WASP_17b is a huge planet, twice the size of Jupiter that orbits a yellow-white dwarf star similar to the Sun, around 1,000 light years from Earth. It’s considered a ‘hot Jupiter’ due to the extreme proximity of its orbit with its parent star. It has a density around half that of Jupiter and has one of the lowest known densities of all the planets. It’s a combination of the baking heat it endures as well as the tidal forces of its nearby host star’s gravity, which is suspected to have caused WASP_17b to inflate to its enormous size

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Variable stars

It is not very well known that more than half the stars in the night sky vary in brightness…

It is strange to think that so many stars vary in brightness, but of all the stars that do, most only vary by a small amount. Often this is almost undetectable with the human eye. Even our own Sun is a variable star over its 11-year cycle. As the number of sunspots increase and decrease so does the light output.

However, there are some stars which have a huge change in brightness, going from a moderately bright star in our skies

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Meet the scientists who are hunting for worlds outside our Solar System in an attempt to find Earth-like planets that, like our own, could be hospitable to life.

Written by Jonathan O’Callaghan

Up until 1992 the thought that there might be other sentient life out there in the universe was one that was generally met with incredulity and disbelief. Those branding aliens as real were looked upon disdainfully, and the mere suggestion that humans were just one of many types of life in the cosmos was not one that was given much credibility.

However, the discovery of an exoplanet (one


The Big Dipper.

Let’s take a closer look at one of the most easily recognisable patterns of stars in the northern hemisphere.

The Big Dipper goes by several different names, including the ‘Plough’ and the ‘Saucepan’. It is, though, very recognisable with its bowl-shaped pattern of four stars connected to a ‘handle’ of three more. This is a group of stars which has been recognised from time immemorial and by nearly all cultures around the world.

It is not a constellation in its own right, but just an easy-to-spot pattern of stars which form part of the larger constellation of Ursa Major, or

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The largest known nebula in the universe is many times larger than the Oort cloud and far more massive, with a star cluster at its core which is 450,000 solar masses alone. The Tarantula Nebula is right on our cosmic doorstep in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), which is one of several satellite galaxies orbiting around the Milky Way itself. With a diameter of roughly 800 light years, the Tarantula Nebula (which also goes by the names 30 Doradus and NGC 2070) is a seething cauldron of starbirth containing millions of Suns’ worth of star-forming material, approximately 160,000

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Super-Earths found orbiting distant star

Not one, but three planets found in Gliese 667C’s habitable zone

Scientists using data from the ESO’s

HARPS (High Accuracy Radial velocity

Planet Searcher) have discovered not one, but three super-Earths orbiting in the stellar habitable zone of Gliese

667C. It’s a record-breaker as far as finding planets where liquid water might exist is concerned, and it means that this habitable zone is as populated with planets as it can get.

“We knew that the star had three planets from previous studies, so we wanted to see whether there were any more,” said Mikko Tuomi, one of the astronomers from

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startrek: armada

Разработчики накинулись на все­ленную Star Trek с упорством, дос­тойным, что называется, лучшего применения. Вот и еще одна RTS проклюнулась, Star Trek: Armada.

Слава богу, здесь мы избавле­ны от необходимости пересказы­вать не в меру пафосный сюжет, в котором попадаются такие не­понятные слова, как Klingon, Borg и Worf. На этом фоне нам пред­стоит ровно 26 миссий безудер­жного всегалактического квеста, отягощенного тремя вою­ющими сторонами, 18 разновид­ностями космических кораблей и морем разнообразного оружия.

Местный космос испещрен всякими worm holes (быстрые перемещения по карте, у нор­мальных людей это называется телепортами), черными дырами (аннотация — bad news all around, похоже, это вроде сти­хийного бедствия) и туманнос­тями

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Если вы внимательно изучили предыдущий номер Game.EXE, то поняли, что свободных минут в расписании наших редакционных аватаров было не больше, чем страниц в журнале, не отданных под E3-тему. Поэтому посмотреть все до единой игры, которые достойны нашего с вами внимания (а главное — подробно рассказать о них), увы, не получилось. Да и не могло получиться в принципе.

Так, очень мало было сказано об одном из самых ожидаемых шутеров 2003 года — продолжении Star Trek: Voyager — Elite Force, которому девяносто девять процентов творческих сотрудников журнала считают единственной приличной игрой по лицензии Star Trek.

Заботы по созданию Elite Force II, как

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Star Trail Photography

Photographing the night sky can be extremely interesting. Though a bit challenging technically, if done following the correct technique, it can yield immensely beautiful results. The world of astronomical photography is a magical, surreal experience. This involves constellation photography, Milky Way photography, computer assisted photography of celestial bodies and the most interesting of all, Star Trail Photography. This article will explain to the reader how to create a star trail photograph. It is not as easy as it reads, at least for one trying it out for the first time. At the same time, it is not as difficult as

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Star Home

Life should be enjoyed: your home should be filled with beauty, your food should be delectable, you should spend your free time surrounded by friends and when you give gifts, the recipient should feel the care and affection you put into selecting the present. In summary, you should enjoy a trip to Star Home.

A prime shopping destination for the person who loves décor, especially with French and Italian influences, food, wine and entertaining. Star Home offers visitors a variety of home accents, kitchen accessories (it’s the heart of the home), specialty comestibles and thoroughly charming gifts.

Whether you’re seeking

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