Organizers says AWFS is in a regrowth stage

AWFS attendees, exhibitors and show officials shared mostly optimistic thoughts about the recent event, held July 24-27 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The show’s executive vice president Angelo Gangone reported a 10 percent increase in attendance.

«We’re very pleased with the overall feel, not only of our exhibitors, but also with attendance and our outlook for the 2015 fair. We’re excited because we think the show is finally starting to enter a regrowth stage. Obviously we’ve had a few difficult years in our industry and it’s wonderful to see it starting to rebound,” says Gangone.

Philip Bibeau, executive director

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FINALLY on our street!

For the first time under the auspices of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the USSR was one of the stages of the European Championship

I can not believe. Thirty-four years from the date of our accession to the International Automobile Federation, we were waiting for us perhaps the best foreign riders to compete for the award of the official world championship or Europe. And finally, one of the European championships and turned on our street. The track «Musa» in the Latvian town of Bauska took in late summer the ninth stage of the continental championship in autocross.

I think

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ROAD OVERHAUL with separation distillation.

An effective way to increase the capacity of the site with the overhaul of the way closed to traffic, is a division of ferrying temporary checkpoints. In the West Siberian is currently for use in areas equipped overhaul the way 16 temporary checkpoint with two Congresses. Over the last three years on the road carried out considerable work on the equipment Distilleries permanent two-way automatic block system. Today, of the 179 two-track road hauls of such devices equipped with 152 hauls (85%). At the same plants used in the signal circuit solutions that exclude protected areas while driving the

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DIVERSIFICATION OF PRODUCTION AS A STAGE technology that uses specific assets

Conceptual approaches to the analysis of the process of diversification of production

Currently, in the context of the search mechanisms of achieving sustainable economic growth is widely discussed possibility of using the strategy of diversification. However, in consideration of this problem is not clear clarity in the relationship of the concept of diversification to other economic categories — growth, technological change, production structure, export, etc.

Diversification is not a process of increasing the number of industries or companies. The growing number of companies that manufacture products of various product groups, is differentiation. Diversification is the process of increasing the

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BLACKSTAR Artisan 15 & HT Stage 60

Valves are the name of the game with both these Blackstar amps, but one is aiming for purity and simplicity while the other is gunning for more power and versatility at a great price. Review by Huw Price

Blackstar makes an amp to suit just about anybody, and this month we’re taking a close look at two very different models: a 15W handwired 1×12″ combo and a much larger and more complex 60W 1×12″ combo.


As 15W amps go, this one is pretty large. The finger-jointed birch plywood cabinet houses a single Celestion G12M greenback speaker, but there’s

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Acoustic transformation

Animal Theater them. Durov was 100 years old, but not only the anniversary has become an occasion to update the sound system. If the audience (and 95% of them — the children) get good emotions, increasing the welfare of the whole «enterprise».

The main auditorium has the shape of a high Durov amphitheater, rising above the stage on th meters. Until recently, there were used 30 years ago released the speakers reinforced almost to the ceiling. «What kind of sound quality here can we talk? — Asks a rhetorical question, Igor Eremin, a specialist in professional audio equipment company

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Othello Shakespeare week opens in Minsk

The festival uchavstvujut as the State Theatre of Yanka Kupala, the Russian State Theatre named after Maxim bitter and Academic Theater Faith Komissarzhevsky from St. Petersburg. Kupala show on its own scene tragedy "Macbeth" directed by Algirdas Latenas. This will happen tomorrow, September 27. "Macbeth" is on stage for almost Kupala two years, but each performance — a true event in the theatrical life of the town.On Sunday, the 28th, at the Russian Theatre will be given performance of "The Taming of the opposite," which set Valentine Erenkova. Production also distinctive — the first time in Belarus Shakespeare show in

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Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: Mazynsky way affiliated with the Belarusian drama

Rakytskyy: "Valera — moderate people. He set own performance. Even if he did not put anything else, apart from staging" Simon’s music "Kolas on stage Kolas already that he had remained in the history of Belarusian theater. It was a performance that I believe the prototype state poetic theater. In general, the hallmark Mazynskogo-director has his bias of the Belarusian drama. Thanks Mazynskomu we can talk about the majestic writer Vladimir Karatkevich as exciting playwright. Metaphorically, monumental performances "Vitebsk Bells" and "Custom Kalinowski" also became a landmark for theater Kolas, and generally for Belarusian scene. In the desire to develop

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South Korea launched a satellite of our missile

South Korean rocket KSLV-1 in 16.00 30.01.13 (11.00 MSK), went to a predetermined height and successfully launched a research satellite into orbit, said the Aerospace Research Institute of South Korea. For a modest wording: …the project also involved Russian companies: the creator of the first stage — Khrunichev and Transport Engineering Design Bureau, which was responsible for drafting the ground complex. -in fact hiding the fact that Russia has exported the second full spaceport!

In contrast to the previous successful space project — the launch complex "Soyuz" in Kourou, in this new development only. The first

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Dmitry Sotnikov crew of KAMAZ-Master was the winner of the rally Silk Road

Dmitry Sotnikov crew of the Russian team "KAMAZ-Master" won the rally "Silk Way 2013"!


The second in the overall standings was his team-mate Anton Shibalov.

The third was Sergei Vyazovich / Belarus / at MAZ, who lost Sotnikov 32 minutes 39 seconds.  Shibalova crew won the seventh stage from Time 1 hour 17 minutes 2 seconds, Sotnikov on this special stage was the second Shibalovu lost more than 2 minutes, but retained the top spot in the overall standings.

Another driver of the team "Kamaz-Master" Ayrat Mardeev, who led after the

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