The history of doping. Anabolic steroids in power sports.

first steroid

The testicles are known to be responsible for male sex characteristics and behavior — it was known since ancient times, but in 1849, scientists were able to determine the mechanism of these processes. German scientist Arnold Adolph Berthold found that the testes to secrete some unknown substance into the bloodstream.

Several decades later, the French physiologist Charles Edouard Brown-Sequard, the father of modern research of hormones trying to identify this substance from the concentrated extract obtained from the testicles of dogs and guinea pigs. He argued that the injection of the extract could increase physical strength and

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Artashes Sivkov and Alexei Nemov — the importance of sport for the formation of character, success in business and life principles

The editor of «Big Sport», a four-time Olympic champion Alexei Nemov continues a series of interviews with his friends. The hero of today’s meeting — deputy chairman of the insurance group Allianz Artashes Sivkov, a former professional athlete.

In an interview with Alexei Artashes he shared his story told of how it co-exist just two personality: athlete and businessman. At friends had a lot of questions to each other, and they decided to continue the dialogue … in


Freedom Night with Valery Kalinovsky. October 8

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Interview with Alexander Bard Narkevychi.• Polling Vileika: what problem of your own town you think the most basic?• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." Group "Suzorye» e".2nd part:• Extreme Belarusian motorists• Poll: in what kind of extreme sport, you want to test yourself?• Extreme sports in extreme weather» and• Belarusian Web at "night of the siege," Julia takes Sharov• «Night rap." Verses Antonina Hotenko.

Prior to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing — exactly one year

Total during the Olympic Games will involve 37 stadiums for competitions and 56 sites for training.As of August 1, a year before the Olympic starts representatives of Belarus captured 73 licenses in six sports: 47 — in athletics, 10 — in swimming, 9 — in the shooting, 4 — sailing, 2 — Diving and 1 — in cycling. Expected to address 250 Belarusians in 23 sports. Meanwhile there is a threat of boycotting the Olympics United States. Thus, in House of Representatives Congress made two resolutions calling for an official boycott, as in China violated human rights, and Beijing support

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Were sold games Belarusian football team?

It is said that it is necessary to find Shantalosova in Novosibirsk, where he coached goalkeepers local club "Siberia" of the first Russian football league. But in "Siberia" say that in the midst of employees of the club such person not.U.Berazhkov "Shantalosov has several passports"Maybe Shantalosov already went somewhere. Especially since, Vladimir Berazhkou, editor in chief of the Belarusian sports newspaper "Pressball" Now in an interview our Radio said that Shantalosova, as he understood, not one, but several passports:"He is a citizen of Belarus, registered in Minsk. Has several passports. It comes in well-organized group. With one passport he travels

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Guest night air — a poet Nyaklyayeu

In "Night of research papers" we talk about corruption in the Belarusian and world sport, and residents of Minsk, who bet on sports betting, utter what sports activities cause them greater confidence.The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes will continue the story of a group of "Sigismund" and "Night Primer" feature poems Andrey Adamovich.After the 23rd hour — an overview of your emails in the program "Mailbox 111 "," Journey to Freedom "on August canal," examination of Liberty "economist Boris Zheliba and managing Mises Center Yaroslav Romanchuk reason why the government is not willing to pay for gas. Also, you will record

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O.Korsak: I have never heard that the dance is taught in Belarusian

Karatkevich: "Olga, you now teach?"Korsak: "Ballroom dancing. I teach in the fourth year of the Belarusian Municipal Pedagogical University students majoring in" Global art culture, rhythm and choreography. "Karatkevich: "And you do not teach just for those who want to learn to dance?"Korsak: "I teach. ‘Cause if there are willing to ballroom dancing, you can contact me and we will try what-do nibudt . "Belarusians dance or folk?Karatkevich: "Tell me, grows enthusiasm for dance in Belarus?"Korsak: "Absolutely. Very much enthusiasm now to dance, especially to ballroom dancing. When I started, I was alone at school, which was engaged in them,

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Doping scandal overshadowed the ceremony

Let me remind you that Belarusians have shown the best result for always performances at the Olympics as an independent team, winning 19 awards of various pluses: 4 gold medals, 5 silver and 10 bronze. In residence were also invited hammer throwers Vadim Dzevyatouski and Ivan Tikhon, that after returning home was in the center of a doping scandal. Athletes arrived backstage after news that their doping samples Tipo found testosterone — the male sex hormone. And Tikhon and Dzevyatouski deny having used catalyst, which in modern sport no longer enjoys. Well, it would be surprising since "Match" in the

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Who in Belarus will play golf?

To make a standard golf course with 18 holes, excellent currency investments are required. According to estimates of the famous English architect Edwin golf Roald to make the field itself, you need 2 — 3 million euros. More about the same reclaims additional infrastructure. Plus half a million euros on the latest agricultural machinery, required for the inspection field. The only thing that such a project starts to generate profits not soon: one herbaceous golf can be formed already a couple of years. Who will benefit from the project?According to the Ministry of Sports, Special non-Olympic sports Anatoly Novikov, Belarus

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Lukashenko ordered to build a golf resort

Golf Complex will be created in order to test for the creation of international sports competitions level playing golf population of all age groups. Complex include a golf course, golf training center, hotel and sports complexes, residential village, engineering and transport infrastructure.

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