We think the Yamaha A-S2000 looks brilliant. Wooden panels flank the amp’s metal body, giving it an old-school vibe. On the front, moving parts exude quality. Twist the volume, tone and balance dials and you’ll find them reassuringly weighty. The power toggle goes flick; the input dial goes clunk. Putting on music becomes a ceremony not unlike preparing for take-off.

Oh, and it’s also built like a tank. This is a solid, hefty amp, weighing nearly 23kg. Talk about perceived value.

The remote control is just as encouraging as the main unit. It’s a lovely wand of ergonomic plastic and

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The art of a sound image

Marrying photos and film, professional wedding photographer Neale James has nailed a niche with his audio-visual displays. Feel inspired to kick start a special DIY presentation that goes beyond the still with his advice.

Hailing from a background of more than a decade in radio broadcasting, perhaps it was only a matter of time before I somehow managed to shoe-horn the medium of sound into my day to day photography workflow, specifically weddings.

By sound, I’m referring to the recording of real actuality from a shoot; audio from a wedding ceremony, for example, the speeches, the general murmur of the

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A simple wiring trick derives center channels.

Back in the late 1970s, I worked as a movie theater projectionist. That’s when I learned this dead-simple trick for wiring a center-channel speaker to augment the right and left channels.

To do it, you wire the left and right speakers to the amplifier as usual, red to red and black to black. Then wire a middle speaker by connecting | one pole to the amp’s right red output and the | other pole to the left red output. This will take the signal that’s shared by the left and right speakers, more


Spendor D7


They may not look it on the page, but the Spendor D7s are rather compact by floorstander standards. Yet, properly setup, these speakers deliver a full-bodied sound that’s a match for anything we’ve heard at this sort of price.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Spendor has produced an accomplished speaker — the A9, A6 and updated SP2 are all class-leaders after all — but what is surprising is just how dynamic and punchy these relatively small towers are.

Play something particularly complex — we’ve chosen Trent Reznor’s soundtrack to The Social Network — and the Spendors marshall

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Sound Simplicity



Bosc Lifestyle V-Class Home Entertainment Systems aren’t just designed for superior audio performance, but enhances user experience by solving the clutter of modern home theater setups. This is achieved through the new Bose Unify Intelligent Integration System. With this intuitive Unify technology, the Lifestyle V-35 supports up to six HD video and music sources, helps optimize the setup process with easy on-screen guides, intelligently assisting in the selection A/V sources, and can even detect if connections are made properly. The Unify system will also help program its

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If it’s a portable speaker you want, then the Sony SRS-BTX500 might just win you over. The compact build and sleek finish is neat and practical, and Bluetooth streaming — the unit’s only wireless streaming feature — is a hit with all smart devices. Even so, you might have to set your sights elsewhere if you’re going to prioritise audio quality over convenience…

Made for mobility

The Bluetooth-toting SRS-BTX500 boasts NFC connection, six hours of battery life, and a carrying case — all of which emphasise its portability. It’s cleverly designed to look sleek and svelte, but the sleek

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Sherwood S9 Sound Panorama



Качественный звук

Расширенная функциональность


Большие габариты

Мелкие символы дисплея

Неудобный пульт


Внутри саундбара Sherwood S9 Sound Panorama установлены целых три пары динамиков: два СЧ/НЧ-драйвера диаметром 130 мм и два комплекта высокочастотников диаметром 20 и 25 мм. Объемное звучание получается в результате чисто акустических эффектов, создаваемых благодаря сочетанию и расположению излучателей, а также благодаря оригинальной технологии обработки звука Opsodis 3D Surround.

Помимо своей основной функции, саундбар способен подключаться к Bluetooth-источникам и имеет встроенный USB-медиаплеер. Небольшой плоский пульт ДУ, идущий в комплекте, не особенно удобен по причине довольно хаотичного расположения и малого размера кнопок. Единственным его очевидным плюсом

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Seriously Clever… and seriously good

Cambridge Audio Aero 5.1 speaker package £1950

We know Cambridge Audio best for its great-value electronics. Even its range- topping 851 series of components (around £1200 each for the CD player and amplifier) pack in an awful lot of tech for the money.

However, over the past year or so we’ve noticed it shift towards speakers of all kinds. The new Aero range marks a move to establish the brand as a serious alternative to the likes of B&W, KEF and Monitor Audio in the heartland of full-size speakers.

It’s always tough to go up against such established rivals. So

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£1695 ★★★★★

Power output 85W per channel • Inputs 5 x line in, tape loop • Outputs Speakers, preamp, tape loop • Remote Yes • Dimensions (hwd) 8 x 43 x 33cm, 13kg

It’s an old favourite of ours, used so often that we don’t bother putting it away anymore.

That’s because it sounds wonderful. There’s a lot to admire on every level. Its presentation is big and powerful, with far greater and authority than we’d expect from a rated output of 85W per channel. Put on anything by Hans Zimmer and the Caspian M2 will easily convince you that

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ProAc Response D40/R


As is the way with ProAc, it’s going to be rather hard to get excited about the D40/R speakers based on their looks and specification. But as we learned with the D18s on page 64, the relatively small British manufacturer is capable of producing extraordinary sound from rather ordinary-looking boxes.

Take a closer look at the D40/Rs and there are a couple of details that might hint at something more than ordinary. There’s a ribbon tweeter for a start — a 6 x 1cm unit that gives the speaker the ‘R’ in its name. You can buy a standard

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