Marta Nael

Keeping friends close Marta keeps her friends and inspirations, including a watchful Yoda, close to hand in her movable studio

Up until a few months ago, I had always lived in Barcelona, Spain. I now spend half the month in the city and the rest in Ontinyent, a small village where my publisher, Ediciones Babylon, is located. So I now I need to take my studio on the move with me.

My studio in Ontinyent is located in the living room of a very sunny and small apartment. I have several prints from my friends and work partners all over

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To save, you have to spend

The state program on energy conservation was adopted three years ago, and talk about saving energy in the country being particularly active in the last fifteen years. Relevance of the topic is clearly visible against the background of comparison to produce one dollar of GDP, in our country, spent half a kilogram of conventional fuel, while in the US — 260 gram, -170 in Sweden, and in comparable climate Canada — 300 grams. So Russia will definitely have something to strive for.


Foreign countries are thinking about the economy is not a good life, and after the first fuel

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In Minsk, plan to hold youth rally against repeal of benefits

Logo of the action will specifically Bunny — sign ticketless travel. The action was planned to be undertaken on May 20 at 17 pm at Bangalore, have perform music.The organizing committee for the shares included representatives of five youth organizations, including "Junior Front"" BPF Youth "," Association of Belarusian students, youth commission Helsinki Committee, as representatives of the majority of Minsk universities.See also: Students gather signatures for the preservation of privileges for travel

Afnagel sentenced to 10 days

Earlier activist was sentenced in absentia to seven days in jail for his role in a demonstration on May 1. As a result, Evgeny Afnagel have to spend in jail 17 days. Afnagel arrested June 27 in Minsk. He spent the night in the slammer in Akrestsin.Youth activist Palina Kuryanovich told "Radio Liberty", which came out in the detention center of Minsk on Svislochi shore, where there were about 15 Young people:"Two commandos pretended to pass by so quickly wrapped later, suited specifically to Eugene, asked documents, the name at that time a police car pulls up. Take it by

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Gynecological Surgery for Women

Intimate surgery for women includes the operation to restore the hymen and improve the shape, size and function of the vagina and labia minora.

Plastics of the labia minora

Perhaps among all the plastic surgery on female genital mutilation, this — the most in demand. This situation is due to the fact that the anatomical asymmetry of the labia minora — a physiological rate of the female body, which is beginning to be realized from the period of puberty. If too elongated labia create aesthetic or functional disadvantages, resort to their partial resection (removal). Operation performed under local anesthesia,

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LOCKHEED MARTIN successfully conducted first flight tests guidance systems long-range anti-ship missiles LRASM

Not so long ago, the north-western coast of Florida, the company Lockheed Martin successfully conducted the first flight test of the anti-ship missile guidance systems long-range LRASM (Long Range Anti-Ship Missile), set on a modified aircraft Sabreliner. The purpose of the test flight was the discovery, arrangement and acquisition of targets. Conducted at different speeds and altitude flight tests showed successful operation of sensors. «Probably a big step towards the integration of subsystems and LRASM following flight tests,» said Mike Fleming (Mike Fleming), control applets LRASM. «Control and test subsystems is on schedule and complete the flight test will

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Holidays with a discount for military personnel

Holiday season can be considered complete, but there is Prof. categories of people who are on duty are not always able to allow himself to take a vacation in the summer. These categories refer to the security forces, including police and military personnel. Often, before heading to the vacation, a man stands in front of the problem, how to spend it with the greatest utility of himself and his own family. From time to time, in order to find the only place to stay during the holidays, izderzhat have a lot of time visiting the websites of tourist agencies.

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Asks West to help Africa cope with hunger. Video


8.09.11.Predstaviteli governments Horn of Africa gathered in Nairobi to develop a strategy to combat hunger. They blamed the crisis has over the past 60 years of drought. The head of the Kenyan Foreign Minister Moses Vetalunga believes that without the help of the international community, Africa will not be able to cope with the humanitarian catastrophe:

"We continue to remind the rest of the world that if NATO can organize the operation in Libya and spend overthrow Gaddafi billions of dollars, they can spend a little money to save people who are dying of hunger in Africa. If

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Bukovina massive landslide — in the village destroyed 19 homes


29.06.11.V village Chornoguzy Vizhnitsky region Chernovtsy region has shifted ground — destroyed 19 houses of the peasants.

According to the correspondent, the shift continues.

Hut continue to disintegrate. Some people will spend the night in the middle of the village. Some will spend the night with relatives.



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