USAF Special Operations – Somalia

Philip D Chinnery reports on Spectre missions and Special Tactics Squadron heroics in Mogadishu.

ONE OF THE LAST foreign policy decisions mode by President George Bush, before his election defeat by Bill Clinton, was to send American troops to Somalia, under the auspices of the United Nations. Located in the horn of Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean, Somalia is a country suffering from famine and disease. Ruled by despotic warlords, the country was in dire need of outside help. The United Nations decided to step in and Operation Provide Relief was launched.

The multi-national security and airlift operation began in

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The world of work is no doubt a big part of our lives as professionals. Office area became part of the daily routine and this can sometimes make us feel bored. Special Office on this issue we invite you to peek design three office options Home & Decor editor who has a different style and theme on it. 44.

Does not stop there, we also prepared a six-page special Working At Home thing. 60 which contains tips, innovative products and inspirational suggestions for an ideal workspace design that you can apply in occupancy. Workaholics or not, you will love these ideas home office!

In September, the festive event Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design (ICAD) 2013 will again be held. Check out a sneak peek preview of the works of this year’s exhibitors at the article The Art of History p. 24. Do not miss the exclusive article A Beautiful Mind terms. 30 the results of our interview with Samuel

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Rosie Jones

H ello Rosie! Tell us why lingerie is so brilliant bloody…

Hello! Although I love being naked and spend most of my time that way, I think girls look a lot sexier in underwear. It accentuates all the good bits and makes you wonder what ’ s underneath.

Good call! What ’ s the last really sexy item you invested in?

I ’ ve bought loads of sexy stuff for my calendar shoot. I got some very small bras and lots of stockings and suspenders.

Which celebs look amazing in a nice bit of lingerie?

Sofia Vergara always

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Special issue: weathering the storm.

The business impact big storms have on remodelers and home-improvement companies.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the focus was on the human and property toll. News images told the story: a boardwalk roller coaster mangled and surrounded by the sea; a flooded, night-time conflagration that was once a neighborhood of more than 100 homes; and many others.

Here at Professional Remodeler, soon after the storm, we began seeing images from camera phones and hearing first-person stories from you, our readers. Long Island remodeler Laurence Carolan told the story of a couple in their 60s who had been watching TV

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Rosicky: «My time for trophies is now!»

The veteran lays down some bold ambitions!

Hi Tomas! Do Arsenal really have it in them to mount a serious title challenge?

I believe so. We’ve waited long enough. This must change. I believe we have a strong group who can aim for such things.

Most people will say you’re being a bit optimistic…

People can say what they like — I know what our qualities are. With so many top teams it’s difficult to be winning things all the time, but if we stick together and fight we can do well.




Giggs: ‘The Pram will be very close!’

Hi Ryan! What’s it like to be part of the coaching team?

It’s a new challenge and the next stage of my career. The opportunity came out of the blue but I’d been working on my badges in preparation for life after playing, so I said yes, thanks very much! It’s certainly been an eye-opener, seeing what goes on behind the scenes.

I guess the manager wanted continuity. He brought in Phil Neville as well — we both know the club inside out so hopefully we can help him in what he wants


Make yourself this special two-way intercom

Intercom sets are immensely useful and almost indispensable at places where a communication link between two or more persons is required. ITie installation of most of the commercially available intercoms involves the cumbersome process of laying the signal transmission wires, which results in increased expenditure and frequent failures (due to snapping of wires etc).

This article describes functional and constructional details of a simple, fail-safe, mains operated, integrated two-way intercom set. The circuit, in addition to being extremely versatile and low in cost, possesses a number of desirable features like in-built calling facility, self-contained solid-state power supply, activation indicator, APO

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D-Day Special

Polish Air and Air Defence Forces Renamed

AN OFFICIAL ceremony at the Polish Air and Air Defence Forces headquarters on June 30 marked the official adoption of a new name for the force. The Polish Air and Air Defence Forces, known in Polish as Wojska Lotnicze i Obrony Powietrznej (WLOP), were created on July 1, 1990, from a merger between the previously-separate Air Force and Air Defence Force. The WLOP is now officially known as the Sily Powietrzne Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej or Sily Powietrzne RP, which translates simply as Polish Air Force, jack silent

ESCADRON DE Chasse (EC) 3/33 ‘Lorraine’ applied

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What professions need more in Belarus?

Young Belarusians dream to become lawyers, doctors, managersMost needed in today’s specialty students — law, medicine, public administration. And as the most unpopular in the midst of entrants specialties, so it svinagadovlya, lugaznavstva, waterworks construction. This was said Director of the National Institute for the Control of the Ministry of Education knowledge Nikolai Feskov.Demand — an accountant, IT-specialists, technical professionalsDirector of the non-state employment agency "Secret of Success" Catherine Evening calls the most needed specialty to this day in the labor market:"Chief accountants, accountants, marketing experts at sales, merchandising. Currently a very large demand for professionals in the provision and

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29 Weeks Pregnant


Congratulations! You have reached the third trimester of pregnancy. Feel lighter irregular uterine contractions? This is normal: your body begins to prepare for the birth. The abdomen becomes more: Stomach may bulge, and the skin may occur stretch, so do not forget to use special tools. Sleep becomes very uncomfortable, it is necessary to invent something: underlay more pillows, use special mattress, etc.


Little eyes on the kid already appeared lashes.

Its length — 35 cm, weight — 1100Baby is large enough and can not be easily reversed. Now he basically shoves her

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