Train spirits in the capital of Indonesia




Indonesians tend to blame otherworldly forces, spirits and black magic in an unusual accident — train without a driver was about 45 km. Train standing on a siding in Bogor, mysteriously wound up suddenly and began to move away from the hills of Java to the outskirts of Jakarta. Train has a top speed of

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An eerie magic tribe Yekuana


Yekuana — a tribe, vlachaschih their miserable existence in the forests of the Amazon. Driven whites in the most remote corners of the rain forest, where dominate hordes of mosquitoes and crocodiles, these people are living in the stone age, engaged in hunting and gathering. In rare holidays, coming together, they perform strange rituals without music, reminiscent of dance. At the end of the festival they eat the powdered bones of dead relatives, allowing the release of their souls.

Tribe makiritare or Yekuana as they call themselves, rather large and incorporates

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Nepal: the spirits killed on Everest climbers do not give people peace




Ascent of Mount Everest has always been a dream for many climbers, after 50 years the New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Nepalese Sherpa Tensing Norgay conquered the 8,848-meter height. However, some have to pay for the pleasure of his life: more than 200 people were killed during

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Weather in the capital spoiled witchcraft




In the last days of June in Moscow passed Congress shamans

Only the shaman can invoke the spirits of their ancestors.

Sanatorium near Moscow. Artem. Here, on the high bank of the gangways, complete scientific-practical conference "The sacred and the profane eyes of dealing." It holds for

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I bet you did not know. Why do we knock on wood


Not even particularly superstitious people, when they talk about something good, no, no, and knock on wood — not to scare off good luck. Where did this tradition come from?

Long before the rise of Christianity and Islam, the pagans in various parts of the earth — from Britain to India — worshiped trees, which they attributed to different mythical properties. Some used them as oracles, others somehow used them in religious ceremonies, and others, like the ancient Celts believed the spirits of their house or certain gods.

Researchers Stephen Bechtel and

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Psychological problems of alcoholics

It's no secret that alcohol abuse is not only a medical and social but also psychological effects. And often they turn out to be a stumbling block on the way to getting rid of addiction. Not for nothing, and the Western and domestic school Addiction pays so much attention to psychological component of treatment for each patient. Just briefly on the basic psychological "ambush."

1. Preoccupation with alcohol

Alcohol predominates in the minds alcoholic. He thinks about drinking from morning to evening, remembers schedule of all the nearby shops, knows exactly where you can buy alcohol at night

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Mysterious Russia. Republic of Khakassia. The road to the parallel world (10/05/2012)

October 6, 2012 7:26

Khakassia. "Mysterious Russia" has learned that the people of this republic still believe: their every move watched spirits in each subject live spirits. And for every wrong deed can punish the spirits! Tradition says that the huge stone woman gives children infertile women, but for the irreverent attitude — kill them. And in a huge failure Tuimsky spirits take human life for what was destroyed ancient burial mound. But sometimes you can negotiate with the spirits, you just … find the entrance to their world! The creators of the project decided to check on it? And

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Mysticism in the life of movie stars




Mikhail Boyarsky mother saved from death premonition, Natalia Krachkovskaya broken mirror brought the death of her husband, Alexander Pankratov-Cherny almost died along with Talc, Bruce Willis was the victim of anger the spirits; Neve Campbell guards and other mystical ghost stories in the lives of movie stars.

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Buenos Aires claims to be the world capital of evil spirits




On the eve of Halloween — a holiday of All Saints — in Buenos Aires, a new route for tourists. Night tour of the homes of ghosts.

Mysticism begins in the bus. In light of the special lamp and the guide and the passengers themselves become like

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Fairy forest and flowers

December 30, 2011 8:57

Fairy nature, green fairy, fairy flowers, fairies of the forest. In all the world you can find a forest fairy Forest. She — the patron not only forests, but also the whole of nature in general.

Forest Fairy understands the language of animals, birds and plants, she talks to them in their own language, and they, in turn, implicitly obey her and help. Tree fairies — this is without a doubt, beech. Fairies are thousands of years old, but grow the way they should be, very quickly — in just one year. It is believed

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