Moscow Metro: completed excavation of the tunnel Southwest to Troparevo

Completed excavation of the first tunnel underground from the "Southwest" to "Troparevo," said Deputy General Director of JSC "Mosmetrostroj" Nicholas Brachkov.

Start shield was given a Nov. 1, 2012, he successfully passed the 1363 meters and came out on May 28 in those dimensions that have been identified. Construction of the station "Troparevo" conducted round the clock and seven days a week.

"There were a selection of the location of the station, now the station is located in specially protected natural complex. Previously, it was assumed in the construction of residential homes along Leninsky Prospekt,

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Earthquake in southwest China

Earthquake in southwest China's Natural Disasters

In the southwestern part of China was a double earthquake that killed at least 20 people. According to preliminary data, the injured were also about 20 Chinese. The main force of an earthquake of 5.7 points, followed by exactly one hour followed by a second episode in a strong 5.6 points, and a series of additional waves flattened or damage to load-bearing structures of about 20 million homes.

The first and more powerful impetus was recorded in the morning on the border of Yunnan and Guchzhou, vibrations felt even residents of Leshan

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Drought in southwest China: photo

Drought in southwest China: photo Weather and Climate

For three agonizing dry years in southwest China's Yunnan province of 3.2 million people and 1.65 million livestock had hard water shortages. In general, the province of incredible drought affected 7.9 million people and 676,650 hectares of agricultural land in 125 constituencies. Relief in many places changed beyond recognition, causing enormous damage to flora and fauna of the region.

1. A local resident walks along the dry bottom of the reservoir Ksinba in Shilin County of Yunnan Province in southwest China. 22/03/2012.

2. Dead clam shell at the bottom of the former

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A landslide in southwest China. Photo


CHENGDU, fevralya.Tri 28 people died in a landslide in the district of Mission, Sichuan Province in southwest China. To date, three others remain missing, reports "Xinhua" referring to the local fire service.

On the eve of about 6:40 in the mining company "Zhonghe" Mia came to the county landslide that covered the homes of two families, resulting in six people are still missing. At the moment is intense search for the missing.

News Photo from



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Mikhail Leontiev Libya hollow as it is defenseless

The operation in Libya and what is happening around it makes a very weird memory. On the one hand, as if nothing unusual: the West (the Americans and the coalition) are always bombarded. In addition, they themselves got into the matrix of the democratic revolutions in the East, and the man who dared to resist, was listed in the list of villains. The West itself has become a slave to his ideology. Gaddafi from the very beginning was right when he stated that about any revolution of the question, and the question of civilian war, riot, while, in fact, a

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