Stereo Spectrograph

Most stereo systems have some kind of music level indicator, The indicator may be as sim pie as a set of LEDs, ordinary low-voltage lamps or V-U (volume-unit) meters. These were later replaced by bar-graph type LED indicators. Though attractive, they provide only one-dimensional ‘movement’ of LEDs with the music. Now this system has also become very common.

Presented here is a spectacular system to replace the outdated music level indicators. This system is capable of providing a smart, two-dimensional ‘dancing’ effect on a square matrix of 100 LEDs.

In this system, out of 100 LEDs arranged in a square

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Russia and Spain are preparing for the entry space telescope T-170M

World Space Observatory — Ultraviolet — a major international project "Spectrum-UV". It aims to study the universe out of the reach of observations with ground-based instruments ultraviolet portion of the electromagnetic spectrum: 100-320 nm.

The project is headed by Russia, is included in the Federal Space Program for 2006-2015. Currently working on a project involving Russia, Spain, Germany and Ukraine. Kazakhstan and India is also interested in participating in the project. Institute of Astronomy — head scientific organization of the project. The prime contractor for space-rocket complex is the Lavochkin.

In Russia, a basic tool

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