Июль 2018
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Chemtrails — video from military and transport aircraft

You still do not believe in a phenomenon called "chemtrails"? Then this video is for you. The video recording collected from the military, transport and passenger aircraft which depicted an unknown aircraft or what seems to aircraft — spraying unknown substances in the atmosphere.

Unknown aircraft flying without coordination with air traffic controllers. In one video, a military plane bound for its air corridor, almost facing two "spray", which belongs controllers do not know.

Who and most importantly why it does, here's a question to which there is no answer …

A video makes the following

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Invented sprayed glass


The German company called Nanopool and group of Turkish inventors have created an incredible product — inflicted from the spray liquid glass. Familiar to us all glass, amorphous solid and super-material that is used in all industries and in homes around the world, has been drastically improved. Aerosol waterglass is water repellent coating thickness of 100 nanometers (15-30 molecules). Through this thin coating, this glass is very well bent and breathable. Coverage is safe for the environment and non-toxic. It's easy to wipe off using plain water or towel. It repels bacteria, water

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