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Earlier this year I took a new group — the kids. Has diagnosis of the development of speech and found that more than half the children find it difficult to make up a story on the picture story or tell something from my personal experience. I realized that it was my pupils require special educational care. To encourage them to it, I decided to organize a situation of writing on the topic «My favorite toy.» After all, this issue should be close, understandable and interesting to children.

First, I decided to talk with the children, who often

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Gomel searched the office of the regional offices of the UCP

In an interview with human rights activist and Chairman of the Gomel Regional Branch public organizations "Legal Initiative" Leonid Sudalenka noted that he connects with his search performance at the OSCE conference in Warsaw on 3-5 October."At the conference, I, as a human rights activist and public figure, twice served on the independence of arbitrators in Belarus and the freedom of mass events. OSCE conference was attended by representatives of the governments of 58 countries, including the official delegation of Belarus. Officials, of course, heard me speak," — L.Sudalenko said.According to human rights, the OSCE representatives prepared a special statement

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In New York, starts 62th UN General Assembly

Moments in the midst of the discussion of today’s session — the role of the Iranian favorite and his scheduled speech to the Colombian Institute. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that UN sanctions fail to stop Iran’s nuclear program from. Visiting New-york Minister Foreign Affairs Sergei Martynov starts on September 25. Planned and his speech.

The UN General Assembly, established in 1945 in accordance with the UN Charter, is the main deliberative, policymaking and presentable body of the organization. In the Assembly includes 192 friends. The Assembly shall meet another yearly session from September to December, and after already necessary.

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Guest night air — Chairman TBSH Ales Lozko

In "Night of research papers" now talking about small thefts in cafes, restaurants and hotels. In our survey, Gomel utter, they became victims of theft, and when it is it that they stole.We also talk about football and the prospects of Belarusian teams in the European arena. What is missing Belarusian club to play in the group stage of the Champions League? The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes continues the story of the music Misha Casimir Oginski, sounds a weekly video review Zhbankova Maxim, and "Night Primer" — Poems Zhirovichsky monastery monk, poet Znicha (Oleg Bembel).After the 23rd hour "Journey" Freedom

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Last time Rzeczpospolita

Listen: Heat slept for Nieman uniformly pale lights burst into the open window of the alien fighter equal steps. They hammered nails into Tipo glowing brain king. Stanislaw August Poniatowski can not sleep. In my head disturbing thoughts. He knows that tomorrow will be approved by the Diet treatise with Russia, and means big country 2-majestic peoples virtually end its existence. Recently the Russian salting Sievers laid before him a typical solitaire, who from the deputies and that he would vote. He knows who and how many paid or promised to pay for the consent. There, they are higher Crown

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Barack Obama in Berlin: I — citizen of the world

Presidential candidate U.S. Democratic Party Barack Obama said, speaking in front of dozens of people in Berlin that the international community should take down walls separating people and make conflicts.

Speech before hundreds of thousands of people in Berlin park "Tiergarten" Barack Obama began the European part of their international tour recently presidential elections in the U.S. in November this year.In his speech, Obama said that the world can not remain frustrated if he wants to cope with such urgent neuvvyazkami as terrorism, climate change and economic inequality.

Obama appealed to Europe to send more troops to Afghanistan to fight

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MDG We have the largest research cluster in the field of speech technology in Russia

"Center of Speech Technology" (MDGs) — a Russian company with more than 20-year history. During this time, the company has accumulated a wealth of scientific potential and become the absolute leader of Russian and significant player in the international market of speech technologies and multimodal biometrics.

Today the MDGs is a leading worldwide developer of innovative systems in the field of high-quality recording, processing and analysis of audio-visual information synthesis and speech recognition. Created in the MDGs biometric solutions provide high recognition accuracy on the individual voice and the face image in real time. These solutions are

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The prosecutor asked for the accused from 2 to 2.5 years

The prosecutor asked punish sp.Ramashevski Misha Pashkevich, Alexey Bondar and Artem Dubski restriction of freedom for 2 years (so called "chemistry"); Andrei Kim — 2 years imprisonment to be served in the colony; Tatiana Tsishkevich, Chernyshev Ales, Ales Streltsov, Vladimir Sergeyev, Misha Krivova and Anton Koipish punished by restriction of freedom for 2.5 years without sending them to penitentiary.Lawyer Andrew Kim Tamara Fedorenko in his speech said that the criminal case and the Tribunal has previously chains adrezhysavanaga scenario. She directed attention to the fact that the investigators on the form where there was a list of the accused, were

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Is there Podlasie language?

How to tell the makers website and Ivan Alexander Maksimyuk he created for "the development and debugging under standard modern East Slavic Written Language — Podlaskie, dialects which they say about 50 000 people in eastern Poland, which is called the Podlasie and maybe more than 500 000 people in Ukraine and Belarus. " Is there really Podlasie language, whether it has prospects, talk Belarusian and Polish linguists.Ales Maksimyuk: "Not for the split is done, and for cultural identity"One of the founders of the website Ales Maksimyuk who constantly lives in the Bialystok, explains:"What we dubbed Podljassk language, at least

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In the house the night of detention against the will of anyone not being driven

On the outskirts of the street Kara renovated former dormitory. Here is house contents night — the first in the area and the second in the country. The first person I met here, became director. Valentin SpeechSpecifies which made luxury renovated the building: double-glazed windows, new tile, painted throughout, brand new furniture.

"Grodno nocturnal house night stay of persons of no fixed abode" In addition that people are given shelter here for the night, helping them to return the passport to get a pension. Reporter: "In the town at the moment a lot of bloodless, why it is not

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