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White shades

Deborah Walker has used a subtle palette of off-white tones to create a serene Victorian home

If the word finesse can be defined as bringing a delicate and skilful approach to a troublesome situation, then there’s surely no better word to sum up the manner in which Deborah Walker has renovated and refurbished the once worn-down and neglected, four-storey, Victorian terrace home she shares with her partner Peter. Situated in a quaint seaside town on the East Sussex coast – the house has magnificent sea views from its south-facing rear windows – it was a wonderful find and the couple

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WHITE Magic!


This streamlined kitchen is awash with natural light. The white and walnut cabinets create a contemporary backdrop and the wooden floors ground the space. The white stools surround the lacquered counter which can be used as a breakfast area. «Generally going all white’ is a popular choice for kitchen cabinets. It is classy and elegant.


An all-white kitchen is a chic retreat. The white cabinetry, matching cook top, and grey work surface establish the kitchen area in this open-plan home. The granite flooring breaks the monotony and adds life to the space.

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Whats the next advance in space propulsion technology likely to be?

Stewart Wilkinson

The next big advance in space propulsion looks like it could be the solar sail. Scientists have considered spacecraft being ‘blown’ on gusts of the solar wind now for many years, but only recently have experiments on sails in space been carried out. The Sun emits a wind of charged particles that, combined with the pressure of its brilliant sunlight, can push a thin reflective sail (light can push an object because photons have momentum that can be transferred to the sail). It’s only a tiny push, at first, but this builds up over time. Solar sails are

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Choose from contemporary and classic designs for a spa-like bathroom zone or dedicated wet room including the latest technological advances

The latest sanitaryware is stylish in design and functionality. Long gone are the days when the bathroom was a merely practical space. It’s now a popular room where watching TV from the bath, listening to the radio or enjoying a jetladen power shower have become the norm. With simple relaxation and convenience in mind, dedicated spa-style wet rooms at home have risen in popularity and the latest designs are both sophisticated in style and high tech in operation. The beauty

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Vostok 1 and the first man in space.

Strapped to a Vostok 8K72K launch vehicle, spacecraft Vostok 1 made history as it launched the first man, Yuri Gagarin, into space.

It was a clear day on 12 April 1961 as soon-to-be cosmonaut, Soviet pilot Yuri Gagarin stepped out to board the vessel that would make him the first person to not just pass the boundaries of our atmosphere into space but to also the first to orbit the Earth. The spacecraft that would make this a reality? Vostok 1 — a 4,725kg spacecraft that would mark the beginning of the Vostok programme; a fleet of six manned spacecraft

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Urban transmog rification. Necessity for mutation of spaces.

Over millennia the human race has evolved to an extent that habits have diversified to a great extent associated with factors such as culture, climate, topography, ecology and economy. In the Indian context this diversification can be observed in every few kilometers of travel. However, one thing which unifies us is certainly the enthusiasm of the people, the vibrancy they portray in terms of physical aspects such as art, architecture, attire; or non-physical aspects like events, rituals, gatherings. This reflects in the organically evolved vigorous spaces which one often finds in the old towns and city centers. Although these spaces,

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Underwater space training

How astronauts are prepared for danger-filled space missions in NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab.

Training for the weightlessness of space is a major undertaking on NASA’s part that requires a dedicated test facility and a battery of cutting-edge equipment. As zero gravity free-fall on a specially adapted flight isn’t practical for long training periods and anti-gravity ‘machines’ are set to remain the stuff of science fiction, NASA uses the 23.5-million-litre (6.2-million-gallon) giant swimming pool at its Neutral Buoyancy Lab in Houston, Texas.

Neutral buoyancy itself is a property of an object that gives it an equal tendency to float to the

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Not for the smooth, white floors in provided Studio, you might think you’ve wandered into an eccentric’s private chamber of curiosities. Islands of natural and man-made wonders cluster in the clean gallery space on Muizenberg’s Main Road.

What could be David Livingstone’s boots stand among assorted busts. Shelves are arrayed with apothecary bottles, leather-bound volumes and figurines. Driftwood angels float over a stuffed owl and oriental collectibles. Oh, and skulls feature everywhere.

It’s not morbid fascination, though — when something from the dark side intrigues them, say designer-manufacturers Bartel van Vuuren and Liezle Fourie, it’s not because it’s dark, but

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While the tendency for so many of the country’s older institutions is to look to the past in creating a cohesive aesthetic, Pretoria’s renowned Afrikaanse Hoer Meisieskool has taken a path less travelled. In the late 1950s the then principal Elizabeth С Steijnsaal chose to embrace the modern architecture of the time and commissioned the construction of a modernist-inspired school hall, the Elizabeth С Steijnsaal, to stand against the backdrop of the school’s historic red-brick buildings. It was a bold move on her part but one that set the tone for the future.

Affies Meisies — as the school is



Challenge #1:

Open shelves over the washer dryer makes the room feel cluttered.

Solution: Cabinets with doors hung over the washer/dryer makes a better use of the available height of the wall and the doors hide clutter.

Price: 3 piece cabinet set, plus side counter all bought as a set : $123 at Habitat for Humanity Restore.

Challenge #2:

Need to store gift bags, wrapping paper and bows in a more accessible way.

Solution: Two solutions made this possible

1. Door hanging shoe holder was modified to hold wrapping paper and decorations making good use of the unused door space.


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