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Siberian blog. Yep. Revival of Buddhism


The author on the holy mountain Alhanov

Autochthonous area of Baikal, breeders, Buryats perhaps better suited to survive in this harsh region. Buryats live and safeguard their language, traditions and faith in the Buryat Autonomous Republic with the capital Ulan-Ude, Ust-Orda autonomous region in the Irkutsk region and the Aga Autonomous Region in the Trans-Baikal region. Aga Aga district located to the southeast of Chita, near Mongolia, it consists of only three parts, here live on less 100 000 people. Previously, the county has been subject of the Russian Federation, and now, after the referendum, which was held

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Radar Gamma-C1 arrived in Perm Region and the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug

On the arms of the 2nd Air Force Command and Air Defense Central Military neighborhood received two new radars "Palette-C1 ".

"At the moment, experts at a neighborhood radar troops prepare them for combat duty," — said the press service of the CVO, which publishes the media.

The report states that the new radar received radio units stationed in the Perm Region and the Khanty-Mansi autonomous environment.

According to the press service of disk imaging, only the 2012 unification Air Force and Air Defense neighborhood has received more than 15 samples of the latest and upgraded radar equipment, including

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What is it — a war the American way?

In autumn last year in the South American state of Florida passed tests 2-drones. The materials found after the flight, it is argued that these drones fired independent takeoff, have gained the desired height and began to search for targets on the ground. In this case, it was all done without human intervention. After a while one of them has found a purpose and made contact with the second unit, which also made a study of the subject. Then the signal was transmitted to the robot-car for the final analysis. So Makarov, it was found that the purpose of

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