Spiny eels: they do breed in captivity!

When I bought my Macrognathus maculatus almost three years ago (they were sold to me as M. circumcinctus), I had no idea that one day I would breed them. It is amazing how little information is available about this group of fishes, since they have been established in the hobby for so long. The notion that they would not breed in captivity, at least without hormones, was well known to me. But soon I was to be taught a lesson!

I acquired my Frecklefin Spiny Eels in a group of three because of my deeply held view that no animal

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Atlantic bonito lives off the coast of America, Africa, Europe (penetrating as far north as southern Norway and the UK); She also lives in the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

Special signs

Bonito reaches a length of 85 cm and a weight of 7 kg, but usually it does not exceed the length of 60-65 cm, and weighs no more than 3-4 kg. Jaw teeth small, conical, slightly compressed laterally.

Coulter no teeth. The upper half of the body of at least 9, typically 12 oblique longitudinal dark bands. Painting of blue-green backs, adult fish oblique longitudinal stripes, sides and

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Russian FSB Border Service: Stitching wire radar will change at the border

The structure of the Russian Federation border changes radically: the replacement control strips, with stitching wire fences and motion sensors come new monitoring and tracking devices, told Deputy Managing Border Service of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant-General Vladimir Streltsov in an interview with "Russian newspaper".

According to him, to replace the obsolete technical facilities came the "modern funds tracking, radar, laser systems nestled control, unmanned aerial vehicles, surveillance cameras, night vision and much more. In other words, anything that provides automatic collection of disk imaging. "

Striltsiv also said that to ensure the border comes the more modern machinery: Substitute "UAZam"

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