A blow to the falsifiers of history!

About the Author: Dmitry Filippov — Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Military History of the Academy of Military Sciences.

The Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. In 12 volumes. Volume 2. The origin and the beginning of the war. M. Kuchkovo field, 2012. 1008., Ill.

The implementation of a major research project to create a 12-volume seminal work "The Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945", you can already say with confidence is gaining the necessary momentum. The Victory Day was published the second volume work "The Origin and the beginning of the war."

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Technology destruction of the USSR

Currently focused on the activities of the U.S. administration disintegration of the USSR is a generally accepted fact of American historiography. At this point there are a sufficient number of published documentary sources, the memories of senior officials. No one defended the thesis, reconstructing drivers that caused the collapse of the Soviet Union. Contrary to all this stream of literature Russian academic community is still looking for an external factor involvement in the breakup of the Soviet Union with a certain degree of skepticism. Caricature marker "conspiracy theory" is used as a method for inhibiting the scientific understanding of

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Andrew FURSOV: The Death of the middle class

Originating in the XIX century., Middle-class core kapsistemy a long time led a modest life. This changed in the post-war period (1945-1975 gg.), Which became the middle class of the West "glorious Thirtieth Anniversary" (Jean Fourastié) era "fat cow" and a political triumph. In the post-war period (upward wave Kondratieff cycle, 1945-1968/73 years) dramatically, by orders of magnitude, increase the "social pie." This "wave" is not only surpassed all previous periods of expansion of the world economy (1780-1815, 1848-1873, 1896-1920 gg.), But all of the previous century and a half period of its development: in the years 1945-1975. was

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Generation of lies

I live in America and would like to share with you, as illuminated by the Second World War in the United States. The first thing that struck me is that the majority of Americans believe that they have made a major contribution to the defeat of Nazi Germany, and about the contribution of the Soviet Union have a very vague idea. Many even think that the Soviet Union fought on Hitler's side …

But the move from general impressions to the facts. As you can falsify history, without stooping to outright lies? Simply telling part of the truth. And

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Human rights — another banner of cultural genocide

Until now, the so-called "human rights" in countries belonging to the "golden billion" of humanity and form the core of the Euro-Atlantic civilization, their representatives have always categorically served under the guise of universal, that is, to put it mildly, not exactly.

Meanwhile, the generally accepted definition of the term "human rights", which became the Western world conceptual sacred cow, international law is absent. He's not in the national law of any of the states, and the content of his contradictory. Particularly acute this was felt by the international community after the events of September 11, 2001 in New

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Stalin and the wind of history

Article AI Fursova "Stalin and the wind of history" does not coincide with the requirements of the site, though I would venture to publish it. Much to ask the moderators do not udolyat article once, let there hung a couple of days because of its beneficial effect on the world)))

That's the trouble! When used to He was furious with sickle Took place on the field squall — Sheaf would collapse over the sheaf. Stalin

The truth — the bitter medicine, unpleasant taste, but restoring health. Balzac

Stalin and the wind of history

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West without the USSR

Alexander Dugin, a Pyrrhic victory of liberalism: "Even defeating his main opponent, the world's Western system, in fact, hastened his end"

The current system once bipolar world, not only contributed to technological development in the armies of geopolitical rivals — the Soviet Union and the United States — but also stimulated the search for creative ideology. The U.S. tried to oppose the "freedom" which, now that the Soviet Union has disappeared, there is no one to oppose. On the one stororny, we lost the Cold War and after the collapse of the Soviet Union formed a new world hegemony.

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An Open Letter to Dean Reed Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Dear fellow art Solzhenitsyn!

I, as an American artist, will answer some of your accusations published by the capitalist press in the world. In my opinion, they are false accusations, and the nations of the world need to know why they are false.

You denounced the Soviet Union as a "profoundly sick society, afflicted by hatred and injustice." You say that the Soviet government "could not live without enemies, and the whole atmosphere is impregnated with hatred, hatred, and again, not stopping even to racial hatred." You must be talking about my country, and not about his! After all, it

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Fulton speech Churchill and Stalins opinion of her, vyskazanoe in an interview with the newspaper Pravda (1946)


I am happy that I arrived in Westminster College, and that you gave me a degree. The name "Westminster" to me says something. It seems like I've heard it somewhere. It is in Westminster I got the lion's share of their education in the field of politics, dialectic, rhetoric, there is still something. In essence, we are educated in the same or similar institutions.

Also, honor, perhaps almost unique, for a private entity — to be represented by an academic audience the President of the United States. Burdened with a variety of different tasks and responsibilities, which he

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