The skeleton in the closet

Clive Barker’s Undying

This is a game you just have to wait. Even if you are then tear into pieces and regale silver bullets.

It seems that for the campers to take seriously. Judge for yourself: in the Red Faction (game, see. Nearby) poor souls deprived of shelter through the destruction of these, and in the new game Undying behalf of Clive Barker (not least, best-selling author, horror movies, the books, of course) casually encircle the fire circuit, and passing through the wall, treat silver bullet from a revolver.

Two elements

First, in the Dreamworks tried to do the quest-shooter

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The shocking details about the love spell

Omens for mad love — this is one of the most interesting topics of all time. Love spell — a kind of violence. If you decided to charm a loved one, remember that your object of adoration will feel what it is you do for him after the violence.

The investigation of this unpleasant feeling will hate. If your friends say their family life or relationship improved after the magic, then either they did not tell you the whole "bitter" truth, or it is necessary to wait for some time

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Dr. Abramov often faced




with damage and knows how to treat it Businessman Sergei K. … the train was returning from a trip in the near abroad. Returned with the good news — on the eve he managed to sign a good contract. As expected, the entire previous night washed the

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How to recognize a love spell?

January 29, 2012 20:43

Love spell. Photo:

Do you think that was the victim of a love spell? Test yourself on five key attributes. More recently, you did not pay any attention to this person. Maybe not even aware of its existence. And now, suddenly, he dreams of you at night, and a burning desire to be with him choke the voice of reason.

It may be that the consequences of love spell — one of the very common means of black magic. Before going to the procedure for its removal, make sure that it really happened.

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Narrowed my Mummers … and if privorozhenny?

October 3, 2012 13:48

Conspiracy of love — the most popular and dangerous kind of love magic. Enamoured people think differently: with all my heart wanting to achieve reciprocity elect, at any price they are willing to do exploits and real madness. Many sincerely believe that a set of simple manipulation, supported by two-three sentences will present them favor a loved one on a plate or, alternatively, make out of love.

In fact, most want to create the spell does not even have a general idea about this type of magic, and the possible consequences. Try to figure out together.

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Live theme — Fear of witchcraft. Aired 4/17/2012

April 18, 2012 5:24

Release date: 17/04/2012 Country: Russia Genre: Documentary Duration: 00:45:27 Description: Without your knowledge, you can: a spell, to bring damage, make a spell of love or death. There are simple rules of self-defense, which will tell masters of black magic … and fighters with them.

Love spell, or Life with zombies

February 18, 2012 11:11

Is it possible to bewitch favorite with magic? This debate guests Alexei Shakhmatova. In the yard — XXI century, and people still believe in miracles, and runs to the magicians and fortunetellers in difficult situations. The loss of a loved one often becomes a reason for this kind of applications, the benefit of modern facilities "wizards" are available everywhere. And no one thinks that this love spell, what are the implications and the consequences, in fact, zombie rights.

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Secret signs: spellbook watch online

For this book spells hunt treasure seekers, members of the esoteric sects and secret societies magic. For more than a thousand years its pages hold sacred tree of knowledge about the world, the black letter of the pagan gods, the one who reads it will be able to control the universe. In February 1955 Russian magazine "The Firebird" coming to San Francisco, published a few unsightly photographs on their wood boards with unusual inscriptions and drawings and moderate signature — "Veles book. Monument ancient Slavic written language." It was a sensation, because the photo confirmed the existence of the

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Military pilots were forced to share the award with the boss

Against the commander of Lipetsk center aviapodgotovki prosecuted. The article "exceeding official capacity." They blamed the extortion of funds from their own subordinates, who were forced to give away the prize. It is established that such makarom commanders assigned about 2 million rubles. All that's going on in the center, last week told one of the officers in his Internet use. Was organized by the check, and the facts were confirmed.

Open letter came to their own destinations. In all parts of the Air Force began mass checks. Military prosecutors now have to identify all the extortion scheme, which

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