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AIRCRAFT FROM FOUR nations began arriving at RAF St Mawgan for Exercise Resolute Response on April 27. The maritime exercise involved aircraft from Germany (Tornados from MFG.2), Norway (P-3N and P-3Cs from 333 Skv), USA (an EC-24A from FEWSG, plus P-3Bs from VP-64 and VP-66) and the UK The exercise finished on May 15.

Other aircraft taking part in Britain included eight F-16As from the 169th FS/Illinois ANG, which arrived at RAF Fairford on April 30 accompanied by four KC-135Es from 108th AREFS/Illinois ANG. For many, this was the last chance to see the unit operating its F-16s, as it

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Top 5 facts



ITALY, 1451-1506


Columbus displayed a keen interest in sailing and exploring from an early age, embarking on several voyages in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. However, his first Atlantic expedition in 1476 nearly ended in disaster, as his ship was attacked by French privateers off the coast of Portugal, forcing him to swim to safety.

02 Asia was the intended destination, not America

Financed by the Spanish monarchy, Columbus embarked on the first of four voyages towards

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The Canarys Grand Guardians.

FOR CENTURIES THE Canary Islands -700 miles (1,126km) from Spain and 180 miles (290km) from West Africa -provided an important stepping-stone to Africa and America. Today, Ala (Wing) 46 and Escuadron (Squadron) 802 of the Ej6rcito del Aire (Spanish Air Force) are maintaining almost 60 years of continual Spanish presence at this remote location. Just as the islands play host to thousands of holiday-makers, they also welcome Spanish and foreign squadrons keen to use the unrestricted Air Combat Manoeuvring (ACM) range south of the Canaries.

Gando airport at Gran Canaria is a mixed-use field — its two parallel runways (12,000ft

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Thai Navy Harriers join up

Salvador Mate Huertas reports on the transfer of Spanish AV-8Ss and TAV-8Ss to the Royal Thai Navy.

AT THE END of October 1996, seven single-seat AV-8Ss and two dual TAV-8S which had served with 8a Escuadrilla of the Spanish Navy’s Fleet Air Arm for over 20 years, joined the Royal Thai Navy. They became part of 301 Squadron, the strike fighter element of a new air group being established for the new Principe de Asturias class carrier, the RTNS Chakri Naruebet.

The 8a Escuadrilla was commissioned on September 29, 1976, and during the early years it gained valuable carrier utilisation

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Spanish progress.

SPAIN HAS shown an interest in the new CASA C-295 (CASA C-295 makes first flight, March 99, p10) and has apparently ordered an initial batch of nine aircraft. The first of these has been funded and is expected to be delivered to the Ejercito del Aire (EdA, Spanish Air Force) next year with the remaining eight supplied by the end of 2002. On February 15 CASA signed a deal with Sextant Avionique for its Topdeck avionics suite for the C-295 and the CN-235-300.

A number of other developments in the EdA have been revealed recently. The prototype upgrade for the

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Spanish Practices

New Gibson Memphis Studio models include items for rockers and rock’n’rollers, while the latest 1959 335 tribute looks hard to resist.

After last month’s cover feature exploring the impact of Gibson’s flagship Electric Spanish range, we thought it timely to take a look at some of the newer ES options on offer from Gibson Memphis.

Above left is the ES-195, styled closely after the ES-175 – a stylish rock’n’roll archtop with humbucker sized P94 single-coils, a Trini Lopez neck with Firebird-esque headstock and double triangle inlays, a Bigsby tailpiece, tophat knobs and a choice of transparent amber or ebony finishes.

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Spanish Air Force Receives First SAR CN-235

THE FIRST CN-235 VIGMA (Vigilancia Maritima — Maritime Surveillance) for the Spanish Air Force, D.4-01/T.19B-12, to be operated by Ala 48’s Escuadron 803 at Cuatro Vientos, was handed over on February 11. Six are on order, with options on a further two. The firm order aircraft will be split equally between Escuadron 801 (Ala 15) at Son San Juan, Escuadron 802 (Ala 46) at Gando, Grand Canaria, and Escuadron 803, each unit having two aircraft each.

EADS CASA’s Military Transport Aircraft Division will deliver four aircraft this year, with the final two due to enter service in 2009.

Spain acquired

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Ivonka Survila

Chairman Rada BNR IWonka Survila (Shymanets) born in 1936 year in Columns. With 1944 year — in Expatriation. Conductor in France Denmark, Spain. Currently lives in Canada. Has 2- daughters.

Graduated Higher Art School in Paris later — Linguistic office Sorbonne Institute (1959).Apart from native language has more eight: French, Spanish, British, German, Danish, Latin, Norwegian, Polish.In 1958-1965 years worked in Belarusian Editorial Spanish State Radio. With 1969 year and to last time worked anglo—French translator in Federal Government Canada.Engaged painting, participated in art exhibitions.In 1989 year organized Canadian Fund Assistance Victims Chernobyl in Belarus and surprise the its manage

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Christmas nativity scene for gay men

Spanish TV channel «La Sexta» Christmas Carol demonstrated for gays, in which Baby Jesus surrounded by two "dads" or two "mothers".

Surprisingly, sharply critical response to a blasphemous outburst in Spanish society was not followed.

Author blasphemous initiatives Lola Soria explained that her den was created to "show two different models of society."

An activist of the Association "gay Christians" Bruz Allen expressed his approval of the "first in the history of the den for homosexuals."

Life in Spain

For deceptive lacquered fronts tourist areas is not possible to consider the real life of the country of the resort. Therefore, tourists mistakenly believe that all live in the same way as the rest. In reality — it's different …

For the majority of the citizens of the former Soviet Union, the so-called non-CIS countries still seems a role model and well-being of the island, where you just have to manage to "knock out Rushka," and then everything will supposedly in chocolate. For many of our compatriots word "Europe" is associated with a high standard of living and quality

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