Phil Harris loves Les Paul Standards, but he’s falling in love all over again now that he has his hands on one of the greatest artist-owned examples of all – Peter Green’s ’59 sunburst.

Regular readers of Hooked On Classics will know that I’m a Gibson Les Paul Standard fanatic, and I’m very lucky to now have in my possession what I believe is the greatest Les Paul Standard ever – the 1959 sunburst played by Peter Green, then by Gary Moore, but the guitar forever known as ‘Greeny’.

Meeting Greeny

Me and this guitar go back a long way.


Standard of Living


What’s in store

Step back into the past with Standard of Living’s mid-century modern furniture, which is mostly upholstered in deep, autumnal shades with subtle textures. The 698sqf store is dominated by customisable sofas and armchairs — choose from a stylish array of fabrics from Jim Thompson as well as Guilford of Maine from the US. «We stock mainly two-and-a-half seater sofas because we think they are the most apartment-friendly, but you can also order other sizes in the same design,» says co-owner June Huang. Among the lovely accessories (think retro tableware and

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The pieces of the puzzle that make the YZ250 tick


GYTR nickel-plated exhaust GYTR muffler

You simply can’t have a two-stroke without a pipe and muffler on it. The GYTR system added some aggression and excitement to the already impressive power of the YZ. I prefer it like this; if I wanted a bike that was tame, I wouldn’t be on one of these things. Bring on the arm pump!

270mm oversized rotor and bracket

This made the biggest difference to my enjoyment on the YZ250 so far. Riding both the 450 and 250 two-stroke, I tend to overshoot

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Standard on the basis of performance and inspection of TUV SUD America

Following European and Asian model adoption of standards-based performance (PBC), such as implementation of the Directive on lifts 95/16 / EC in 1995, a new standard in performance-based ASME A17.7 / CSA B44.7 for more rapid introduction of new technologies and early-to-market. Accreditation of the joint standard of the United States and Canada will be through the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) (US) and the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) (Canada).

Standard A17.7 / B44.7 includes an assessment of the project design, activities, inspection, testing, maintenance, modifications and repair of systems, subsystems, components, and / or functions that do not

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FENDER Standard Stratocaster Plus Top

A new Strat is always a cause for celebration, especially when the price is right – and this, the latest Mexican offering, is a bit of a looker too. Review by Marcus Leadley.

Back in the spring at MusikMesse in Frankfurt, Fender launched a bunch of new Mexican-built Strats. Nothing especially new about this, but this time the tweaks are at the top end of the range. As well as a couple of nitro-finished models with vintage specs there’s this month’s review subject, the Standard Stratocaster Plus Top.

Plus Top, of course, means flamed maple. Leo Fender’s traditional choice of

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From the history of standardization threads

Foreign countries have made considerable efforts to streamline the standards for screw threads, and perhaps the biggest work was done in this direction in Germany, where there are firm rules for almost all types of threads found in the industry.

Carving table DIN 11 mainly correspond to the dimensions of a standardized English vitvortovsvoy scale threads, contrast is not completely identical to the small size scale diameters. Also, due to the fact that cutting working sides, and to achieve full contact on the rounded almost impossible by DIN 11 slightly increased the depth of the grooves in the nut cuts

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Ask the expert. Personal vs. Standard meal plans.

Q: Many of my clients ask me for written meal plans. Should I provide standardized or personalized plans?

A: When nutrition professionals tailor meal plans for clients, they take into account food and cultural preferences, health concerns, lifestyle, and ethnic traditions, which usually doesn’t happen with standardized meal plans.

Benefits of Tailored Meal Plans.

This year, the theme for National Nutrition Month, organized by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (the Academy), was «Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day,» encouraging personalized healthful eating styles and recognizing that food preferences, lifestyle, cultural and ethnic traditions, and health concerns all impact individual

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Stability or probability of default: credit ratings war Belarus

Credit rating — assessment of monetary health of the country, this figure oriented banks and governments, when the question, on what criteria to provide this country loans. What a terrible rating even more so it is risky lending, the more reluctantly and under her give a greater percentage of loans.Scores for agency Standard & Poor» s Belarus — average. In its comments to the agency notes, "preponderance of the country in the economy, rather weak external liquidity, and centralization of the political system, which reduces the predictability of policy decisions." Belarusian Ministry of money expressed gratification acquired Nearby, about his

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Freedom Night with Olga Karatkevich. June 22

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Interview with world champion in ice dancing Olga Korsak.• Survey in Polotsk "Whichever dance you want to learn?"• Memoirs of people to go to war — June 22, 1941.• June Vasil Bykov: "Deadlock makes first dictatorial power. "2nd part:• Anorexia suffers any second woman of weave in age from 12-24 years.• Poland: the ideal beauty standards and modern models.• Survey in Minsk: "Do you have a modern standard for models that advertise products and pristizhnoe dress on the catwalk?" • Belarusian website in "night of the siege," Severin takes Kwiatkowski.• Anthology "Night ABC." Online

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EU deprived Belarus trade preferences

According to him, Belarus is not fully respect the rights of workers and labor laws the International Labour Organization, whereby all workers have the right to unionize and bargain collectively wage agreement with employers, reports "AP same."Standard rates will relate in some places 10% of Belarusian productsIn this regard, imports from Belarus from June 21 will be subject to standard European imported customs duties. They are 3 percent higher preferred rates that Belarus enjoys the moment. In practice, under the standard rates will fall about 10 percent of Belarusian imports EU countries. This concerns, in the main, products of chemical

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