-of-view captures quite literally everything in front of it and condenses it into a wildly distorted image that bears very little

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Tony, we couldn’t agree more. We love you in megawatt-tanned party mode, hobnobbing with the great and the good; and we love that you have made yourself the (very expensive) international go-to man when sheikhs and despots cant quite come to an agreement about how to spend their billions. But is it really possible to be that person and the world’s most high-profile peace envoy? By James Brabazon

Kuwait City, 26 January 2009. The desert air is cool and inviting. Sea mist clings to the steel-and-glass-lined avenues of this tiny Gulf state, fabulously rich in oil. Its streets are busy


The hawker dodo

TO SUPPORT the large number of RAF and Indian Air Force squadrons flying the Hawker Hurricane in the campaign against the Japanese in Burma, a significant training organisation was established in India.Amongst the training and conversion units that flew the Hurricane were 151 Operational Training Unit at Peshawar and I Service Flying Training School (India) at Ambala.

Although by 1945 the latter unit was using around 100 North American Harvards, to give its new pilots some fighter experience before they proceeded to the OTU, the Ambala FTS was issued with around a dozen Hurricanes. However, it soon became apparent that

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When Mariana Esterhuizen and her husband left the city, the dorp they moved to was a choice of the heart.

In 1983 my husband, Peter, and I decided 10 exchange our lifestyle from a city-bound existence for life in a country village. We spent many pleasant weekends visiting villages in search of the perfect place. We looked at the architecture and infrastructure of several dorpies, we compared the affordability of property in a number of them, we paid attention to how we could earn a living in a particular area, but it all became too confusing. In the end we


The ES-175 can feed back and its bulky to some, but it boasts the longest unbroken production run of any electric guitar model

The ‘lowlier’ ES-175 has its own set of fans, across all genres. A hollowbody ES was an unusual choice for a future prog shredder, but Howe has remained faithful to the guitar that has supercharged his career. ‘The 175 is a brilliant guitar,’ Howe says. ‘The parallelogram inlays are beautiful, the whole guitar is beautiful.’ Back in the 1990s, even legendary guitar-collector Howe was having a clear-out. ‘I’ve bought a lot of guitars I didn’t need,’ Howe told G&B. ‘I’m selling 45 at the moment. But I’ve kept my ’63 ES-175, which was the first Gibson I bought. I played

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A cheap way to score songs for guitar

Tablature is a method of notating music for guitars. Rather than a traditional score, tabs note the string and fret number of each note or chord. Tabular is an affordable Mac application that lets you create tabs by hand. Unfortunately, it does some simple tasks poorly, although some more-advanced tasks are handled well.

When I bring a song to rehearsal, I like to bring a quick chord chart for reference. It’s a relatively simple task that proved difficult in Tabular. For starters, because there is no chord database, I had to use

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Surfs Up

Although we’re not in Hawaii that’s no excuse to not search out some pretty sweet surfing spots and challenge your photography skills, here’s our advice to get you started

If there’s a life bucket list for the adventurous and the action fuelled individuals then surfing the coast is without a doubt in the top five.

Setting Up for the Surf

So you’ve hit the sand, gear in hand, ready to plunge into the big blue to capture those spectacular waves and the surfers graciously gliding on them, so a camera with a decent frame rate is a must to catch

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