«I was kicking the verse along with him, «Shelowitz said the other day», and he calls out his comer: On 1-3-9 and Lenox Ave. there’s a big park. «I just thought, I want to mark that somehow, his words in that physical place». The following weekend, he rented a car and installed the sign, and twenty-six others, on posts in four boroughs and a few Westchester suburbs. «At first, I felt a little uncomfortable, especially with some of the more gruesome lyrics», Shelowitz said. «I’m this schmuck artist sneaking into these neighborhoods, and I just imagined people being, like, We

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Guide to the blues by Dan Aykroyd

The star of the film The Blues Brothers Dan Aykroyd is actually a lover and connoisseur of blues. You submitted them compiled a guide to the best samples of this genre.

Since then, he put on his iconic black hat, suit and sunglasses Elwood Blues in the blockbuster John Landis The Blues Brothers 1980, Dan Aykroyd became forever associated with the blues. This situation could be very painful, not so long ago if there had been an actor, dedicated and well-grounded in matters of blues fan of this genre. After talking with Dan during his recent visit to the UK,

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Group «SIMPLE STUFF» Russia’s first children’s rock collective based 4 friends, the boys and their parents. Children brought up in Christian homes. In their songs «SIMPLE STUFF» talk about simple and clear every true.

Our magazine could not ignore the guys who want to change the world in this is seemingly a young age. Though summer vacation and it is time, when all the rest away from the city, but we, nevertheless, managed to communicate with the lead singer of Petya Romanov.

Hey, Pete! Tell us how the idea to create a group?

Actually, at first it was the

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Is there any incorrect Vileyschine bards?

Center Vileika meets newcomer with posters warning about the festival. At the entrance to the Palace of Culture did notmany people: first participants, n» chinyaya beer and sandwiches await the start of the gala concert and the announcement of the results of the competition.I have used the pause to figure out why in the program no-independent Vialejka bards. Public activist Alexei Syudak led, for example, the well-known far beyond Vileika bard Ales Narkevich:"They are afraid that Narkevitch sing a song about a white-red-white flags. Basically, even if organize such a festival at Vileika district, there is someone to speak. Just

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Elvis Presley and 30 years after the death of the ruler is

In January 1956, the song "Hotel where razmolachivayutsya heart" in the performance of Elvis Presley took first place in the South American charts. Over the next 18 months, eight more Elvis came on the first line, and his name became known to Worldwide.Even after 30 years after Elvis Presley’s death proceeds from the sale of its 33 drives and show movies in which he starred, collected about 40 millions of dollars once a year. In the midst of dead performers on this indicator ahead of him only favorite band "Nirvana" Kurt Cobain. Only present day billion discs sold about Elvis

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Teran — reaction rock group the actions in Belarus

The song "Teran" — it as stated Krzysztof Skiba favorite texts created and vocalist "Big Tzitz" "action-reaction group in Belarus."Skiba: "First, we are a group that is always interested in policy. We do not sing songs about that from anyone and he left a woman crying at the moment. Before 1989, we were active in various opposition pacifist organization, and naked 1 First concert — in times of Poland was also a provocation. We called everyone — officials, journalists Tipo official contest ladies busts, and have started to play a song with anti-government lyrics. hiding Many of the concert then.

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Krambambulya presented a new album

Outskirts of Minsk entitled Stepyanka. Here are preserved cottages Council of Ministers of the BSSR. Ancient Stalinist "Patio" architecture. Russian traditional set of wallpapers: shtrishki sprats, peas, squash caviar, unusual appearance boiled sausage … Performance is dj and musician Alexander Tomatoes:Tomatoes: "Exemplary experimental farm, abbreviated — uzekga: a report from the" Krambambulya "- our krambambulski litmantazh!Musicians: "Comrades and citizens! We warmly welcome you! Bow to you sincerely; "We worked perfectly true, no weekends and walk-through. Graduated five years and no signs of evil";"Under the wise, shrewd management going forward through the years. And drunkenness and alcoholism will beat … (Laughter,

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Released the new album HPM

"The album is notable for his own music eklektychnastsyu, nenarmavanastsyu style — told in an interview our radio favorite group Lavon Volsky. — We do not currently slaves style, and the style of the reports for use or other thought that is laid in the song. Because there is multi-style songs — from metal and rock to the English. Created everything as created. The concept came into existence later. The title of the album, which at the moment so intensively criticizes youth, zero 6 — is the second album by number, in 1-x. In-2 is at the moment is a

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Zwukopis history Rock Coronation

ROCK KARANATsYYa94Another theater, January 12, 1995Rock Crown — Shop Album — "Dream in the tram" — New Heaven tradition and modernity — Palace debut — Why NotPart 1, February 19ROCK KARANATsYYa95Another theater January 19, 1996Rock Crown — Rouble Zone Album — «Put Your Money … Now! »- Rouble Zone tradition and modernity — Palace Debut — Phenomenon Showman — Oleg" Jagger "Minakov (lead singer Rouble Zone) Best lyrics -" Goodbye "- N. RM For loyalty genre — Shop Rock Princess — Kasia KamotskayaPart 2, February 20ROCK KARANATsYYa96Concert hall "October" January 23 1997Rock Crown — Lapis Troubetzkoy Album — "rennet heart"

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One of the favorites of young frontovtsev was 3rd year student of the Faculty of Geography BSU Paul Seviarynets

Under the heading "Large errors of certain works of Belarusian drama" Vitaly Volsky in 1947 wrote in "Lima" the play "Jora Scorina" Misha Klimkovich: "The fruit of the author’s conjectures are also adventure camp Scorina Italian robbers -" Bravo, "and his novel with daughter of the rector of Padua Institute. must say, not questioning the right of the creator to the speculation in the historical work that is not all there is justified and reasonable. Generally, this whole act, which bears the title "In the Mountains", written in conventionally romantic adventure plane falls out of the plays, breaking its stylistic

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