Gun TK (Tula Korovin)

First standard pistol TK (Tula Korovin) chambered for 7.65 mm Browning was developed by Sergey Aleksandrovich Korovin in 1923. But, first because of the difficulty of the design and the large mass, the gun was not accepted by the Red Army.

But in 1925 the sports society "Dynamo" has offered to process the gun under Korovin cartridge 6,35 x15, 5mm SR Browning to get gun for sports and civilian targets.

Korovin went on. He not only has modernized itself gun, significant changes were made himself a munition A strengthening of the powder charge, which allowed to increment the initial

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In Glacier found a hot spring

In Glacier found a hot spring Facts

As it turned out, the Himalayan glacier Siachen hides under a real geothermal spring. The temperature in spring in forty-degree frost can reach +15 ° C. Discovery is very important for the region because it can change the position of agriculture in the mountains for the better. The warm water will help to establish growing vegetables in greenhouses, which do not require additional heating and purchases of expensive fuel will be used for personal hygiene.

Searches were carried out to Indian military, which had to meet the demand for water,

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In Penza come spring. Video


3.12.12.Penzentsy not know whether to believe her eyes. On the calendar in early December, and nature claims that spring has come.

"The bushes buds swell. This is not normal, "- said one of the cities. "We do not live in the south. Was not clear what time of year the window "- complained penzyak.

Most now have swollen buds of lilac. Bush, located nearby, woke earlier: its branches managed to grow fresh leaves.

And the grass on lawns snowless scary bright green. This does not cover the remainder of the summer, it is clear that the young shoots

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In Ufa and Kazan buds swell on trees


In Ufa trees can bloom

8.11.12.Tsvetuschaya lilac among residents of the region associated with May. What a contrast it swollen buds in early November? For comments, we asked the doctor of agricultural sciences, Professor, Department of Forestry and Landscape Design Agricultural University Camille Gabdrahimovu.


— Over the past years, such anomalies have become a certain pattern — he says. — So, in September of this year in the garden BSAU apple blossom. For plants, the "second spring" is pernicious. They have accumulated life force until the next cycle, and causes sudden warming spend them, which

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In Khabarovsk flowered lilac. Video


For the second time, this time in September, in Khabarovsk flowered lilac.

Posted on 19/09/2012 by user GuberniaTV

In the Rostov region of the fall bloomed lilac bush

White Lilac pleases localsPhoto: Svetlana Kamashina

18.09.12.V Constantinian city of Rostov region on Lenin Street, near house number 60, a white lilac bush bloomed. Passers-by stop and admire the smell is — in the spring! And then shake their heads:

— This is a bad sign, a bush to die, do not wake up in the spring.

Biologists folk omens deny.

— With sirens did not happen, — said

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Abnormally warm winter in Nikolaev


10.01.12.Na Nicholas sidewalks and lawns in full green grass, sometimes blossoming flowers, some trees have swollen buds and lilacs and do let down the foliage.

Do you think that spring has come to the city? Not at all! If you open the calendar, you can see the surprise — in the court of the peak winter month of January.

In Mykolaiv region, as indeed in the whole territory of Ukraine, recently there has been an abnormally warm weather, which, apparently, was the cause of the "spring" bloom.

Recall that in the Crimea, on the eve of the New Year

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In Volgograd, because of warm winters in lilac buds swelled


Photo from:

6.01.12.Anomalno warm winter has meant that in some bushes and trees have buds swell.

Deceptive weather can cause some plants to release first leaves, not waiting for spring. Especially for the southern regions of Volgograd and the region.

It should be noted that this is harmful to plants, especially can negatively affect the fruit trees and bushes: a little hit on cold, frostbitten and shoots at the risk of the spring does not go away.

Source: KP.RU Volgograd ,

Barabashka wake up in the spring




Tatiana of a target (correspondent)

In the spring, except for vitamin deficiency, Muscovites is another danger lurking. According to psychiatrists, after hibernation particularly active rampaging goblins and Barabashka. Our correspondent Tatiana of a target for a time became the Ghostbusters to make sure: is there a poltergeist

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In Chuvash village again bloomed lilac


Lilac blossom again

8.7.12. "Once a year, the gardens are blooming" — these words of the famous song may well be challenged. October residents of rural settlement area Poretsky wonder: what to do — to meet spring or autumn to wait? Directly under a window at home Galyamin Nicholas Street in Traktornaya Antipinke flowered lilac. True, the plant forth her flowers on the very top of a bush. And it should be noted that they are not as lush and luxurious, what are the spring, but they are many.

The house, where there is an unusual phenomenon, a

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Spring has come to the U.S. for 1.5 months ahead of schedule

January 17, 2013. The earliest spring on the East Coast of the U.S. in the past 150 years due to abnormally high temperatures 2010 and 2012 years, according to U.S. researchers.

Spring primroses appeared on the East Coast of the United States a few weeks earlier than "should", scientists have linked the unusually early onset of spring with global climate change.

"Now we see the primroses that usually appear at least three weeks later, and some types of" hurry "by as much as six weeks," — said the head of research, an employee of Harvard University, Charles Davis (Charles Davis).

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