Varices exacerbated by summer

For varicose veins is no seasonality — it manifests itself in all seasons. But in the summer of varicose veins and leg swelling is becoming a serious problem.

In the summer of varicose veins gives the greatest number of complications, making pay more attention to your feet and overall health: summer heat itself lowers the tone of veins, not hiding pictures vein of "stars."

Many have to hide your feet under a long clothes to hide varicose veins. Moreover, the hotter the greater the load on the venous system, which is not conducive to good health.

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Fire at the Minsk factory. Picture story

As said Interfax spokesman Emergency Management, Alexander Lapanik

Lapanik explained that in this case was carried out repairs. "The evacuation of people from closely spaced buildings likely, There will be no ", — said the attendant.Fire lyakalizovvali about 10 Single units of rescue equipment, information about victims.The fire started on neekspyuatavanym building where the roof repair. Prerequisite was violationyl fire safety during the fire works when laying roofing felt. Fire enveloped the area of about 200 square meters at a height of about 20 meters. It was extinguished with the introduction of nine tankers, two avtadrabinav, 3

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In Kurapaty lit candles in memory of victims

Now Kurapaty memorial came about 20 people. Among them — Siuchyk, members of the Public Initiative for the commemoration of the victims of political repression and activists of the memorial section of the Belarusian society volunteer protection of monuments of history and culture. They lit candles to honor the memory of the people in the time of Stalin’s repression was shot in the tract. Not all the names of people who are here, known for present day.This action of the public and activists of youth structures spend each month number 29 since January 2007. Action is carried out not only

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Search for door cut blowtorch

"KGB officer is interested, I am not a reporter channel" Belsat"KGB referred to the decision of 17 March 2008, signed by the assistant prosecutor of Minsk Alexey Stuk. According to her searches are conducted in the framework of the criminal case instigated against Andrei Obozova, Oleg Minich and Paul Morozova. They are accused of libeling Lukashenko, Tipo which have satirical cartoon about managing Belarus. This case was instituted August 16, 2005. All persons involved in the case have gone abroad. The search was conducted at the apartment and chairman Novopolotsk branch of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Andrei Alexandrov. "They

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M. Pastukhou: KGB conducts political spying in the country

"This large-scale event, which is held in the Belarusian state security against media-independent. Itself was not, perhaps with 90s. Except that you can compare this story with the" white spots "in the Belarusian press in late 1994. To so on nationwide conducted a sweep-independent media and their representatives, such I can not remember. To us in the BAJ received information from virtually all regions. Everywhere are searched. We are very indignant because the government and security forces almost interfere with privacy and journalists in their professional activities. We consider it necessary to stop this massive persecution of journalists. "

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Elections in Russia have been no surprises

For favorite Communists Gennady Zyuganov voted almost 18%, a favorite of the Liberal Democratic Party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky received about 10%, and for the pro-Kremlin Democratic Party chairman Andrei Bogdanov voted a little more than 1%. Voter turnout was a bit higher than 4 elections year reversed and exceeded 64%. Contrary to what the Central Election Commission, Zyuganov and Zhirinovsky said that the elections were held with numerous violations and going through the Tribunal to appeal their results. They also do not agree with the figures relating to the electoral activity. There was surprise and on what type of policy will

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Vox populi: Marché held everywhere — and in Germany and France

Young Man: "Should such actions are conducted to assure that our country there is opposition to inform people so that what’s happening country. And then all of us squeezed … "Young Man: "It makes no sense to hold them."Reporter: "Why do you think so?"Young Man: "And what’s This is the meaning? Power suits us. "His friend: "Our people used to live silent, they are satisfied, and therefore it makes no sense to hold such shares."Reporter: "Just for the reason that all the fear?"Young Man: "We only mass plays a significant role. And the fact that they came out, a

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The Financial Times: Unarmed Europe

In the 1970s, a prominent Danish politician Mogens Glistrup famously proposed the abolition of the armed forces in the country, and instead make audio recording with the phrase "we capitulate" in Russian. Mr. Glistrup already left this mortal coil, but his approach to the protection seems to be gaining popularity.

Europe's ability to use its military strength fading away, and with it the opportunity to defend its interests in the world. Yes, Afghanistan is now a lot of troops come from different European countries to Mali is French. But catchy titles of magazines and newspapers to hide the

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Invisible Russia’s infrastructure boom

Despite the crisis in Europe, Russia’s booming infrastructure upgrade is underway as part of the modernization of the dilapidated roads, railways, bridges and ports.


The Russian government spends 60-65 billion dollars on large projects, but they are hard to see when you come into the country. If you drive in China, the government expenditure are visible at once, and almost every regional capital svezhevystroennymi full of skyscrapers and shopping malls. In Russia, the regional centers such as gray and low and only slightly colored in bright billboards. This is because the Russian money did not go

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British MPs are spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on treasury

flights in business class

Despite the announced cuts in public spending, the British parliamentarians are not going to give up the pleasures they receive at public expense. According to the newspaper The Telegraph, in the last three years on business class flights for MPs spent more than £ 500 million from the state treasury. The cost of a similar trip to British airlines up? 850.

The new rules went into effect in the UK since 2009, require MPs to fly economy class tickets. These amendments were introduced after a major scandal when several members of parliament lost

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