There are many types of synthesis beyond traditional subtractive techniques, and there are plenty of synths out there that offer a whole range in a single unit or software instrument. The most common types are additive synthesis, which builds sounds by adding waveforms together, and frequency modulation (FM), which uses one or more oscillators to modulate the tonal and amplitude characteristics of another oscillator. These types excel at brash, digital-sounding bells and metallic sounds, and are also capable of creating more complex waveforms than subtractive techniques alone.

Native Instruments’ FM8 is a prime example of a modern FM synth and

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Orchestral manoeuvres on the cheap

If you want orchestral sounds in your music but can’t afford the real thing or more expensive sample collections, you’ve come to the right place.

There’s arguably no genre on earth that wouldn’t benefit from the injection of a little bit of orchestral flavour. The versatility, richness and sheer depth of traditional classical instruments means that they can be adapted to fit almost any style of music (yes, including death metal – actually, especially death metal). As long as you’re picking the right type of instruments and paying attention to arrangements, then any track you make can be given another

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You might be on a tight budget, but you needn’t miss out on some great synths: the freeware community has been happily programming some excellent plug-in instruments and effects over the last couple of decades and the number of synths that you can now download for free is quite staggering. Quality varies enormously, so we’ve rounded up our ten favourites, trying to include as many for both Mac and PC as possible. Several are emulations of classic hardware, and one or two are becoming classics in their own right, so get clicking and try this lot for free…


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Creating unique and cutting-edge synth sounds

Making your music stand out from the crowd is a lot easier if you start with some sounds you can truly call your own. Rob Boffard shows you how.

Getting a decent sound from a soft synth doesn’t exactly take a lot of work. A tweak or two here, a few nudges to the LFO there, a little messing around with the filters and… boom! You’ve got a workable sound. It’s almost too easy, in all honesty. And thanks to the sheer number of synths available these days, you’re never more than a minute or two away from some wonderful,

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Bass House and Garage

Manufacturer Loopmasters

Price £29.95

Contact info@loopmasters.com

Web www.loopmasters.com

Following in the wake of the more aggressive sounds of dubstep and electro, the British house music scene is thriving at the moment, with artists such as Shadow Child, Dusky, Disclosure and Eats Everything blending aspects of deep house, jungle, garage and R&B to form a warmer sound for the dance floor. Bass House and Garage is a new pack that aims to combine these elements, and is produced by Loopmasters regular Andy Lee.

The pack contains a total of 366 loops and 153 one-shots and is available in multiple file formats,

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Strange sounds awaken the residents of Canadian cities

September 2, 2013. Locals say the animal, which is settled in the nearby woods, or on military trials.

"I heard this strange sound twice this summer. The first time did not have time to write, and today jumped from the bedroom in the morning and recorded. This sound is heard and my son — his voice is in the video. Other residents of the city have also heard it. But none of the rulers could not explain to us what it is, "- writes the author of the video in the comments.

Video viewed half a million people who

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The secret of the mysterious hum of British cities is not disclosed?



The mysterious buzzing sound is heard and recorded in such places on our planet, as Bristol (England), Bondi (Australia), Taos (New Mexico) and Lars (Scotland). These persistent, droning sounds distinctly heard at night in a completely different and far apart regions of our planet.

Despite a number of research still remains a mystery — why is this "noise" affects only a small percentage of the population? Complaints from the public about the annoying, low-frequency sounds began to come back

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Mysterious hum puzzling scientists

September 16. Strange hum from time to time hear the people on the coast of North Carolina. These sounds are strong enough to cause jitter window panes and doors. The explanation has yet been found — like the buzz can not be caused by hurricanes or human activity, its source remains a mystery.

Such noise is not unique to the present time and is not tied exclusively to North Carolina. People living near Seneca Lake in upstate New York, a long time ago hear the same sounds, which they call a "weapon of Seneca» (Seneca guns). On the coast of

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Dolphins whistle is an alien?




Scientists are studying the language of animals. What for? To talk to them? No. The main purpose is different: to understand the logic of non-human, then to use it to decrypt the message representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence.

How to recognize a reasonable signal

Suppose that scientists intercepted

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Confusing loud roar woke residents of the right bank of the Neva


20.07.12.Chitateli "Fontanka" complain to the strange sounds that are heard in the Kalinin and Krasnogvardejskiy districts of the city on the right bank of the Neva.

Messages are received from residents, as Marshal Blucher, etc., and in subway stations Novocherkassk and Ladoga.

"Frighten horrifying sounds like an airplane turbine works. Occur periodically growing, with an interval of a few minutes, "- says a resident of house number 12 and so on Marshal Blucher, noting that in this house except power failure.

Another witness reported that the same sound is heard on Okhta by CHP-17. "The noise is strong, as

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