Yuri was the soul Wide BelaPAN

The unexpected death of the journalist also achieved in Smorgon, where he went with friends to fish. According to the preparatory disk imaging, heart disease has become a prerequisite. Friends and colleagues Yuri Wide call it soul BelaPAN. That he was educated and capable journalist, joyful and convivial people.From native Yuri Wide remained family sisters.

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Its time to get out of SShAshki

One reader, who returned to Russia after years of living in the United States, he turned to me with a request to tell you about what prompted him to abandon the "American Dream" and to take up permanent residence in our most important but modest country …

The theme this you in my development was the following — "why life in the United States was not to your liking, and you come back?" One hundred times I opened and closed vkontakte our dialogue with three or four short messages in it. Suddenly, a familiar idiom of Russian speech — not

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Souls of the dead are looking for the new bodies



Recently often write about the cases of reincarnation — moving soul of the dead person in the body of a newborn baby. But the soul of the deceased, and his memory and life experience, and can move into the body of a grown man. And in this case almost entirely relocated soul takes possession of consciousness and psyche of the person. Strange consequences of clinical death

As you know, at the time of death, the soul leaves the body. But

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On the streets of Baghdad appeared sultry soul

On the streets of Baghdad appeared sultry soul Facts

This summer, the temperature in Iraq soared to incredible values: sometimes the thermometer shows +50 ° C. In this connection, July 26 all civil servants have the day off, because in Baghdad was +52 ° C. Withstand the heat not everyone can, especially during the well-known Muslim fasting.

In addition, the administration came up with an unusual way to Baghdad, how to support its people and not let them "dry out" in this weather. To this end, the streets have been installed temporary showers, taking water from the shops

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The existence of the soul

November 25, 2011 6:43

Soul — a clot of low energy, so-called astral body capable of very strong impact on the physical body, and even material objects

In October 1968, students BBC BBC strange surprise announcement: "Now will include works by Liszt, Chopin and Beethoven, which were dictated by them from another world … Rosemary Brown" on the music started these composers, of which no one knew.

In the last century of the second millennium, scientists, and after them, and all sensible people were convinced that we do not have souls. There is only an abstract concept that

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Where does our soul?




Yuri Gogolitsyn. The X-Files of the 20th century number 14 (84). July 2002.


Belief in the possibility of the existence of man after death is almost the cornerstone of most

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Shadows disappear in death




"He does not cast a shadow!" — Cried desperately mentally Rome. Hit him shiver. Varenukha furtively looked around, following the mad eyes of Rome, behind the chair, and realized that it is open. ("Master and Margarita")

A couple of years ago,

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Theory of Immortality — The human soul

August 10, 2012 6:54

In the film, all the famous proof of the existence of the soul of humanity, has recreated the most fascinating experiments confirming this fact.

Continuous change of dimension of human life. On the death of

Late in life, when a person dies, "the teachers' council" decides it the fate of the transition to the higher world, or, as our ancestors, he passes three ships: the court of conscience, the court and the court of the Ancestors of the Gods. Where he pass a test and control for all subjects and most importantly — profiling exam Lessons (Rock), a task for which he gets when embodies the soul passes through the stars of the Hall certain God-Master, the subject of which he defined as thing for him. No wonder our ancestors said that the stars in

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An apocalyptic





"The wind blows where it wishes …"

The Gospel of John


…Who in life, someone on television, but — alas! see terrible things it became customary. The bitter reality, "horror", blood, violence, sex in all kinds of … (Did Leo Tolstoy wrote

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