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A journey of many successes for Flyton

Walls are almost everywhere and anywhere and usually something we don’t pay much attention to. Except if it has been given a very creative INC Projects treatment, courtesy of entrepreneur Flyton Mbatha. INC Projects offers an exclusive service to the commercial and private sector by providing affordable custom-designed wall coatings for interior and exterior spaces. INC designer wall coatings are produced using all natural ingredients and can adhere to even the toughest surfaces including timber, concrete, fiberglass and steel.

Flyton’s road to entrepreneurial success has taken on him on journeys around the world.


Training of specialists — at the current level

In the life of our society we have accumulated a lot of shortcomings, which are openly and frankly at the XXVII Congress of the CPSU and the subsequent Central Committee plenum. These shortcomings are largely reflected in the work of high school — the stagnation and inertia in the improvement of teaching methods that do not meet modern requirements of the organizational forms of training, equalizing trends in the evaluation of teachers and students. All this greatly reduces the «efficiency» of universities and the quality of training.

On the elimination of deficiencies and uplift of higher education in the

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Since no pilots

Now such a concept as the outsourcing of military, civilian society well informed. Reports from representatives of all areas of media vying tell how comfortable it became today's generation to serve the military, for which the employees are now outside organizations and local towns clean and prepare meals, and equipment service. "Is that in the battle for us still do not go," — added to the drama of the assistant commander of the Ural separate motorized rifle brigade logistics Colonel Eugene Tsindyaykin.

— Everything is very relative — pointedly notes Colonel Tsindyaykin. — I would, for example, did not

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The first edition of Professor sergeants in the Airborne School will be held this year

This year, the branch of the military training and research center Combined Arms Academy of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation — the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School — Professor at the Faculty of secondary education will be the 1st edition.

Initially, the Ministry of Defense has set strict requirements for applicants. In 2009 he passed the tests and was admitted to the faculty 241 of 2800 wanting to, or more than 9/10 were screened out. At the moment, apart from final year students, the faculty are trained about three hundred of future prof sergeants.

Professor at the

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Published material about the hidden gallakticheskoy programmke USSR

Historians were published documents concerning Russian gallakticheskoy applets. On the basis of declassified documents at the time of creation of the first ultra-long Russian missile designers used the technology of the USSR Nazi Germany. In addition, the 10's captured German engineers worked together with Russian spices.

So, it is not so long ago was declassified in document which was in a special folder of the Politburo of the USSR. This report, which has been prepared specially for Stalin, on the latest developments in Germany in the field of missile technology. Document dates back to the fall of the 44th

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In orbit the Earth floating Martian probe

As it became clear on the night of November 9, the Russian interplanetary apparatus "Phobos-Grunt" was launched into orbit, where it freezes without starting your own flight to Mars. For gallakticheskoy industry in our country flight was long awaited and very significant event, because of similar vehicles Our homeland will not start with the 90s. Despite all the trials professionals Roscosmos find the cause of failure sustainer motor unit, remove them from the problem of not coming out.

The premise of failure in the machine can be both a programming error, and the failure of the sensors responsible for

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Kolozha: The main principle — first do no harm …

Society The oldest monument in Grodno — Kaloskaya (Boris and Gleb Church) XIIv century. The authorities want to restore the temple, which intend to offer in the World Heritage List of UNESCO. They decided to hold a share in the "Restore Kolozhu together" and to hold a public debate on its recovery. The church stands on the bank of the Neman. More than a half-century ago, the river washed away the hill, destroying half of the temple, which is now made of planks.

Kolozhu today deals with the institution of "Grodnograzhdanproekt," but the conversation with the chief architect Alexander

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Great announcements for young engineers

At the labor market seems to have formed a brand new trend. After a couple of years, slowly but correctly was restored former prestige of engineering professions. Restoration of the industry and related sectors most directly affected the requests of employers: a decent engineer now, what is called, torn with the hands. At the same time, the growing demand for engineers and designers have quite a number of non-Q "side effects", but first things first.

Large organizations specialized personnel selection, including Internet sites to find employment / employees give signs to the statistics. Over the past 5 years, the number

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Navy training center in Omsk in the winter training will prepare more than 2,600 junior professionals

In the 242nd training center VDV (Airborne Troops) in December 2011 arrived last soldiers to be trained in different specialties. The number of younger professionals in the training center Airborne arrived for training in the winter training period in 2012, accounting for more than 2,600 soldiers.

Based on the general needs of the combat arms in the minors spices, are based on the training of the driver BMD (1 — 4 generations) — 2200 students. Gunner combat guns — in the second place, their number will reach almost 180 students.

Training This process is distributed to the center of three

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Conscript military aircraft are not needed

In the Air Force major roles will be performed by contractors.

In the Air Force of the Russian army among the first to abandon the appeal of conscripts and the main, more important functions and specialty pass for contract. According to media reports, mostly of the Air Staff decided that in the coming 2-3 years contract transferred about 25 majors in technical services and airfield support. In addition, the number of conscripts will decrease to 1-2 thousand people. They will do service for the most part as an apprentice at the contract. Such a prospect of future recruits will

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