Spring clean your outdoor surfaces and furniture.

Spring is in the air! The days are growing warmer and the sweet scent of flowers fills the senses. After cold winter rains, winds and frosts, outdoor spaces are in definite need of a spruce up. So it’s time to shake off those winter blues and get spring-cleaning outdoors. To start, cast a critical eye around your outdoor spaces and make a list of the chores you’ll need to do to take your outdoor areas from winter drab to springtime fab.


Hose down your outdoor decks and stain or

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Show guide.

Slleeping beauties. Check out our guide of what to expect at the Telford International Centre.

There will be new products galore as the leading bedding manufacturers gather at Telford.

AJ Foam will show its latest products from its Pureflex, Neptune and Memory Sleep brands.

Bodet and Horst’s Check Point fabric uses a hygiene sensor to signal when mattress and pillow covers need washing. Indicator particles integrated into the textile react to different contaminants such as dust mites, skin scales, bacteria, or bodily fluids. The color of the Check Point fabric changes to give the user a signal that cleaning is

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Scenarios on the Day March 8

Visiting Spring Red

Festival for children of preschool age

The music in the room includes children and freely positioned to face the audience.

Moderator: Hello, children! Hello, dear guests! Congratulations on the spring holiday is remarkable for 8 March.

Dear mothers and grandmothers, be healthy, happy and loved! Today is a holiday not only mothers and grandmothers, but also girls. The girls wore beautiful dresses on their heads beautiful bows; Eyes shining, smiles on their faces. Let’s congratulate our dear women poetry.

Children read poems. Then the marks «a song for my mother» at the option of the teacher, for

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We took on the task of making the Konstruktor, a DIY SLR kit from Lomography, to see if we could show you how it’s done, according to the timer

Setting up our studio table, equipped with video cameras and decorative strawberries and bunting, Professional Photographermagazine’s Art Editor Becky opened the tabs on the beautifully designed box of the Konstruktor and started the stopwatch. What was supposed to take a couple of hours maximum turned into quite the epic task!

The Konstruktor from Lomography is a build-it-yourself assembly kit for a working 35mm SLR film camera. Opening the box we found


Experience seal gardens

The farm «Alexander Nevsky», the mummers district, Ryazan region, the majority (966 hectares) of gardens pome crops planted under the scheme 8X8 meters. Their age from 2 to 6 years. Plantings we decided to condense in a row (8X4 m). In the spring of 1963 that the robot held in the area of ​​151 hectares, and the spring of 1964 — 113. The plans of further seal gardens.

First thicken older stands. Count the demand for seedlings of varieties. Seal and repair spend the same apple varieties, which have already been planted. However, we do not always adhere to

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On the timing of planting grapes

C 1948, I grow grapes in the garden. First planted seedlings in the spring, and since 1956 — in the fall.

Plants put in a deep, well-loosened the pit, and they find themselves in a saucer-depth, below the surface of the soil at 7-8 cm.

In terms Rasskazovsky production management, Tambov region, with the autumn planting grapes I had better take root and grow well in the spring. The first summer they give a gain of 80 — 100 centimeters (40-50 cm in the spring). The vine ripens fully and shrubs well overwinter in the soil layer of shelter

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The article by S. and J. Sapetina Priklonsky (1970) is fundamentally correct raised the question of the expediency of spring hunting. This problem has been discussed many times in the press, in favor of spring hunting is given a lot of arguments, which need not be repeated. In this case, we want to focus on the specifics of hunting of the European North, where spring hunting waterfowl and forest game has a special meaning. Under the European North, we understand the territory, including Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions, Karelia and Komi.

Until now, these areas are somehow considered «fishing». About

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ENGINEERING: combined and saved.

Original, simple and reliable CLUTCH invented AFTER THE AUTHOR get acquainted with their natural counterparts.

Leonardo da Vinci, D. Watt, T. Edison, V. Shukhov, Artobolevsky, B. Yuryev — a list of names! What unites them? All of them, these geniuses engineering, invented the clutch.

Tens of thousands of types of couplings connect machine parts, building construction, pipeline tender, or hard, smooth and instantly, with a constant or variable force, tight or a disruption to the rotation in one direction or in two, with a lag, or overtaking. A tray of inventions has not dried up.

Can we remain indifferent

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Forgotten Spring

Few people remember that the first time banned in Russia spring hunting in 1957. By the time of the poacher-turned free-rider I-Hsia in zapravskogo quite legitimate hunter experienced almost four years. At the time taken in the ranks of members of the society of hunters is very simple. You turned sixteen, got a passport and go to the district society of hunters. They present their most important document, plus two pictures of three to four cm and six rubles. Instead, you get two small cardboard booklets: a hunting license and membership card society of hunters. According to these documents

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The main reason for the prohibition of spring hunting in the RSFSR in 1970, author of «The ban spring ohoty- big trouble,» Mikhail Pavlov (№ 7 of the journal in 1970) recognizes the «erroneous views of individual zoologists or just nature lovers on the causes of the poor state of the hunting industry» . It is interesting that the author does not deny the fact of a significant reduction in stocks of certain species of game, especially migratory, but for some reason does not admit that it can serve as a basis for closing the spring hunting. The most

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