Ukraine: Chernivtsi blossom trees in December

Abnormally warm autumn has led to the fact that in mid-December in Chernivtsi flowered forsythia bush.

Usually this plant catches the eye for its yellow flowers in March and April. Biologists to the phenomenon calmly, although a bit concerned that during freezing, the plants will suffer and not be able to bloom again in the spring.

— We have already seen in the warm autumn like apples or chestnuts are tied. Forsythia but — for the first time, — says the engineer Trust green economy Chernivtsi Alla Khomutovskaya. She also admits that it is precisely those flowered shrub branches

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Saudi Arabia: they fought for it and ran

In July, the head of Saudi intelligence Arabia became tsarevitch Bandar bin Sultan. In July, he was also killed.

For information about his death as a result of a planned terrorist attack first handed Syrian and Iranian news sources, but diverged in the dating action — not 26, not July 22. With all of this to point out that in the post tsarevitch entered on July 24. You also have to add that the information received was listed for some time rumors. For example, in an article in the August 6, "Washington Post" its creator, David Ignatius writes about Bandar

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Congratulations, dear women!

Dear ladies and girls!

Edition of "Military Review" congratulates you congratulate the Spring!

Heartily congratulate you on the lightest vernal prazdnichkom — 8th of March!

If there is someone in this world who are forcing the world to strive for the tops, stubbornly move forward and achieve their goals, then it's you! Once you are able to motivate us, guys, and give a sense of comfort in our homes, in the well-being of life and warmth in our hearts. Your love, support and recognition — the most valuable thing for each of us.

You, our ladies are

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Even today, March 1


Frosty …

…but sunny. Temperature: -18 — 8 C.

Do not pass:

In Minsk court proceedings against six participants of anti-presidential demonstrations December 19, 2010.


In Hanover begins a five-day "CeBit", the largest computer fair in the world.

OSCE Chairman, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Azubalis, on a visit to Kazakhstan.


In 1881, the Belarusian terrorist Ignatius Grinevitsky threw a bomb at the Russian Tsar Alexander II.

In 1933 he left this world Belarusian poet Vladimir Zhilko (b. 1900). Poet died in Stalin's exile and was buried in the remote Russian city Urzhum.


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Main elements of spring: spill

In the life of Russian rivers every year in the spring special event repeats.

This debacle, ice breaking and spilling. In fact, in the spring river is born anew.

There is something in each spill from the Great Flood in Noah's ark.

Update, the birth of the world.

The spill rivers in nature and is a celebration of the New Year.

In the day to day work and worry people in cities across forget it.

It's a pity. After all, rarely seen spectacle more grand and exciting than the spring flood.

30 landscape photographs by Sergei Wanderer from

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Forecasters predict that the spring flood

Spring tide can bring a lot of trouble and Russians issues. As the head of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand this winter in the European part of Russia dropped a lot of rain, and the thaw is extremely rare, so the snow will melt, not as usual.

In many regions, the amount of snow above the norm of 35% — 50%. The only exception is the Moscow region, where values are close to normal. Compared to last year the snow at times more, say meteorologists. In addition, weather forecasts, heavy snowfalls are possible in early March, when leaves anticyclone

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Rostov-Groundhog longevity will not wake up for the prediction of spring

Rostov zoo staff will not wake a groundhog to predict the timing of the spring, so as not to disturb its biological rhythms, told RIA Novosti deputy director Irina Gribanova zoo.

Until the mid-80s of the XIX century, Groundhog Day was just a sign of, but since 1887 it has become a tradition for the U.S. holiday. Legend of the holiday has it that if a cloudy day, the groundhog sees its shadow, and leaves a hole, which means — winter will soon end. On a sunny day sitting in a groundhog hole, and so there will be six more

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Bees in Mogilev, Belarus mixed winter and spring

Beekeepers Mogilev surprised the behavior of their subordinates. Were selected from the hives bees. They crawl on the notch and meet the false spring. Even experienced beekeepers recognized that in January, they did not have to watch anything like that. Witnessed such an early "awakening" of bees have become residents and Bykhov flagships Mogilev region.

What to expect from the hectic winter for bees? On this question, amateur beekeepers shrug. Some say that it will not affect the status of bees. Others fear that an early start laying brood. This is highly undesirable because it runs the risk of

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In Europe recorded the highest heat

Unusual for this time of heat prevailed in several European countries. Record temperatures were recorded in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and France.

So, in Frankfurt + temperature reached 29 degrees, in Brussels — + 25. The most popular leisure activities for residents of cities have parks and near the fountains. Meteorologists claim — the heat and continue until Easter.

And here in the South of Europe — on the contrary, is cooler than usual in April — about 18 degrees above zero, writes TSN.

At the same time, Australia is suffering from heavy rains: the water level in the river

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In Southern Russia — unplanned spring

In Krasnodar, the thermometer rose to 20 degrees above zero. These natural disasters do not remember even the old-timers. In Krasnodar botanical garden not only lilacs bloom, and even capricious yucca, which is usually only open flowers in early summer. However, the biological nature of this riot was not happy, "Vesti". The parks have blossomed Krasnodar dandelions and butterflies. On the street, in spite of the calendar, some days the temperature is around twenty degrees Celsius. Since the middle of winter in southern Russia early spring. Not only hawthorn blossom and lilac. Far more exotic yucca — South American heat-loving

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